5F Padlet on Oscar Wilde

I’m very proud to share with you today the PADLET containing the works of the students.

The assignment, posted in Schoology, was as follows: either individually or in group choose from:

  1. false facebook page of Oscar Wilde or of a character from The Picture of Dorian Gray, using the linked website Fakebook. In the post write relevant & interesting info also quoting from the novel you read during the summer.
  2. A presentation that you’ll do in class, summarizing what you’ ve learnt of Oscar Wilde.  Max’ 10 m’. Use Prezi or Emaze.
  3. A Kahoot on the Ballad of the Reading Gaol to be shared with me.
  4. A Tackk of all the websites that O.Wilde would have liked, giving reasons.
  5. An audio interview to Dorian Gray using the app Spreaker.


Well done to all of you! Nobody chose to do the audio interview but I know it’s because we had already done it with the Interviews to the Romantic poets and you all wanted to experiment with something different. KEEP IT UP!