Here’s the speaking activity on contemporary issues done in a Senior class (12th form/ A levels, linguistic level Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate B2) of my Liceo Scientifico using TED TALKS.

Every SATURDAY  in a classroom equipped with an Interactive Board, 3 students will present to the rest of the class a TED Talk they have chosen. By THURSDAY 5.p.m.- they must post the LINK of the video in their virtual Schoology class under “assignment comments” so that everybody can watch it and come to class prepared 🙂

Why a Prezi? here’s a nice Prezi to tell you 🙂

Students’ instructions: during your presentation – max. 15 minutes :

  1. Introduce and summarize the main ideas of Talk IN THE OUTLINE = SLIDE 1 (this was often missing in the first Term presentations)
  3. Show an excerpt of video (max 5 minutes)
  4. Express your personal point of view on topic (critical  thinking).
  5. If you want there’s also the EdTed lessons you can use for some Talks to make the class do an activity – also assigned as homework!

After the presentation put the link to your Prezi as comment. I’ll also put it in your virtual class website. And here they are!

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