TedTalks: senior students’ presentations

I devised the following activity in 2014 with my senior class and since it proved a huge success among the students, I proposed it to my two senior classes who accepted it willingly so that we carried it out from February to March. Once a week three students have presented to the rest of the class a TED Talk of their choiceThis activity was meant to make them improve their competence of public speaking and their oral skills for the final exam.  By Monday 5.p.m. they were required to post the link of the chosen TedTalk video in a Google shared documentso that everybody could watch it and come to class ready to ask a question.

ASSIGNMENT: During your presentation – max. 10 minutes:

    1. Introduce and summarize the main ideas of Talk (you can use a Power Point uploaded onto Google Drive or Google slides or Prezi or Emaze)
    2. Show an excerpt (max 2 minutes)
    3. Express your personal point of view on the topic (critical sense and thinking).
  • The teacher & schoolmates will ask you questions – 5 minutes after your 10 m’ speech.

Here are the links to the TedTalks websites. If you’ve got an iPad, there’s also the App TedTalk with subtitles.http://www.ted.com/playlists/129/ted_under_20;   http://www.ted.com https://youtu.be/uAKXTZEFpgE   https://youtu.be/idjJMqKGEDI


NOW, WRITE YOUR NAME & TITLE OF TEDTALK, paste the link of the video and of your presentation in the Padlet of your class I’ve just created. This way they’re all shareable & visible as a sort of class Portfolio for the exam. 

I must tell you that I’ve enjoyed your presentations very much and I’m very proud of you all, as I’m completely aware of the tremendous improvement you’ve made in these four years (one in the case of 5BSca) together. Even the shiest ones among you, have surprised me and the whole class, while you were talking with self-confidence and enthusiasm about something that sparked your curiosity and was, therefore, meaningful and relevant to you since not chosen by the teacher 🙂  Some topics were totally new to me and I’ve discovered new lands and learnt new things, which is what I love the most about my job. So, thank you and … keep it up 🙂


MINDSET: Fixed Vs Growth

“It’s not what you are born with that matters; it’s your mindset that matters”!  During the month I spent at home recovering from surgery, I’ve had a chance to devote to my favourite pastime, that is to say, reading. Therefore, I’d like to start the last month of our academic year together, dealing with a thought-provoking book that has somehow inspired me and that I believe may help you improve your school life, your sports career but also, for the senior students, your future university career.

1) WHAT IS THE MEANING OF MINDSET? Write down your definition & check the dictionary if you don’t know the answer. What’s the equivalent Italian word?

Now, according to the author Dr. Carol S.Dweck, there are two different types of mindset, the FIXED and the GROWTH.

2) Watch video 1 and do the ex in the worksheet deciding which statement belongs to Fixed and which to Growh mindset.

Now here are two visual summaries of the main feature of the two opposed mindsets in terms of SKILLS = ABILITA, CHALLENGES =SFIDE, EFFORT = SFORZO, FEEDBACK & SETBACKS = OSTACOLI, IMPEDIMENTI.

3) Read it carefully and write down the ones that you feel are more “you” and you identify with.

Can you think of a leader or famous person you consider an example of a growth mindset? Who do you think will be mentioned in the next video?

In the t hird video you will find a summary of the book Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential by Carol Dweck.


I’d like to end this post with two thought-provoking infographics to reflect upon. Keep in mind that by success, we mean the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, so you can apply it to your daily life or to a higher level of experience. Think of a person you identify as successful and define their positive indicators. 

Glossary: Exude: show, manifest, display openly; fly by the seat of your pants: to do something difficult without the necessary skill or experience. Hold a grudge: maintain a feeling of resentment toward someone. Transactional: relating to the conducting of business, especially buying or selling.

Last but not least, should you fail in a test or any other field of your daily life, do you think it’d be worth assuming, taking on the new growing mindset? Why yes or why not? Leave a comment. 

Quiz Mindset PDF  Link to Carol Dweck’s Ted talk The Power of Believing that you can Improve. Worth watching.

QUIZ 2: Take the Mindset Assessment to Learn More About Your Mindset

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson and I’m looking forward to reading your comments. If you don’t feel like writing one, don’t do it for the sake of doing it, repeating what others have written or copying and pasting stuff. I do not have time to waste.  But remember: I truly value your EFFORT 🙂 & enjoy reading meaningful & heartfelt comments.