Teen Pregnancy

Hi everybody!Today we’re going to devote our lab session with the lecturer Tim Bowers to a contemporary issue very relevant in the U.K. & in the U.S.A. that is to say “TEEN PREGNANCY. Here’s the PDF file provided with a glossary done by Mrs. Ziraldo & some questions devised by Tim.


  1.  a.What is the PURPOSE of these images?
  2. b.WHERE do you think they appeared?
  1. WHO are they addressed to?  WHY were they shot?
  2. What effect do you think they have on the observer?
  3. d. What is your personal response to them?
  4. e.Which image do you like best? Why?  Least? Why?
  5. f. As you can see in the second image there is no caption or written message.  Come up with the “written message” you think should accompany the image.  Be prepared to substantiate your choice.

teen pregnancy1

teen pregnancy 2

teen pregnancy3

Watch the following SOCIAL ADVERTISMENT meant to PREVENT teen pregnancy and answer the following questions:

a. What is the meaning of “teen pregnancy is for real”?

b. Metaphorically speaking, what do you think the crib (= culla) stands for?

c. What comments can you make as to the use of soundtrack?  Colours? As to these two aspects, what would you change to make the ad closer to the teen outlook on life?  (if there are any changes you would make, of course!)

d. This commercial is couched in the American cultural context.  Do you think it would be                  effective in Italy as well?  Why? Why not?

  • What elements would you change to make the social ad more suitable for Italian teenagers?

Now watch the 2 videos and answer the following questions:

1. What pact does the Interviewer refer to?

2. What was Amanda’s reaction when she found out she was pregnant?

3. As a mature and acute observer, what criticism can you raise to the way the American journalist interviews Amanda?   Why do you think she does that?

4. Amanda hints at other possibilities she might have taken instead of keeping her child.  What are they?

5. How did Amanda’s parents react?  How would your parents react if it happened to you?  If you were a parent what would you do if your teenage child expected a child?

6. Do you think it “wise or responsible” that Amanda speaks of her pregnancy while her daughter is sitting right next to her?  Try to explain your answer.

7. What was the general reaction of Amanda’s friends?

8. What is Amanda’s explanation of the high-school students’ pact?  What about the psychologist’s?  What is her explanation of planned teen pregnancy?

9.Why is teen pregnancy not good for the young mothers? What are the drawbacks ( = negative consequences)?

10.What role should parents play?


1. Why is the “pact” defined as awful by one interviewee?

2. How did the school find out about the “pregnancy pact”?

3. What is the vice-principal’s explanation of the incident?  Why did the girls wanted to have a baby?

4. What kind of community is Gloucester?

5. What does the psychiatrist add as to the reasons of the “strange” pregnancy pact?

6. In what way is Amanda trying to warn her peers as to teen pregnancy? Do you find her “advice” effective?  Why (not)?

  1. How would you personally change the mindset of the girls at Gloucester High School?  What would you tell them to make them think about their decision?  If you were the principal of a high school in the UK or in the USA, where teen pregnancy is raising, what would you do to curb ( = limit) the rate of teen parents?

Be prepared to discuss about this in class.


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