Today I wanna thank from the bottom of my heart my beloved 2F for the surprise party they threw for my coming back to school last Friday. First of all I loved the music you chose to welcome me … like at the beginning of the year when I welcomed you. 

I’m also adding some photos we took that, in spite of their low quality, I’ll cherish because they mean so much to me & they speak volumes!

IMG_0835 IMG_0836 IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0844

The last photo was taken in my studio where I have in front of me your precious photo with the beautiful letter you wrote & … the UK flag paper napkin!! The red heart cimy balloons fit perfectly don’t you think? Well now I must finish preparing my lessons for tomorrow because … the party time is over and we must now get down to work 😉

See u 2morrow!

Yours cimy

1 thought on “THANK YOU

  1. ahahah woooow! … it’s so sweet u’ll cherish of it .. yeah, we squarely rock the boat together .. the same THANK’YOU turn ’round to ya.!

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