1E My life as a …dog :)


Today you’re going to create your new BOOK about YOUR LIFE AS … an animal from a chosen card.  Individually:

1) Go to Bookr . Give a TITLE to your story: “My life as a ……..”+ animal you chose as homework. Keep your notes (appunti) next to you.

2) Choose photos to illustrate it. If you put in the TAG (etichetta o argomento delle foto) what you’re looking for  (ex = spider or monkey) youll’have the photos to choose from.

3)Write the text  in the page with your chosen photos.

4) When you’ve finished don’t forget to write your name & PUBLISH it 🙂

You can send a copy to yourself.

Finally copy the link as a comment below here. In the comment WRITE YOUR NAME.

Enjoy the activity!


PS Here’s some examples by your schoolmates (have a look but NOT if you’ve chosen the same animal, not to be influenced!!)

Franklin the turtle      The mosquito           The dolphin        The Koala bear         The Fox


23 thoughts on “1E My life as a …dog :)

    • Hi! You’ve found very interesting info about a feline that I ‘ve always found so fascinating … especially the black one 😉
      PS Nice word “melanistic” that did you know it comes from the Greek μελανός, meaning black pigment (like melanin)?

    • OK Max the tiger! Well done. You have succeeded in “writing” a book 🙂 Never say again “I cannot write”. If you WANT and COMMIT you can make it!

    • Funny and original Andrea. Next time check the spelling of words more carefully before publishing ;)( e.g. like not lake as the meaning is pretty different!)

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