2E: digital awareness campaign on safe social netsurfing

Hi everybody. I think it’s now time to use our creativity! Therefore, after having deeply all aspects of social networks it’s your turn to make your voice heard.

I would like you to DO something with your learning and create an  AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ( kind of Pubblicità Progresso) whose target is people of your age: TEENAGERS. Title: Three S: SURF SOCIAL NETWORKS SAFELY.

You can focus on the information you’ve learnt from Blog. As a media choose from:

  • A traditional paper/ cardboard-poster to hang in class. It should attract the attention and be easily readable.
  • A digital on-line poster at Glogster. Here’s an example on Christmas traditions in the USA made by kids. Watch a video tutorial “Glogster in 90 seconds”.

  • A talking image: Take a photo and record your message using Fotobabble. Here’s mine with the instructions on how to make one. CLICK on it & listen. It took me 10 minutes. Of course you’ll have to take the right photo if you like photography or choose one not protected by copyright in the following website: Pixabay or Pics4learning.
  • An oral message to convince your friends to take action. You can record your message at Vocaroo. No need to Sign in, just record your voice, SAVE and share link as a comment here below. Click on Vocaroo below & listen Online recording software >>

  • Create a quiz on social networkS. There’s no need to register. eQuizShow. Give your quiz a title and a password to share with your classmates 🙂
  • Make a created animated video at PowToon. See the one on the previous post for my Christmas wishes.  Here’s a tutorial video on how to use it:

  • Last but not least you can make an animated  video at Animoto. You only need to sign up for a free account. Watch a quick video tutorial (Fatto da me in italiano come mi avete richesto 🙂

And here’s the short video I made while doing my screencast. Not difficult!

I’m sure by now you’ll have found something that suits you and I’m looking forward to seeing your creativity spark!! FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE YOU WANT TO CONVEY NOT ON THE MEDIA 😉


  1. Please write down what kind of activity you have chosen in Schoology and make sure there’s a variety of all types of options. In pratica, non scegliete tutti lo stesso mezzo ma assegnatevi i diversi tipi di lavori ;).
  2. When you’re done, leave your name and link to your digital object as a comment.

41 thoughts on “2E: digital awareness campaign on safe social netsurfing

  1. we think that the social networks have the same pros and cons of the real world: full of memories but also frustration.
    everything is wonderful, because it allows you to grow and improve, but is also risky!!!

    • Is your topic “what social networks can do” consistent with the ASSIGNMENT? “AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ( kind of Pubblicità Progresso) whose target is people of your age: TEENAGERS. Title: Three S: SURF SOCIAL NETWORKS SAFELY”.

  2. Hi, this is my Animoto’s video, I tried not to repeat the things that my classmates said but I just pointed the most important things for me in social networks. That is, the communication and sharing, advantageous points of social networks.
    But I wanted remembered to use our information carefully and don’t overdo sharing.
    Link: http://animoto.com/play/BjOrBOWRXtZEQgiQtqo2uQ

        • Totally NOT RELEVANT TO THE ASSIGNMENT: “Create an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN whose target is people of your age: TEENAGERS. Title: Three S: SURF SOCIAL NETWORKS SAFELY.” Your short video is just some data on Facebook. How come? Did you read the post “carefully”?

  3. So interesting. My students will follow suit! Looking forward to seeing your students’ digital objects!

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