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Hi everybody. This post is addressed to those fantastic students of 2F & 2M (Liceo Linguistico) who spent with their fabulous teachers Cristiana Ziraldo, Alessandra Fantin and myself a terrific and physically demanding whole week in Broadstairs at the Broadstairs English CentreWe all had a great time: the lessons were interesting, teachers were involving and funny, the families were caring, the location Broadstairs is a lovely little town by the sea that allowed us to go everywhere on foot – I’ll have to buy a new pair of shoes now, not to mention my poor feet 😉 – and, believe it or not, the weather was fantastic, sunny, windy and springy with all trees in full blossom. We also went sightseeing Canterbury and London, including the visit to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

You can have  a look at some of the photos here at Flicker.

Now, let’s get to the point. We’ve devised a creative writing activity aimed at treasuring and sharing your experience of study-tour (stage linguistico) with each other, with your friends and schoolmates and also with Broadstairs English Centre. We would like you to DO something with your learning and create a learning object. Title: We ❤ Broadstairs!

HOW: You can work in pairs or groups of 3.

WHAT TO REPORT ABOUT: you can choose among the following topics. Keep in mind that your tone should be positive and even funny with a good sense of humour 🙂

  • Epiphanies: discoveries about yourself, life, different cultures …  you’ve made.
  • Teachers
  • Families
  • Activities
  • Trips
  • Food

MEANS/MEDIA of your final product.

    • Make a digital on-line poster at Glogster. Here’s an example on Safe Social Networking done by Monica (2E). Wait until it’s loaded and watch it full screen. As you can see it’s got a lot of potential to be creative! Watch a video tutorial “Glogster in 90 seconds”.

  • or a Paper Poster (if you’re not a digital lover but have a flair for drawing)

  • Make a PADLET  (formerly Wallwisher); it is a free application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information for any topic. Easily create an account and build a new notice-board. You can add images, links, videos, and more.
    [padlet key=’j5pbwc2e81′ width=’100%’ height=’480′]
  • You can make an animated  video at  Animoto. You only need to sign up for a free account but remember it’s only 1 minute i the free account. See Sofia’ s or Giovanni&Riccardo‘s on Social networks. Watch a quick video tutorial (Fatto da me in italiano) :)

  • Make a video advertising the “stage linguistico” or study tour.  Then publish it in YouTube.
  • Last but not least, If you feel like a “pro” writer and you enjoy writing long texts you can write a travel account (resoconto di viaggio) in Word or Pages (I can help you) and we can publish it as an e-book. Detailed instructions in class.

Last but not least.  Put the LINK of your work/digital object as a Comment down here and remember to WRITE YOUR NAME AND THE TITLE OF YOUR WORK

We cannot wait to see, read and listen to your … creations 🙂

NB: Have a look at Ms Ziraldo’s post where you can see also the works of your 2F friends 🙂

13 thoughts on “We ❤ Broadstairs! 2M 2F

    • Dear girls, you eventually managed to share your presentation. It wasn’t difficult wasn’t it? But … don’t tell Starbuck is better than our delicious Italian coffee LOL

  1. Dear travel buddies,
    We loved your “creative pieces”. We were really impressed by Enrico’s prezi presentation. We are sure you had lots of fun preparing your presentations. We learnt a lot from them, thank you.
    We want to thank Ms. Cimetta for inspiring us with the different applications she suggested our teacher 😉
    This message was meant to be sent last week, during the “conversation class”, after we watched your presentation, but the system failed and did not send it. This is the reason why it is being sent to you so late. We apologize!

    • You’ve done a great THINGLINK and love your videos and your Quiz 🙂 You shared also your schoolmates’ stuff and that’s what I call “cooperating” 🙂

  2. Erika ed io abbiamo finito il quiz su kahoot. Erika l’ha messo privato, quindi non possiamo mettere il link perché nessuno riuscirebbe a vederlo. Comunque domani Erika entra con il suo account e lo facciamo fare a tutti in classe. 😀

    • Amazing! You’ve done a great Prezi with beautiful images, funny videos ( I guess I know the girls you interviewed !) and the right attitude. Target fully achieved 🙂

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