1M: climate change

Hi! After having learnt in class the new vocabulary about the climate and the environment I would like to share with you a lovely video that reminds us of the BEAUTY of our planet Earth we need to preserve.

The next is a very interesting video from Ted, a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading that started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. The video by Mike Biddle is about recycling plastic not electrical waste but it’s pretty interesting and it well introduces the idea and goal of our module & project. ( NB: You can activate the subtitles in Italian or English by clicking on the ∇)

  • Take down some notes: Have you learnt anything new or anything you hadn’t thought about before?

Now let’s listen to the funny video by Jack Johnson THE 3 RS which is right about the topic of recycling. Did you know this song?

I took the next photos while I lived in Ireland but I’m sure you can find similar depressing sights also here in Italy or in Pordenone. I really hope they will make you think over the  importance of cooperating to preserve our environment, to reduce pollution & make our planet a better place. It’s not that difficult if you spread the word as regards the utmost significance of recycling not only paper, glass & plastic but also all electrical appliances. It’s your right to have a better future  and to say NO to this shame.

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES DUMPED at the side of the road.

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES DUMPED at the side of the road.

A fridge stranded on Howth beach. What a shameful sight!

A fridge stranded on Howth beach. What a shameful sight!

To end up my post I would like to share with you two stunning photography websites by Chris Jordan. The first is called Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption & left me speechless. Each image portrays a specific quantity of some kind of waste such as e-waste, mobile phones, cigarette butts, cell phone chargers, circuit boards, bullet casings, diodes, glass you name it!: VISUALIZING MERE NUMBERS MAKE THOSE REALITIES SOOOOO DAMN REAL! It thus makes us realize how important it is to preserve our environment!

The second website depicts images of MASS CONSUMPTION like the  one million plastic cups, the number used on airline flights in the US every six hours or the 106,000aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds or 400,000 plastic bottle caps, equal to the average number of plastic bottles consumed in the United States every minute. Choose the photo on the right, click and then ZOOM in the image. It’s just amazing!!


Last but not least there’s a MOVIE DISRUPTION that lasts 52 m’ and I really recommend watching it. If you click on CC you can put the subtitles in Italian. Here’s the link to the page or below here is embedded.

“DISRUPTION” – a film by KELLY NYKS & JARED P. SCOTT from Disruption on Vimeo.

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48 thoughts on “1M: climate change

  1. The Ted video and the Disruption movie really opened my mind on the consequences of our actions That we cause every and I never knew that plastic could actually be recycled in a very efficient way Instead of throwing it away.
    The fact that we are in some way responsible for all the terrible things that happen all over the world makes me feel so much sorrow for the people that now are having a hard time in there lives. Some people have lost there beloved home’s, family members and friends because of climate disasters that have, and are, changing our planet as me know it.
    We should all help people in recovering from there losses and contribute on making our planet more healthy by reducing the amount of garbage we make, reusing the stuff that we don’t use by giving it to others and recycling so that we can contribute even more in making earth a better place for are next generations.

  2. It was amazing.
    I was shocked ’bout these videos and I’m terrified for our future.
    How could we not talk ’bout climate when that is the principal thing in our world? I saw beautiful places in the first video that we have to preserve. For example the “house” of polar bears; the ice is going to break and bears are going to stay without home. It’s like for us. The teacher showed us a short video about a man, his house was getting smaller and he couldn’t enter it ’till he stayed out. It’s the same for others types of animals. Every single component of this world has a specific habitat.
    But there’s a simple thing that we can do: we need a change for climate change.
    In the beautiful song “The 3 R’s” we mentioned three magic words: REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE. It’s like “ok, we are going to save the world”. But we have to do it! It’s our duty. An example that we can take as recycle is China, they use a machine that offer recycle in every part of the country, if you have an empty plastic bottle you can put it into this machine and it gaves you money. It is better than the plastic things that make “mountains” in garbage dump. It is a simple way to have pollution. But for me is not the pollution that is the real problem but the increase of pollution in the world.
    An example of pollution is Ireland, by the photos that teacher Cimetta share with us. But, yes, pollution is EVERYWHERE.
    Maybe these videos are too difficult for us, but it is the best way to teach us how to live.
    The difficult but the only way to live in this world is by helping each others to support life.
    Thanks to teacher Cimetta to shared these photos and videos. You made us think over this topic. We are going to help the world.

  3. “Our big successes have happened when people left their homes and went out into the streets”. This is a sentence taken from the film “Disruption” and it has particularly impressed me. I think it’s true: thanks to important marches of the past, we have been able to obtain freedom and the basic human rights. So, in my opinion, the power of the common people is still an efficient tool to protest against the injustice, also about the environment.

    When we see on television images of garbage left at the side of the streets, like the ones referring to Ireland, we do not pay the right attention to this defacement, because unfortunately this has almost become a common sight. It’s hard to understand how people can spoil the wonders of the world, as beautifully shown in the first video!

    The three key words that are repeatedly present in the video by Mike Biddle and are also the title of the song by Jack Johnson are the basic actions that we should do to protect the environment. They are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The first R means reducing the amount of stuff we usually buy and, as a consequence,it means reducing waste; the second R stands for reusing, which means avoiding throwing things away and instead trying to make the right use of them; recycling is the last but not the least important action as we should always remember to recycle whatever material we can. Can we actually do something to save the environment?
    I know that an American young man called Colin Beavan has created a blog about what each of us can do to make a better place to live. It’s called the “No impact man” project. Colin and his family take simple actions, but that contribute to the protection of our planet. They try to create less rubbish and to use less electricity and fuel. To do this, they travel by bicycle, they buy food from a market so they can avoid packets and boxes, they carry the food home in a basket rather than plastic bags. Why don’t we start thinking about our own impact, too? The experiment is not so difficult, is it?

  4. I loved the quote in the first video, “we only have one home” because it made me think. We never think about it, but we share our home with more than seven billion people so we can’t just say “It’s my life, I can do whatever I want, who cares?” because everything we do has an impact on the others’ lives. I don’t agree with those who say that we can’t change the world individually, because the change can actually happen just if everyone does its part to make the difference. I mean, obviously no one can do it alone, but the sea is made of thousands of drops, so everyone has an important role.
    The second video is very interesting, Mike looks really concerned about the environment problems so listening to his point of view is really useful to understand them better. He faces the problem of recycling with an unusual but fitting comparison: we are like kids, we always want brand new stuff and leave the rest to the others. If we just understood the potentiality of old stuff we could also appreciate recycling more and finally understand that it is important and useful. Just think about all the recycled stuff we use every day without knowing. A lot of enterprises produce very common objects using garbage. It saves a lot of plastic and metals and the goods work perfectly, as well as if they weren’t made of recycled materials.
    I’m speechless about the photos, because I can’t understand people who leave huge amounts of garbage in the middle of the sea or in the streets. I mean, rubbish pins are out for a reason, aren’t they?

  5. Watching the first video we can see the magnificence of our planet and how lucky we are to call the Earth our home. We should always remember all the amazing landscapes and all the wonders of nature that we have. The worst is that human beings seem to be more interested in destroying this beauty for their own business instead of respecting and protecting it, and we can’t forget that “we only have one home”, as written in the video.
    To face better the future it’s very important to be aware of all the problems involved with pollution and waste and to be open to new ideas and possibilities of solution and TED’s video gives one in just 10 minutes. It’s really captivating and explanatory. For example I couldn’t imagine that only 10% of plastic, or even less, is recycled today and that the United States do not recycle any material at all.
    The extraction of petroleum is not only dangerous for the environment and everybody’s health, but also for human values. Everybody knows about oil struggles and all bad things it carries on, such as wars in the Middle East. That’s why I find TED’s suggestion very innovative, but easy. He looks at the problem in a large point of view, he takes into consideration many aspects and gives his contribution to create a different future from the bad one we can predict, if we don’t do something immediately.
    The song by Jack Johnson “The 3 R’S” summarizes in three words what everybody should do to improve the situation, but photos taken in Ireland show exactly the contrary and that’s really disappointing.
    The photos taken by Chris Jordan and his technique are really amazing but they let us astonished in their deep meaning.
    We live in an age, that is fascinating and frightening at the same time. Fascinating because the future of the planet Earth is mainly in our hands; what will take place tomorrow will depend largely on what the human community will or will not do today. Frightening because our generation has the power to destroy in a short time all that comes to us from the past, irreparably compromising what could exist in the future of our planet.

    • I find your remark “We live in an age, that is fascinating and frightening at the same time.” very true and it shows great maturity and understanding.

  6. First of all I have to say that when we started talking about this subject it didn’t interest me very much , but now I tally changed my mind. All these materials were really impressing and inspiring and I absolutely loved the movie , it wasn’t only very very honest and understandable by everyone, but also really dynamic, incredibly involving and interesting. This world is the greatest gift we have. If we think about how ridiculously lucky we’ve been to have the earth , as we know, the only planet that can support life we can see how unbelievable it is what we’re doing. We are wasting all this blessing because we are to lazy and way to selfish to stop this. And the saddest thing is that we aren’t realising that it’s not just about the earth and the environment : we are completely forgetting that it is about us too. The earth is our home and we are destryoing it completely. And we’re forgetting all the other living beings too.
    As I saw in the pictures by Chris Jordan ( that are really incredible) we could literally swim in our trash and still we are not worrying about all the consequences of our disrepectful and harmful behaviour . The thing is that we are so recidivist and even though we know all the danger and the problems we are causing since the XX century all the issues like eccess of greenhouse gasses emission, production od carbon bioxide and CO2 and the injurious substances caused by fossil fuels burning aren’t still solved and we aren’t committing enough to change things. It’s so stupid that we are throwing away all that we have, we are the cause off our own destruction.The part in the movie where the climate negotiator of the Filipines was about to cry was really heartbreaking , can’t we realise that we are sacrificing ourselves and the future generation? Do people think about their children when they pollute? Will they be able to live like we do or are we just doomed to be trapped in a world with a situation that can only get worse?I wish that watching the videos I felt hope and positivity to change things. I do want to change things but unfortunately what I felt watching the videos and pictures was mainly shame, fear and the overwhelming feeling that by now we’re just getting closer to the moment when the catastrophe won’t be just a possibility but the inevitable future , and we’ll only able to stretch the match but not to win it .

    • But since we are still able to avoid it now we have to work hard and find the better solutions to climate change by committing all together. Some people are already working to guarantee a safer and better place for us to live , now the next step could be convince all the Heads of Government , or anyone who has power ( ex. I really admire Chirs Jordan and Jack Johnson’s work and how they used their work to get people to reflect and work to change things) , to promote the integration of all the different ways we can preserve the earth and its Environment , starting for example by adopting the recycling policy that is still not active in many countries .

      We can still make a change , we are still in time, so let’s try to make things better and hope for a better future and a better world.

    • I’m so very happy you changed your mind and even happier that at the end you feel HOPE and desire to change things. That was my aim when writing the post. Mission accomplished 🙂 Thanks for your brilliant comment.

  7. The first video begins in a fascinated way, and it is very touching.
    I think that David Bayliss’ words are true and they make people think. We have to remember “We only have one home”, our Earth. It shows the beauty of our Environment and animals. The bad thing is that sometimes we damage them because we don’t realise their importance.
    Ted speech is really interesting. I didn’t know that recycle metal is easier than recycle plasticand overall I was surprise that only in Europe we do the recycling. I was impressed by Ted because he succeded in inventing a job with the recycling. His factory is really useful and it’s really important for recycling the plastic.
    I have never lkistened the song ”The 3r’s” but I think that in a simple way it makes us understand the importance of recycling, reuse and reduce. It could be so easy to do this things but we are so lazy that when we leave a room we forget to switch off the light or when we have a shower we use too much water.
    When I saw the photos I was shocked because I didn’t think that could exist some people so rude. It’s unbelievable that someone could leave a fridge in the sea because everyone knows that this pollute water but also damage animals which live inside.
    I can try to do my best for improving the Environment, I’ll commit myself to do what I can to contribute for a better world.

    • You can start contributing doing little things as you mentioned like switching off the light or when you have a shower not using too much water 😉

  8. I loved the frist video, it was amazing, it shows all the beauty of our world. But, sadly, there are a lot of problems with our planet. Today what happens on the other side of the world, even so far away, can effect what happens in our own home. Recent discoveries by space probes to Venus have shown that our own world could be deteriorated to a point where it would no longer could be life. And it possibly could happen in our own lifetime. One can ask, “Even if that were true, what could I do about it?” Even if one only had the opinion that; it was just not a good thing to wreck the planet, and said that opinion, one would be doing something. Care of the planet begins in one’s own front yard, the area one travels to get to school or work or like where people picnics or goes on vacation. Planting a tree may seem little but it is something. In some countries, old people, the unemployed do not just sit around and go to pieces: they are used to care for the gardens and parks and forests, to pick up the litter and add some beauty to the world. There are many things one can do to help take care of the planet and them all start by us. If others do not help safeguard and improve the environment, our planet will never change in a better way. Our earth is being destroyed, if we don’t something real now, it will be a disaster in the future!

    • I appreciate your mentioning the voluntary work done by the elderly or the unemployed. I would dadd also the students, during the long summers 🙂

  9. Watching the first video I was fascinated. I think it’s fantastic what this planet offers us. We don’t realise how we are damaging with the pollution. This video would have to make us thinking because our behaviour not only ruin our beautiful environments but it hurts our selfs and all the animals that live on the Earth. Overall in this last years there are a lot of animals that risk to extinguish but we keep on to pollute.
    I found the second video really interesting. Mike Biddle let us understand that people would do everything for getting what they want. Even if would create serious problems. The thing the most significative is the way in which Mumbai’s population recycle plastic using the “burnt and smell” technique. I don’t agree with them because this method is very dangerous as for man as for environment. I found right and interesting the way in which Mike’s firm recycles plastic.
    The song is a funny way for stimulating people, above all young people, to do the recycle.
    Photos made me think a lot because I have never seen a thing like this. I was really disgusted, I didn’t think that people were able to do such horrible things.

    In the end I think that everyone could do something to improve our planet, starting from small things, for example switch off the light everytime we don’t need it. I commit myself to give my contribute but I hope not to be the only one

    • The Mumbais don’t dio that on purpose; they have no other choice and probably are not aware of the terrible consequences for their health.

  10. I watched the videos, they are very interesting. I really like the Ted’s video because I learnt some new things for example the reciclying cycle of the plastic. I like Ted’s sentence ” above ground mines ” because it reverses perspective. I also appreciated the concept that mother nature reuses everything because I realized that it is true,nature recycles everything. I think that we must safeguard the environment,if we take care of the world,it will be different and there would be less pollution,for example recycling and not throw cigarette,candy wrappers and cans. It is very sed to see how people pollute the environment they haven’t respect and care for their surroundings above they hurt to themselves because after many years without respecting the environment we will not find any more clean zones,but dirty areas,that resemble landfills. Future of our planet is in our hands!! I find this video very interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Y7MPoSf0Q

  11. I think the first video is extraordinary; it shows us how many beauties has the Earth. For me we are very lucky to live in this world so beautiful and full of incredible landscapes. For this reason it is also a great shame ruin it. Unfortunately we do it all even though many times we don’t notice. But I think it’s not too late to act…
    It is true, in recent years many things have changed, for exemple the climate that caused the melting of the glaciers. Also the pollution has increased considerably and is very dangerous for all. But if we began to follow some “rules” there will be fewer problems and illnesses. For example, we should recycle things, use more electric cars, and invent new techniques to pollute less. So I really liked the video Ted, why invent something new that will definitely help to improve the environment. I hope that in future there will be many other inventions.
    I was also very impressed with the photos that you posted; it is also hard to believe that people are able to leave a fridge on the beach.I do not understand why they do it, when it would be enough to bring landfill. It is obvious that if we all do so sooner or later the world ends.
    Finally I want to thank Professor for having focused on this very important topic that unfortunately our book is not so much deepened. I think it’s increasingly important to face these issues, especially with the children who will be the future.
    And I also realized that I have to work harder to respect the environment…

  12. It’s amazing how our word is beautiful! but sometimes we don’t remember this, and we do some errors, the examples more visible are the photos that all we see in this blog. While I was seeing the first video i was almost excited because the idea of ​​living in a world so beautiful, full of different landscapes, different cultures, full of animals of all kinds makes me happy.
    But after when i saw those pictures I felt terrible and I thought since we’re slowly destroying this beautiful world, that is even our big house.
    I think is this that we miss, just know that the world is our home and for this we should not treat him badly for no reason.
    I know that we many times don’t think that our “help the environment” can make a difference, but if every person would think so, then things really can’t ever change.
    Almost every day I see people of all ages who smoke, and later threw his cigarette on the ground, stepped on and then goes away. The best part is that many times they have a trash can in a meter away.
    This fact makes me always makes me think a lot, because people should change their mentality, and a lot of times we need something little to do something big.
    All the world must help the environment by recycling, reduce and reuse, just like the song says. 🙂
    The earth needs our help and we need her at all cost.

  13. I saw all the videos and the movie too! I found them brilliant and very bold.
    Everyone of us know something about waste or our envoirment but this type of videos and sites make us reflect about the world we’re living.
    I think it’s really important be aware that all our small daily actions can ravage our planet and also I guess everyone must know which are the climate problems like global warming or extinction of animals and plants. Everyone need to know every single problem that surround us to be able to find a solution.
    States try to protect the safe of planet with ambient laws but It’s not enough, we all have to cooperate eachother for a unique purpose.
    I’d like to share one of my favorite video ever : it’s about a young girl called Severn Suzuki who speaks for ECO ( the Enviromental Children Organization ) in the United States of America in front of politicias come from all overe the world. I know that it can be not very original beacuse the meaning it’s very ordinary but every time I see the video it move me.


    All the Blog and the sites of photos are really interesting and beautiful, thank you very much Prof !

    • That video – I knew it – is brilliant!! Awareness is important as it’s the first step to taking action. You’re welcome my dear, I believe in the role of education and am very happy you appreciated the photos and the post 🙂

  14. It’s incredible how beautiful Earth is! In the first video we can see the nature and the several animals who live there. The biodiversity is a treasure that all the people in the world must preserve, it’s something special.
    Unfortunately the human activity like factories and the continuous amass of garbage, that we can see in the fantastic pictures by Chris Jordan, makes the Earth less healthy and lays it on the line our health.
    To escape that we must learn to recycle what we don’t use anymore and the video from Ted shows us how to do this. Mike Biddle with his friends found a way to produce plastic not with oil but recycling used one. It’s an important step because limiting the use of the oil and consequently the oil tankers we can preserve our beautiful oceans and all the aquatic animals like dolphins or whales.
    With this video I learnt something new about recycling and I think people have to know more and more things about this.
    The song is really catchy and amusing; I think that using songs or music in general to talk about important topics like pollution or global warming is great, because everybody listen to music and it is a good manner to advertise serious subjects of our life.
    Earth is our home and if we love it we must defend it! In the first video there is a sentence by David Bayliss which says “Remember we only have one home”; a precious home to safeguard. The increase of CO2 in the air causes the global warming which liquefies glaciers, the home of polar bears. For this reason we can start with daily actions like choose bikes or public means of transport like buses, trams or tubes rather than cars to reduce pollution.
    I think schools should teach environmental education at students so that they can know that Earth runs some risks and they must defend their own future!
    Thank you very much for these beautiful materials thanks to which we won’t be indifferent!

    • I’m so happy when I teach my students something “new” they didn’t know before! 🙂 As you said music is great to convey strong messages especially among young people.

  15. I am really impressed about these videos and I think our planet shouldn’t be so damaged because of pollution, one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today, increasing with every passing year and causing irreparable damage to the earth. Air pollution is cause by the smoke emitted by cars, buses, trucks, trains, and factories, but even smoke from burning cigarettes is harmful to the environment and it’s causing a lot of damage to man and the atmosphere. The effects of air pollution are really alarming: they create several respiratory and heart conditions! There are some solutions to this, like we can encourage our families to use the bus, train or bike when commuting. If we all do this, there will be less cars on road and less fumes. Also, we must switch off lights when we are going out because large amount of fossil fuels are burnt to produce electricity. Governments throughout the world have already taken action against air pollution by introducing green energy. Some governments are investing in wind energy and solar energy, as well as other renewable energy, to minimize burning of fossil fuels. We can save the environment from degradation by reducing the amount of fossil fuels to be burned. Then we have to understand the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: we don’t have to throw away items that may be useless to us! This will minimize the dependence of producing new things. Remember manufacturing industries create a lot of pollution, so if we can re-use things like shopping plastic bags, clothing, paper and bottles, it can help.
    But I think I gave too many advices and I talked too little about what I saw, so, well, I am speechless because of the pictures with those amounts of cigarettes, or mobiles, or crushed cars, I was really impressed!
    I loved the first video, the one about the beauty of our planet, but I am 50% in love with that video, and 50% sad about it, because maybe we don’t realize it, but we’re really hurting this amazing world, and we have to protect it with our three RS: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”!
    We must heal this world, together 🙂
    Goodnight 🙂


  16. The first video shows all of the beautiful sides of the nature, for example some of the tipes of the environment and some of the kinds of flowers and animals in our planet. We know that many species are dying such as the panadas and if we not attempt to safeguard the world we’ll have a lot of negative and irepparable consequences.
    The second video it’s very important to say to people how we’re destroying the environment. I didn’t know many things that TED told, I’ve discover the method to recycle plastic and I’ve learn that USA is a country that doesn’t recycle waste like Europe. I thought there isn’t an answer to improve our world, but now I comprehend that we must applicate this solution.
    The photos are more tremendous than I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame to see some of electrical appliances on the Irish streets or in a fantastic sea. I hate people when leave the waste in wrong places. We haven’t got to make it.
    I hope that all the people who had watch these videos share the most important message: recycling. The photos made with a lot of cigarettes, plastic bottles, mobile phones etc. are extraordinary, details and uncommons.
    About the song, I think it’s special because it create a perfect combination of words to help population to reduce, reuse and recycle.
    The global warming is a danger aspect of our planet. We’ve got absolutely to save our lifes and Mother Nature! I swear to respect the environment and to share the teaching. Many environmental associations are promoting the “green life” such as WWF, legambiente and it’s an important thing.

  17. I watched the videos and saw the end of my life.
    I saw the end of my life because in the videos there was a polluted sea, and how can I go Sailing if is there a sea in these conditions?…
    I think that pollution is one of of the most important problems of the world but a lot of people underestimate him.
    Pollution is like a war but who dies is the nature.
    One of the most important effect coused by the pollution is the Global Warming.
    We saw a video linked with global warming that spoke about the conditions of Polar Bears, it’s like imagine our house, that every day becomes smaller until it disappears and we don’t know where we can go.
    The Earth is a fantastic Planet but here are many people who do not know her beauty and while we are speaking about it they are destroying it,cutting down trees, without recycling and throwing pollutant substances into the sea.
    How can we live without preserving the Earth for the next generations?

  18. I found the first video really spectacular. In the earth we have a lot of really wonderful things and the video has shown a lot of these as for example the fantastics views and the various species of animals that we have, but if we don’t change our attitude toward nature we will lose all these wonders.
    In fact, in the following video we can see how we are ruining the earth, when it takes very little to avoid damanging the planet.
    The person in the video shows us a lot of images really sad because we see how we are treating our planet and how we are destroying it!
    After this, he shows us how we could save many raw materials
    and how to protect the planet and its beauty: recycling!
    After seeing the video I saw the pictures and i was disgusted!!
    In the pictures we can see as the man doesn’t have care of his land!
    I think that each of us should respect the land and not ruin this great “gift”.

  19. The first video is incredible: it shows some different natural environments and a lot of animals that in these years are reducing for the pollution like dolphins, fish, flamingos, elephants…
    The second video is very curious because, when I listen to a TED speech, I’m always interested about the topic of the discussion and the way it is told.
    I’m amazed that in Europe people are recycling more than other countries, such as USA.
    One thing that impressed me are the photos that Mike Biddle took in India: people store the plastics on the roofs and then they try to separate the plastics by color, by shape.
    And also is incredible how plastics can be transformed in usual daily products, such as printers or vacuum cleaners…. I agree with Mike that “If it’s broken, it’s my stuff”.
    I’ve never listened to the song “THE 3 RS”, but it is very interesting because it wants to communicate that people must learn to reduce, to reuse and to recycle.
    The photos on the site that you posted are spectacular and the photo that impressed me the most is the one made with cigarette butts.
    And finally we must recycle to make the world better in the future and we must respect it.

    • Thanks Lisa I’m glad you were impressed by the photos. As you can see ART can make people more aware and push them to take action 🙂

  20. Okay, so, I watched the videos and I was so impressed. This amazing world doesn’t deserve this incredible amount of pollution, that hurts Mother Nature and obviously ourselves. There’s too much ignorance, I mean, only a small quantity of people (compared to the Earth’s population) knows that we’re really in danger and there are also people who know this, but continue to produce Carbon Dioxide, without recycling and stuff like that; what a shame! A minority of people doesn’t make the difference! I think that I’m a pessimistic person, so I always think that we risk and someday could be the end of us. Yes, I know that’s a bit exaggerated, but I’m only a 14 years old girl, and I’m saying these things, it isn’t a good sign, right? I’m really scared that one day babies won’t know what a tree is and we will live in a big starship while robots clean the Earth (yes, like Wall-E!)
    Now, seriously, this images and videos are stunning and I really liked the photos with the number of cigarettes, platic bottles, etc. because they make you think. Also TED’s video, that showed that is possible to recycle plastic without burning it was really clever! Big industries all around the world should take the example.
    What about me? In my house there’s a kind of crack, because my mother is always really careful with opening ad closing the light, she always recycles and she teached me to take care of the nature. But with my father, that’s another story. He’s less “eco-friendly” (just a little bit): he forgots often the lights on, he leaves chergers on the socket without the phone attached and he continues to smoke. I’m a bit scared, because smoking hurts at him and at the planet.
    But I promise, that I will keep taking care of the enviroment, and I will convince my father that smoking is a bad thing and that he should “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” too. If we all give an helping hand, we can have a better planet, isn’t it? 🙂

  21. About the first video, I have no words to describe the beauty of our planet. There are so many different habitats and each of them has something special that leaves you breathless. That’s exactly why we have to be careful and try to keep it this beautiful.
    Exept those big numbers that were mentioned in the second video about things that people use in many countries, my attention was taken by recycling of plastic. Even though the plastic, used by millions of people, can be dangerous for our nature, we should know that it can be very useful. Recycling of plastic is a very interesting process that shows us that plastic can have the similar effect as petrol. This could be the beginning of a better world.

    I’ve heard about that song, and now, when I listened to it, I think it’s really cute and funny. The most important message that it’s sending to us is to reduce pollution, reuse and recycle everything.
    Looking at the pictures that you’ve taken, I was disgusted. Not only because a fridge in the sea isn’t nice to look at, but also because it pollute the sea and the beach and so, it ruin the home of many plants and animals. It is really orrible.
    Instead, the photos made with million of cigarettes, mobile phones or headphones, was amazing!
    The sites are really useful and interesting.

    Finally, the film made me think a lot, because looking on the internet the various photos taken around the world, we see that the Earth is a beautiful place, so we don’t think it is polluted. It seems that the Earth hides its worst part for fear of not being appreciated by the people, so we should try to make it “feel good”. At bottom, it is also our home and who wants a dirty and a messy house? Nobody, so start to take care of our planet.

  22. The first video is amazing: It shows a part of all the beautiful things we have on Earth, like rare species of animals, plants or particular kinds of environment, that we are going to lose if we continue to hurt our planet. We already know that many species of animals are in danger of extinction, and it is just our fault.
    I found the second video really interesting, TED always knows how to make engaging an argument that could be boring. The thing that impressed me the most is the fact that only here in Europe we recycle… Where are we supposed to go if only Europe is recycling? Why aren’t United States doing it as well? Every civilized country should do it. In this video it seems like there is a solution, a good one, where we can get the same material as oil, but in a more economic and safer way for our planet. But I don’t understand why, if they can build a plant like that, they don’t start from the base doing things like recycling. I think recycling is super important, because we produce a lot of waste every single second, and all that waste can’t just lay somewhere or be burnt.

    The photos are brilliant. A clever and original idea, which clearly expresses the enormous waste. And all this becomes art. Even if it isn’t about pollution, I do really appreciate the one made of dollars, rappresenting the amount of dollars spent every hour for the war in Iraq. It is crazy.
    Concluding I think it is very important that every country in the world starts as soon as possible recycling and taking care of our planet, beacause the climate change is just one of the obvious signs the Earth can’t take this any longer.

  23. I agree with what I’ve seen and I thank you for sharing.
    Climate change and global warming is a consequence of pollution caused by human activities over the past 200 years. We studied just last week to sciences with teacher DE ROSA that industrial discharges, traffic, house warming, deforestation, the intensive use of land has completely changed the environment.
    The increase of greenhouse effect, leading cause of global warming, is due to the CO2, which has increased over the past 200 years from 270 ppm to 380 ppm. Other polluting gases released into the atmosphere causing damage to humans.
    I think it’s important our daily commitment: lower consumption, switch off the lights, recycle, use eco-friendly products. But I think the Nations do very little: for a great climate change we need big actions, instead they do small steps.
    It’s very important to speak and educate people about the environment. The Earth is our common home, we have to respect it.

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