Digital Storytelling with 2M

Hi everybody. Last module with my beloved 2M also included the activity of cooperative storytelling by working in groups of 4. The lecturer Mrs Benedetti gave the students a paper with some prompts and they had to answer some questions and write down a story.

To end up the activity I decided to try using some apps to make the stories digital. With this class I don’t use the wi-fi in class yet nor the BYOD mode. I posted in their LMS Schoology the suggested apps and some tutorials.

Here’s their works. Since it’s a Liceo Linguistico and students don’t do anything digital in other subjects nor have classes of computer science, we are very proud of their achievements! Well done!! 🙂

Giulia’s Storyboard:

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Martina’s & Lisa’s:
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During then lesson, the students presented their stories orally to the class as you can see in the photos below. You can also see Francesca, Marika & Paola’s story The Red Bow 1 & 2. Last but not least also Giulia & Gaia‘s The Betrayal.

Here’s Tommaso’s and Stefano’s Booker. The STolen Diamond

Giulia and Maria instead  made short videos using Shadow Puppet. HOLY TERROR!

Last but not least this is the story by Nicole & Giulia.

And here’s my girls while presenting:

IMG_3259 IMG_3257 IMG_3252 IMG_3251 IMG_3250

IMG_3261 IMG_3284 IMG_3286It’s just the beginning and we’ve got a lot to learn and improve but we’ve learnt lots of new things while having fun! Hope you’re proud of what you’ve done!


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