5F Padlet on Oscar Wilde

I’m very proud to share with you today the PADLET containing the works of the students.

The assignment, posted in Schoology, was as follows: either individually or in group choose from:

  1. false facebook page of Oscar Wilde or of a character from The Picture of Dorian Gray, using the linked website Fakebook. In the post write relevant & interesting info also quoting from the novel you read during the summer.
  2. A presentation that you’ll do in class, summarizing what you’ ve learnt of Oscar Wilde.  Max’ 10 m’. Use Prezi or Emaze.
  3. A Kahoot on the Ballad of the Reading Gaol to be shared with me.
  4. A Tackk of all the websites that O.Wilde would have liked, giving reasons.
  5. An audio interview to Dorian Gray using the app Spreaker.

[padlet key=’7z4ka7q5s1py’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]


Well done to all of you! Nobody chose to do the audio interview but I know it’s because we had already done it with the Interviews to the Romantic poets and you all wanted to experiment with something different. KEEP IT UP! 

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