5F Orwell’s Animal Farm

My dear students, you have already read the beautiful novel by George Orwell but if you want you can now read it for free here: ANIMAL FARM

As you can see I have prepared some material to share with you on the topic. You can download and study my worksheet on GEORGE ORWELL the plot of the novel, its main characters, its historical background and main themes & do te QUIZ to check how much you remember. Here below is my presentation to read.

The next is an interesting but easy video dealing with the connections between G.Orwell’s Animal Farm and Stalin’s Russia. Have a look & TAKE DOWN SOME NOTES.

The next video is the trailer of the cartoon by John Halas, Joy Batchelor.(1956)  Notice the year of its creation, it’s not a typo! You can watch it all on YouTube. We’ll watch some parts in class from my DVD.

There’s also a new movie version (1999) of the novel with real animals. Have a look!!

Hope this post has  helped you broaden your knowledge on the novel by having fun!

If you want at this site you can download all Orwell’s novels for free. http://www.george-orwell.org/    See you after Easter.

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