O.WILDE 2 The Picture of Dorian Gray

You have already read his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray as your summer set-book. Now check the video “10 things you should know about The Picture of Dorian Gray” and take down 10 notes you’ll report in class. Were you familiar with all the information?

Watch three different trailer versions of the movie and choose the one you like best motivating your choice by comparing it to the novel you’ve read. Then you’ll report in class.

1945 Adaptation: Directed by Albert Lewin; screenplay by Albert Lewin.

2004 adaptation Directed by David Rosenbaum; screenplay by David Rosenbaum. Starring Josh Duhamel as Dorian Gray.

2009 adaptation Directed by Oliver Parker; screenplay by Toby Finlay. Starring Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray; Ben Chaplin as Basil Hallward; Colin Firth as Henry Wotton.

Last but not least here’s the whole NOVEL as electronic text. I’m also adding an interesting article from The Guardian about his last work “De Profundis”;  De Profundis as one of the greatest love letters ever written. Read it.

Should you want to know more about the themes of the novel have a look at Spark Notes.

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