Friday  9th February. COMPUTER LAB

Read the very last lines of the novel by Mary Shelley.

(…) Some years ago, when the images which this world affords first opened upon me, when I felt the cheering warmth of summer, and heard the rustling of the leaves and the warbling of the birds, and these were all to me, I should have wept to die; now it is my only consolation. Polluted by crimes, and torn by the bitterest remorse, where can I find rest but in death?   “Farewell! I leave you, and in you the last of human kind whom these eyes will ever behold. Farewell, Frankenstein! If thou were yet alive, and yet cherished a desire of revenge against me, it would be better satiated in my life than in my destruction. But it was not so; thou didst seek my extinction that I might not cause greater wretchedness; and if yet, in some mode unknown to me, thou hast not ceased to think and feel, thou wouldst not desire against me a vengeance greater than that which I feel. Blasted as thou were, my agony was still superior to thine; for the bitter sting of remorse will not cease to rankle in my wounds until death shall close them for ever.

“But soon,” he cried, with sad and solemn enthusiasm, “I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly, and exult in the agony of the torturing flames. The light of that conflagration will fade away; my ashes will be swept into the sea by the winds. My spirit will sleep in peace; or if it thinks, it will not surely think thus. Farewell.”  He sprung from the cabin-window, as he said this, upon the ice-raft which lay close to the vessel. He was soon borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance. THE END

Now, imagine that (for unknown reasons that you may find out) he monster has come back!frankenstein





SITUATION: It’s 2018.

You are either a scientist (WHAT KIND? DEFINE YOUR ROLE) or a computer nerd living in (CHOOSE WHERE: COUNTRY & TOWN) and have seen him (say WHERE and WHEN). 

Write down an e-mail to (WHO? BE SPECIFIC)  telling him/her what you have just witnessed.  ( 200 words)



LET’S VOTE THE BEST EMAIL ( original, consistent, involving & well written! Do not vote for yourself please) 

It’s been a hard choice but I want to tell you that I’m very proud of you because you’ve committed, we have worked hard – me too, correcting, chasing the late ones and adding numbers to the poll 😉 – but we have had fun while learning! 

19 thoughts on “2018 THE MONSTER IS BACK!

  1. From: Dr. Jackson
    To: Dr. Andreas Hayle

    March 16th 2018
    Dear Dr. Hayle,
    Today I am urgently writing you this email because of the unusual circumstances in which I found myself yesterday night, and I want to to give you the latest informations about my secrete experiment, of which I spoke to you the last time at the science congress in Berlin.
    I feel that there is something weird going on in that island. Animals are continuing to disappear, and along with them all the resources of the island. When I decided to take the island now called ”Bluesky Island” in observation, they said that it was uninhabited, but i don’t think so.
    In these last days I watched all the records of the island and I did not notice anything strange, until last night, something caught my attention. There was an unusual figure. He or she, but I’m almost sure that it was an him, was 8-foot-tall, with translucent yellowish skin, watery, glowing eyes, flowing black hair, black lips, and prominent white teeth.
    I recognized immediately him. Frankenstein was back!
    I’m sure you are not going to believe it at first but I swear it was him.
    After that event I decided to take my private airplane and go to the Island. I discovered that the monster had his own “science laboratory”, where I found out Dr. Frankenstein Notebook, where was written all the experiments for create an human being with parts of dead bodies. I was Shocked. The monster was trying to put alive an female version, an request that was rejected by his creator, which determined the anger in the monster, that led him to kill the loved ones of his own creator. The purpose of his return was clear.
    The monster was tired to be alone, to be ignored and not to be accepted in the society. All he wanted was to have a female partner that could understand him and with whom share their life together.
    If the monster doesn’t succeed in his project, the world will be in danger…

    Dr. Jackson (Priscilla)

  2. Dear nerd mate Stefano,
    Hi Ste, I’m writing you to tell you something that probably you won’t believe, and I’ll understand why. Yesterday night, something paranormal, strange, absurd and also epic if you want, happened to me, but let me tell you this fact from the beginning.
    As you know, I’m working at the library of the seminary of Pordenone for the “alternation school work” project. Yesterday night, my tutor just asked me to work till 23.30 p.m. Sincerely I didn’t know why and I didn’t ask it, because I just wanted to add precious hours to my register. I was very tired, at school the essay about Frankenstein was a total failure, during the afternoon we’ve lost the online co-op multiplayer tournament “soldiers vs zombies”. A long evening and night was waiting for me, or better, a list of Latin religious books were waiting to be copied by me, nice. At 22.00 p.m., my Tutor gave me a keyring. It contained about fifty keys, and told me that I had to go to the subterraneans to take a book for an old researcher.
    I took the elevator, I arrived in front of an old door that was looking like a middle edge door. The number outside it was corresponding to the number of the door I was looking for, but this gap was different from the others, so, I breathed while the thunders and lightnings were giving the true atmosphere to take a book, alone, in an abandoned subterranean. I looked for the correct key for about twenty minutes till I found it, I opened the door, that obviously creaked, like in an horror film, I entered in a room that was full of old chemistry encyclopaedias, I turned my face and I saw some strange objects, like an operating theater. There was a sort of bed, covered by a blanket, I didn’t understand why I didn’t run away from this abandoned room, I was too curious, so I extended my arm to the blanket and something under that piece of fabric moved. The blanket fell down, there was a monster, like Frankenstein. I escaped the room, running like Bolt, I took a book that was placed on a table and I reached the elevator I pressed the button “second” thirty times. I was overturned, this time it wasn’t a story, a game or an essay. It was real, the reality, I locked the door of the subterraneans, and I thought about it all night.

  3. To: fermilab@gmail.com
    From: ej.lbnl@gmail.com
    Object: HELP! EOC

    February 21st, 2018

    Report 906.
    To the attention of the scientist Nigel Lockyer.
    The experiment 5022 is still alive, I repeat, is still alive.
    I’m currently writing you from California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, building 48, Emergency Operations Centre (EOC); we are in danger! Please send help.
    Yesterday we heard such an explosion in the building 07, we went there and we discovered that the creature had broken into our facility.
    With the help of a special team (where unfortunately two doctors died) we tried to sedate him and tied him up but he gained strength, managing to free himself from the chains he was imprisoned within.
    He started roaring so loud and rising up against our equipment, destroying all the analyzers he was attached to.
    The only way we can monitor him is by two hidden camera systems that are connected to where we are now.
    We have barricaded all the doors but he’s too strong, we can’t contain him anymore. He’s out of control.

    We again ask for your help, come as soon as possible. Bring everything you have to kill him. You are the only one that can save humanity.
    We don’t have much time left.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Eleanor Jordan, computational biologist at LBNL. (Alessia)

  4. From: Dr Junior Barnes
    To: Dr. Frankenstein
    Object: The monster he never was, is back!

    Dear Dr Frankenstein,
    I’m dr Junior Barnes and in June i had accomplished my degree in Anatomy at the University of Harvard, one of the prestigious Universities in the United States. During my  course of anatomy, i had the chance to do many apprenticeships in hospitals, but one course caught my attention, it was a group of scientists that studies cloning.  
    After that experience i started to get more involved and read about the story of cloning.
    In the meanwhile, in my town, in Bedford, something vicious was going on. Many children were vanishing, and lots of parents were desperate. Some of them had been found and some cases were very dreadful; there were children without heart and beheaded.
    What was happening in town? Who was doing this atrocious thing?
    Last night was a foggy, cloudy and gloomy day; i was sitting in my sofa watching an interesting documentary about cloning, when a storm damage my electricity line leaving my house without power. It was raining violently but i had to fix the problem as soon as possible. Suddenly while i was wearing my jacket, i heard some mysterious footsteps coming from the cantin. Terrified, i went down stairs and regardless the scary sound, nothing swayed my determination to make it to down there.Then i arrived in front of the door, i switched on the light and i found a ghastly scene. There was a monster!  he was full of marks on his face, black hair, black lips and pale skin.The monster started shouting: I’m back! Frankenstein is back! and i came to finish what i began! I shuddered. Then quickly the monster disappeared from the broke window. I’m writing you to inform of the danger and i’m pleading you to help me spreading this story in order to save human beings.
    Hope you will help me.
    Dr. Junior Barnes. (Persis)

  5. TO:genoveffa77@gmail.com
    OBJECT: Frankenstein
    Hi man! I’m writing you to say what happened to me last month.
    As you know I’m a crazy scientist fascinated by all humans experiments. One day I moved to France for work reasons and in the cemetery of Paris some days after my relocation there was the inauguration of the first human-robot creation of history. I was excited, but I suddenly noticed something strange; both the newspapers and the news broadcasting didn’t say anything about that and I didn’t know why.
    In the night of that day -23rd of January I arrived at the location and I didn’t see anybody except some gears on a coffin. I was so frightened, therefore I decided to go back home but when I was near the exit I heard a strange mechanical sound. When I turned myself I saw the gears were moving into the ground and a few moments later they came out as a human robot. I was petrified. For an instant I seemed to relieve the terrible story of Frankenstein but this creature wasn’t so terrifying, it didn’t look like a man, it was completely made of iron, with long and black claws, he didn’t have eyes, but two glittering gold coins instead, and when he came nearby he whispered with a metal voice: “I don’t want to hurt you, please…help me…”

  6. To: janegoodall@jginstitute.com
    Subject: Urgent, threat to humanity

    Dear Mrs. Goodall,
    you must forgive the hastiness of this mail, but I find myself in the most peculiar situation I’ve ever been in and couldn’t do anything but write to you, as I deem you the best primatologist alive.
    Before I dive more deeply into the matter I shall introduce myself: my name is Susan Donovan and I’m an IT student at Berkeley University in California. Two days ago I was off campus because of my mid-term break, a couple of friends and I decided to visit Albany beach for the day. At about 2am, while my friends were at the bar, I was staying by myself on the shore and suddenly I noticed the most horrendous…”thing” emerging from the water. Enormous in size, with disproportionate limbs, eyes devoid of life and a face contracted by an expression showing utter despair and crushing pain.
    Now, you are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, and I’m aware that I’m only a student, but that, in turn, is precisely why I’m good at researching, which is the first thing I did after running away that night. My friends didn’t believe me, nor did my teachers or my parents…however I know exactly what I saw and I won’t be convinced otherwise. I have come to my conclusion, this is why I’m appealing to you: Frankenstein’s monster is back and I beg you to contact me as soon as possible to let me illustrate further proof I’ve gathered from my research.
    I guarantee that I’m being completely serious and I hope you’ll handle this information with extreme care.
    I’ll be waiting for your reply, thank you for your attention
    Best regards,

    Susan Donovan (Giulia F)

  7. Dear James,
    I hope this finds you well. I’m writing this email to you, my closest friend, confident that it will be taken seriously. I’m not ready to share this discovery with my colleagues yet, but I shall now explain to you what I’ve found, in hopes that I can prove myself worthy of your trust, even in this absurd situation.
    As you know, I’ve been spending the last few weeks doing research in my laboratory in Keswick, barely getting any sleep or food. Yesterday, after a long day of work, I decided I was satisfied with my progress and went for a late night walk, convinced it would be my last one before returning to my beloved London. As I was skirting along the edge of the lake, which has a very gloomy atmosphere around it in January, I heard a faint sound behind me and as I turned around I was met with the most unearthly sight I had ever laid my eyes upon. Barely visible in the darkness, its eyes as shiny as glass, a menacingly tall creature, whose silhouette almost resembled that of a man, had been surreptitiously following me for a while. As crazy as it may sound, I can confirm with certainty that what stood before me was none other than Victor Frankenstein’s horrible creation.
    I know this may come as a shock, I couldn’t believe it either when I saw it, but its appearance matched its description in the novel perfectly, the feeling of uneasiness it brought with it was out of this world and the speed at which it disappeared from my sight was inhuman.
    As I said, the monster fled before I was able to react so I wasn’t able to collect any proof of its existence and that’s why I’m not eager to inform my fellow scientists about this, but I know this scarring experience will never leave me.
    I’m afraid I cannot return to my hometown yet, as I’m busy looking into what happened. I hope we’ll get to reunite soon.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Charles (Gaia)

  8. TO: Gallese Vittorio, Dept. of Neuroscience of Parma
    FROM: Kiera Monroe, Neuroscientist
    OBJECT: Something strange is alive!!

    Dear Dr. Gallese,
    I’m an Irish Neuroscientist. I’m studying neuroscience in the University of Galway, in Ireland.
    I’ve recently begun a study regarding cloning. Since the first year at the campus I’ve always studied the brain and its evolution and for this reason I’ don’t know how to move through this new assignment. The purpose of this email was, initially, asking you some information concerning the production of individuals similar to humans, but last night something has changed…
    I’ve was walking completely absorbed in my thoughts in the Dùn Aonghasa, a prehistoric hill forts near the County of Galway. I heard some noises, they didn’t worried me because sounds are something very usual in the hill, but then… they began to grow.
    I went after them and what I saw was, without any doubts, something strange.
    Frankenstein is back! And I’m sure it was him because the images in the book I’m using for the cloning project corresponded to what I have seen. He’s back because the cloning has to continue.
    I felt my blood freezing, I realized that the response to my incessant research was precisely in front of me.

    Your faithfully,

    Kiera Monroe, Dept. of Neuroscience of Galway (Chiara T)

  9. To Jenny
    From Abbie
    London, 9 February 2018

    Good morning Jenny,
    who is writing to you is your colleague Abbie Janson.
    And what i’m going to say is extraordinary for us, and for all the world of science.
    Rumors were true, he is alive, he is back in England, I saw him.
    This morning I was in Hyde Park, I was taking some squirrel corps for our research, when, suddenly something big behind the trees moved…
    Therefore today, my folly and my curiosity at the same time, prevailed.
    Behind the trees, crouched down, dirty, old, monstrous and decadent there was Frankenstein’s monster.
    When our eyes crossed I can’t describe to you my emotion, as if everything I’ve worked during my entire life had a sense.
    He looked at me like someone who can’t live much longer, he is destroyed by human nature and we must help him.
    The approach was difficult but maybe for the first time someone at his sight didn’t escape.
    Abbie, i talked with him okay? He’s old but he’s fine and he accepted my suggestion, we can study him if in return we give him a place to live in peace for the rest of his life. All at one condition: silence.
    Our studies about genetics and bioethics might do jumps forward in a few hours of analyzing.
    This is our start. Great news are coming.

    Dr. Abbie Janson (Giulia B)

  10. TO: Doctor Willis@hotmail.it
    FROM: Emily Winston@gmail.com
    OBJECT: A scareful meeting

    Dear Doctor Willis
    I’m the surgeon who works in your same hospital, “Mary Angel”. I mostly deal with heart operations and on these days I’m doing some research in my laboratory in South Field, a small town in the surroundings of Birmingham, England.
    I need to tell you something scary that I saw yesterday… It’s unbelievable: it was Frankenstein, the real monster. Believe me, I’m really sure, no doubts at all.
    That’s what happened: it was 3pm and it was a really hot day. I was just relaxing in the garden outside, reading a newspaper. And then I saw it: a giant walking in the distance, chasing a hare with a cruelty I had never seen. The monster grabbed it and then ate it in one bite. I thought it was a waking dream. But then I saw the monster coming closer : it had yellow eyes, crooked nose and an enormous black mouth; its skin was grey and was full of wrinkles: it was disgusting. I immediately got into the lab but then I thought I would have missed the opportunity to ask him questions regarding the way he was alive, in order to find out something useful for my research. So I went out and what I could see was nothing but fields.
    From that moment I can’t think of anything else and I have written to you to receive your personal opinion on what happened.
    Please give me a reply as soon as you can.
    Doctor Winston (Sara Z)

  11. To: The scientific community
    Subject: Important communication

    Dear fellow scientists,
    I’m aware that we’ve recently, the 25th of January, made history with the birth of two cloned monkeys; but I was clearly not informed about the newest experiment, of which I’m now going to tell you about.
    Until last week I had been working in a laboratory in Shanghai, where the successful experiment priorly mentioned took place. Now I’m currently in the LNGS, Italy, to study the dark matter, something completely unrelated to what I actually saw there. Yesterday I was walking down one of the long aisles where usually only few people walk through. I could already tell something was going on, there were scientist walking fast along the aisle, some of them holding long wires, others carrying heavy chains that made a deafening sound because of the echo. They were all entering the room at the end of the corridor, where a red sign was hanging on the door saying “Secret Project F.” I decided that I was going to enter, even if I probably shouldn’t have. Immediately after I stepped in, I had a déjà vu. It was almost as if I had already seen that whole scene somewhere. The lab was enormous, plenty of scientist were busy doing something I couldn’t yet understand. In the middle of the room there was a long metallic table, covered with a dirty sheet. Without thinking I went there and lifted the sheet, to reveal an horrific creation resembling Frankenstein’s monster from Mary Shelley’s novel. I’m sure all of you know what I’m talking about. I was and I still am deeply shocked. I will never be able to forget that intumescent face, the stinky smell, or the pressure on my arms while some men took me away.

    Of course I’m sending this email because I want an explanation for this, since I wasn’t informed and I’m responsible for the LNGS labs.

    Best regards,

    Evie Marthinson, genetic scientist at the LNGS laboratories. (Ambra)

  12. TO: max45@me.com
    FROM: johnk@icloud.com

    Dear friend,
    I’m writing you because, as a scientist like me, I hope that you will believe what I’m going to tell you.
    I was here in Rosewell, doing some particular research about aliens. Since I came here I’ve made lots of new discoveries. Did you know that aliens are similar to us and are recognisable? Well, with some specialists I have found out how to create an alien’s detector. Finally, after one long year, on Monday we finished it and I decided to verify it. I was looking at the monitor that detects the alien’s presence. I was about to give up when suddenly a red light appeared on the screen. Immediately, I wrote down the geographic coordinates and I drove there. There was a lonely building, apparently with none in it. I went in through the open door and he was there, sitting in the chair staring at the ceiling. His look was dreadful, extremely big with a yellow skin full of wounds. I never expected aliens to be so ugly. It was when he turned that I realized who he really was.
    I don’t know what happened after because I woke up this morning in hospital and now I’m here writing to you and trying to figure out how it could be possible. Could he really be Frankenstein?
    Right now I’m still stunned, I would have never believed such a curious event could happen. I feel that I need to do something as soon as possible.
    Sorry, nurses are coming to do a check up before letting me go home so I must leave you.
    Bye for now,
    John (Francesca)

  13. To:Laura
    Paris, 08/02/2018

    Dear Laura,
    you probably don’t remember who I am and I can’t say my truly identity because what I’m about to tell you is completely top secret and you and me are the only people who know it.
    If anything happens to me you have to make this e-mail public to show the truth.
    I was a student of yours some years ago and after we studied Mary Shelley I chose to become a scientist. I was obsessed, I wanted to be as Doctor Frankenstein, I wanted to create life and I always believed that it could be done. My family and my friends said that I was crazy and for this reason I chose to run away and now I live in Bamberg.
    Some days ago I heard that a French scientist gave life to a dead man, using human parts, amniotic liquid and electricity. I couldn’t believe it and I went to Paris to see with my own eyes. During a night, while I was walking back to my hotel, near the Eiffel Tower, I heard a scream. I started to run, following the suffering voice and when I arrived there was him: he was huge, rough, with giant bleeding teeth. The most frightful creature I’ve ever seen. He escaped and I ran faster than ever until my accomodation. I took my phone and I called the scientist who created him. Nobody replied. He was dead. Secret service have killed him to hide this story and I could be the next victim.
    You have to help me, you are the only who I can trust. I’ll write soon.
    -Anonymous 340 (Stefano!)

  14. TO: agents@globalpress.org
    FROM: Mark.Barrett@umb.edu

    Dear press agents from all the world,
    I’m Dr. Barrett and I’m a scientist working at the Biotechnological Department of Research at the University of Boston, the city where I have been living for so many years.
    I’m writing you this email not because I discovered something new (keep calm because I’m working on it) but the reason is another one; yesterday, late at night, while I was busy in my laboratory with my last project, I saw through the window an enormous and ugly creature, that was moving mechanically, like a robot. In addition it was giant and hunchbacked…it was a horrific scene!
    I Immediately became terrified and I didn’t know what to do, I had a sense of anxiety and uncertainty so I started shivering all of a sudden and I was really scared.
    Suddenly one thing came to my mind…I remembered that when I was young, at middle school, I read the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. After the reading I was impressed and fascinated by it, so that I started studying science and all its beautiful features.
    In fact in the creature that I saw, I recognized some parts taken from human bodies. So, it was Frankenstein! I can say that because everything coincided with the monster’s features that I read in the book.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t see where he had gone because of the mist and the fog; I only hope that all this is the result of my imagination.
    In conclusion, I’m asking you to spread the news that it may exist and, if so, I hope it will be found!
    Dr. Mark Barrett (Lisa Sole)

  15. From: 1500@gmail.com
    To: Mary Shelley
    Object: The monster is alive!

    November 15th, 2018

    Dear Mary,
    I’m 1500 and I’m a Swiss scientist.
    Last year I secretly invented a new system based on sleeves that can bring dead people back to life again, but someone stole it and brought your creation back to life. Now it’s not in its sleeve… It’s gone!
    I saw it last night, it was walking through the wood, in the deepest darkness of the night and suddenly he walked under a feeble light and I crossed its gaze… he had watery and yellow eyes. I’m sure that it was the monster simply because it had the same scars of the monster created and designed by you. I read your book a lot of times and I know all the details and the features about this creature because, as a scientist, I’m interested in all the scientific aspects that fascinated you.
    I’m afraid of what it could do in our world and for this reason I’ve chosen to make you get up again to our world thanks to a sleeve plenty of amniotic liquid that uses the rudiments of electroshock.
    The only thing I know it’s that the person who has done it, needs the monster just to commit some crimes, some murders or maybe to destroy the universe.
    I don’t have any certainty that you will succeed in finding a method to take the monster back into its sleeve…
    Nevertheless, now I put this letter in your case, trying to solve this problem because you are the only one that can assist me.
    Hope you can sustain and support me. Write soon.

    1500 (Martina)

  16. TO: Scientist John Adams
    FROM: Agata Stewart
    OBJECT: I want answers

    Dear Doctor Adams,
    I’m a teenage girl who lives in Dakota and loves science and technology.
    I decided to contact you, because in these days I thought a lot about what science has become today.
    We both know all the new scientific discoveries and theories: most of them are really interesting and revolutionary, but are the others necessary? For exemple, what and why do we need cloning for? Or, why do we look for a way to break the barriers between life and death to reach immortality?
    These are questions that have been tormenting me because, a week ago while I was going to the library, I saw an enormous and strange man who was entering a narrow street. He had an arm longer than the other; very strong legs; small eyes with a big nose and a toothless mouth w. But the most disturbing feature was that he didn’t have any ears nor hair and his body was full of scars.
    My first impression was “God, how can be someone so ugly and disgusting?”, then he reminded me of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. And now, I literally can’t erase his image from my head. Why should people want to create similar creatures?
    Therefore, my questions for you Mr. Adams is: do you know anything about that “person”? Because if you do, I would like to know everything.
    Please answer me as soon as you can,
    Agata Stewart (Lorena)

  17. To: hollywoodstars@gmail.com
    From: John.moviedirector@yahoo.it
    Object: An incredible talent that should not be missed

    Good morning,
    I’m writing to your studios because yesterday I made an astonishing discovery that could change the movie business for ever! But let me start from the beginning and tell y’all this extraordinary story.
    First of all you should know that my team and I are shooting a new movie about the fascinating story of Dr Frankenstein and his ugly creature. Our main problem was to find someone that could interpret the role of the monster. It was almost midday and I was very late for the casting session. We had already met lots of wannabe actors but nobody was the right one for this role. Some people were too slauch and listless, some didn’t even know the story of the novel by Mary Shelley. So we were unmotivated because we hadn’t already found our perfect protagonist for the movie. At one point, out of the blue, the perfect monster arrived! He was wearing even a costume and a green mask. He was tall, strong and powerful,basically the perfect monster! The only thing that was a little bit concerning was his face that was gloomy and kind of strange. Also he didn’t want to talk a lot, not even for a presentation and he started acting straight away. He started making a lot of noise such as screams and animal sounds. Immediately I was sure he could be the perfect one for our movie. I was so impressed by his interpretation that I decided to recommend him to your famous studios. Hope you will find him stunning as I do but I suggest you to not make him angry because I think he will become aggressive as a tiger and powerful as an elephant if he wants to.
    I’m sure we will see this incredible actor soon on the screen of every US cinema.
    Thanks a million for your attention
    John Preston (movie director) (Emma)

  18. Dear friend,
    I’m writing to tell you about a very strange fact that happened to me some time ago.
    I went to a small town in Romania to attend a conference about ”Strange scientific facts and events”.
    You already know that I am very interested in these things.
    I stayed in an old hotel just outside the town centre and I was relaxing in the small dark lounge reading my book when I heard someone entering the room. I looked up and noticed a tall man who sat down in an armchair opposite me. He greeted me but his voice was hoarse. However, I answered him and I asked him how he was. He told me he was there to attend the conference.
    Then he started telling his story: he talked about his life as an”outcast” and the suffering it had caused him. When I told me about certain events, I began to realise that he was telling me the story of Frankenstein. I couldn’t see his face very well in the dark room but I could tell from his voice that he was crying. I tried to console him and, before goingto my bedroom, we agreed to go to the conference together the next day.
    In the morning, I went in the reception to meet him. I waited an hour but he didn’t appear.
    At this point,I asked the receptionist if he had seen the man. He told me that he had checked out very early that morning. He handed me the book to show me he had signed out. My heart nearly stopped beating when I saw his name”Frankenstein”.
    I was very surprised and I was schoked. I want to search and find Frankenstein.
    I want to share my experience with you and what do you think about this fact?
    Write me soon
    Yours friend.
    123 (Elisa)

  19. to: viliam.jensen@gmail.com
    from: youknowme@gmail.com
    object: send help

    My dearest friend,
    if you’re reading this, it’s probably too late. I know I can tell you everything, and this time I can’t make it all alone. I need you, this information has vital relevance. You know that since my tender age I have always been fascinated by science and that I had my degree in biomolecular engineering at the age of 15.
    Exactly 14 months ago I received an unusual message: an important politician from our beloved country, Norway, has hired me, Viliam. He would pay me billions of American dollars if I had gave life to dead matter, a creature exactly identical to him, in order to be his “second body”, once his old heart stopped beating . I had no choice: either I had animated it, or he would kill me. I was terrified but I committed in this task. My experiment succeeded. The true politician has died from natural causes, and his brain was transplanted into my monster. He is now alive, and his mind is full of hatred towards humankind, since he lacks the most unachievable thing of them all: a soul. He is planning to kill us all, and with the political influence he has, he could make it. You ought to kill it, and its partners as well. He has imprisoned me and gravely wounded me, I’m about to leave this world.
    Everyone is in danger, Viliam. Help humans, end that creature.

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