Year after year, when I face the decision of whether to deal with one particular author or poet rather than a more modern or contemporary one, I question myself on the real validity of teaching the classics instead of focusing on the contemporary writers. Well, I’ve reached, once more, the conclusion that in moments of great crisis we can find inspiration  in Poetry and we can look for comfort in the words of great men from the past who suffered like us and fought against tyrannies and injustices the way we try to. I firmly believe that studying literature and a poet like P.B.Shelley can help us cope with sorrow and believe in the possibility of rebirth and changeHis fascinating figure and works have so much to teach us!

I wanted to present this troubled and fascinating man creating an Emaze presentation, with the aim of conveying my passion for his poetry while interacting with you, my dear students. Unfortunately, as I was hoarse and almost voiceless, I had to opt for a different kind of lesson in which you had to be more active. i’m not sure it worked as i’d expected. So I’ve recorded the presentation in the VIDEO BELOW, also for those of you who were absent. Please, listen to it carefully ( even if it’s 20 minute long) and on Thursday we’ll discuss about it. 

Here’s the presentation Powered by emaze

Hope you’ve appreciate my passion and commitment. The video is too long, I know, and it’s taken me ages to do it; had to redo it several times due to Dream, jumping on me barking 🙂 or the telephone ringing and other funny incidents.

I hope you have split it in two as I recommended: during your session 1 stop after the video with the “Ode to the West Wind” at minute 13.17. During second session watch the second part.

Feel free to leave a comment for future improvements.Thanks!

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