Joyce: Ulysses

CHALLENGE: Now, why should we read Joyce’s Ulyssses and why is it such an innovative novel in the universal history of literature? Watch the following TEDED Video and take notes. Then report in class.

 IN CLASS: we have experienced the Stream of Consciousness. Hope you have had some fun 😉  Now you can listen again to Molly Bloom’s last 50 lines of her famous Ulysses monologue. Angeline Ball in her IFTA Award winning role as Molly Bloom from the film Bloom (2003 Irish film written and directed by Sean Walsh)

E ora una perla dal programma Totem di Alessandro Baricco. Stefania Rocca interpreta il monologo di Molly Bloom, di cui riesce ad esaltare la musicalità (e la passione) con inserti del testo in lingua originale e la sottolineatura ritmica dell’orchestra di scena. Nella preparazione si intuisce la regia di Baricco.

I’d like to end this post on Joyce with Stephen Fry’s short One Minute Book Review Video of the novel Ulysses. “I’ll tell you the book I have chosen as my favourite book. And it may make some people’s heart sink, because it is associated with difficulty, where in fact it should be associated with joy…” “It is to me the most perfectly written book. Or perhaps the second most perfectly written book. But this book is deeper, richer and wider.” “I have no idea what it’s like in Dutch, I can’t imagine how you would translate it. But if your English is good enough, read it. And you’ll be astonished by how beautiful it is.”

Last but not least I’m now pasting here your comments to the TedEd video question about Joyce and Trieste. Thanks for having discovered such interesting info. 

Emily Dickinson

I’ve just realised that during all these years of teaching I’ve actually taught Emily Dickinson very few times in spite of her being the poetess who introduced me to the world of poetry when I was your age, who made me love the power of words so much and who’s still among my favourite writers ever. This year is somehow emotionally different for me and I feel you may understand and love her and some of you may even decide to read some more of her poems.

We’ve dealt with outstanding female literary figures and writers during these years and also read some inspiring poems. I do not believe that young people aren’t into poetry any longer because if they listen to music (and rap or any other musical genre) poetry is the essence of food for the soul. In these day of sorrow I’ve turned to poetry myself and therefore, after reading in class the two poems by Oscar Wilde I’ve chosen to continue with Emily Dickinson.

Here’s an INTERACTIVE IMAGE with movies and audios about this American Artist who broke the boundaries between POETRY and PROSE and whose language is incredibly powerful and precise, like few others. Hope you’ll enjoy this lesson.