In this page I’m sharing some examples of some (just a few!!) digital assignments and works by my students. A sort of digital portfolio of the last years of teaching.

LINK TO MY VIDEO YOUTUBE CHANNEL  STUDENTS’ CREATIONS with all the videos made by my students as final products of some Projects on authors & novels read in class or contemporary topics debated. I’m so proud of all of them!!

PODCASTS Radio podcasts (recorded using SPREAKER on literature : Let’s Meet the Romantics, Frankenstein is back & Interview to an Alien. Fun to listen to 🙂

STUDENTS AS TEACHERS Padlet con tutti i VIDEO fatti dagli studenti che spiegano i vari argomenti di letteratura.

PADLET: Creative writing “My Innesfree”

PADLET:  Romeo & Juliet AUDIO RECORDING using Vocaroo.

Storytelling “The Stolen Diamond”   using BOOKER.

Storytelling using the app ShadowPuppet