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Hi everybody! Welcome back to my blog. I’m writing this post as a class assignment at my course “teaching English with Technology” here in Boston at Harvard university.

I loved the video Blogs in Plain English our teacher Carla showed us.

Blogs in Plain English – by Commoncraft from James Hollis on Vimeo.

Also this video here is great as it’s about HOW to write a good COMMENT to a post.

Now I’d like you to answer a few questions:

Now I also have to embed this book Pride and Prejudice into my post. Let’s do it!

Last but not least I add a QR code of a public-domain novel or book. It’s the Project Gutenberg Library full of free ebooks. I’m done and it’s time to go home. Bye!!Project gutenberg site

I’m now embedding the GOOGLE MAP of the novel Grapes of Wrath by J. Steinbeck. Isn’t it great to be able to actually see the places where a novel takes place on a map?

View The Grapes of Wrath in a larger map

Nevertheless my favourite map ever is the one of Kerouac’s novel On the Road. Just brilliant!

View Jack Kerouac – On the Road in a larger map

It’s about time to use a new tool I’ve been recommended: Fotobabble.Click on picture to hear my friend Jim talking 😉

Here’s an exemple of a Blog of a project carried out by our teacher Thomas Daccord: The day in the life of a Teenage Hobo. I’d like to do something similar during the coming academic year.

This is a short recording of a live session of our seminar.  (used with Tom Daccord’s permission) .

It’s all by now I must go and create an eBook now. Can’t wait!

Record and upload audio >>

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