3F Alternative book reports

At the end of last academic year I gave  my dear students of 2F Linguistico the following list of books to choose from as their summer read.

  1. Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet ed Black Cat
  2. Andrew Donkin. Horribly Famous. “Shakespeare and his Dramatic Acts”. Scholastic
  3. Power and ambition in Shaespeare , Black cat ed
  4. Benjamin Zephaniah, Gansta Rap Bloomsbury
  5. Rebecca James, Beautiful Malice, Faber & Faber
  6. Michael Morpurgo, Shadow,
  7. Ian McEwan The Daydreamer
  8. Robert Swindells, Stone Cold, Fear Stalks the streets, Puffin Books 

At the beginning of the school year I posted the assignment of 15 alternative Book Reports the students could choose from. I was fed up with the usual book report and during my summer seminar at Harvard I was given this inspiring idea by professor Carla Beard whom I thank.Here’s some of their works:

  • Write a letter to the main character of the book. Write the letter he or she sends back. Beautiful Malice Letter byAbigail & Chiara
  • Design and make the front page of a newspaper writing articles, designing adverts based on the character and events of the book. By Virginia & Michela

Beautiful Malice, Newspaper Front Page.

  • Write an alternative ending for the book:  Stone cold by Christian & Cristiano. ROMEO & JULIET by Anna & Martina C. Gangsta Rap by Alessandra, Mattia & Chiara T.
  • Make a trailer for your movie version of the book. Here’s the Daydreamer by Valeria, Francesca, Bruno & Chiara. 

It’s all by now. I’m so proud of you all! We have worked a lot but it was worth!

One thought on “3F Alternative book reports

  1. I had great fun! Well done students and teacher. I learn something new. I did not know of the existence of “Power and Ambition in Shakespeare”. Always learning something new.

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