Creative Romeo & Juliet. 3F

After having deeply analyzed Shakespeare & his play Romeo & Juliet it’s time to give voice to your own creativity.

OPTION 1: You’re now going to create your new version of Romeo & Juliet.

You can change the plot in terms of TIME ( set a new era in the past or future), PLACE (set the story in any country either close to you or very far away) and CHARACTERS (names, reasons for their families being enemies) & ENDING ( choose a more optimistic or more tragic one). HOW? 

  • first you have to write the text in Word; Google me for corrections.
  • OPTION 1: in order to publish your story you can make a Bookr. As we did 2 years ago with “My life as a chosen animal”.
  • give a TITLE to your story.
  • choose photos to illustrate it. If you put in the TAG (etichetta o argomento delle foto) what you’re looking for, you’ll have the photos to choose from.
  • copy the text you’ve written in the pages with chosen photos.
  • when you’ve finished, PUBLISH it by copying the URL link as a comment
  • here’s an example by Enrico, Filippo, Michael, Andrea: Pete & Glen

OPTION 2: You can even create an interactive story at INKLEWRITER. Watch two tutorials. Fun 🙂

OPTION 3: Use to make a fake Facebook page of Shakespeare or Romeo or Juliet. Here’s Dorian Gray by Filippo. Great handling of humor!! Here’s THE GREAT GATSBY explained in a Facebook page by  Enrico B., Federica, Andrea D., Nicole & Michael. Click “create your own wall”. Do not allow sharing on FB.

OPTION 4: Make a general presentation on Shakespeare and Romeo & Juliet using Prezi. You need to log in. Why a Prezi? here’s a nice Prezi to tell you.

OPTION 5:  Make a digital on-line poster at Glogster. Here’s an example on Safe Social Networking done by Monica (2E). Wait until it’s loaded and watch it full screen. Watch a video tutorial “Glogster in 90 seconds”.

OPTION 6: Make a created animated video at PowToon: “Romeo & Juliet for Dummies” how to explain the play to young people. See Francesca’s on Social Networks. Here’s a tutorial video on how to use it:

OPTION 7: CREATE A QUIZ with the info from the quiz we did in class AT KAHOOT (you need to Register).

Last but not least.  Put the LINK of your work/digital object as a Comment down here and remember to WRITE YOUR NAME AND THE TITLE OF YOUR WORK.

I’m looking forward to reading your works 🙂

Here’s a Symbaloo with the tiles of all your beautiful works. Click on a tile and enjoy it!!


23 thoughts on “Creative Romeo & Juliet. 3F

  1. hello to everyone!
    this is the work that I, Alessandra and Chiara have done : we tried to be concise and clear but ironic…hope you like it!


    p.s : let us know what you think and where we can improve something ! 😉

    Good night to everyone,
    we’ll see you soon

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