I’m so happy that Malala Yousafazai has won the Nobel Peace Prize, alongside 60-year-children’s right activist Kailash Satyarthi from India.  The youngest Nobel laureate at the age of 17, Malala has already made her mark on history. A tireless advocate for girls’ education, Malala’s first blog in 2009 exposed how the Taliban’s increasing control over the Swat Valley in Pakistan was hindering (= impeding, retarding delaying) girls’ education. Enraged by her courage, the Taliban shot her in the face on a school bus in a failed assassination attempt Oct. 9, 2012.

When I was listening to this 16 year-old girl I felt so empowered by her words that I decided to share her work with my students and make it available on-line to other teachers and friends by writing this post. Malala became a public figure when she was shot by the Taliban while travelling to school in Pakistantargeted because of her committed campaigning for the right of all girls to an education. Flown to the United Kingdom to recover, she is now continues to advocate for every child’s right to education.

“They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed,” the teen remarked during her powerful speech at the United Nations this past July. (The UN christened July 14, 2014, as Malala Day.)And then, out of that silence came, thousands of voices. The terrorists thought that they would change our aims and stop our ambitions but nothing changed in my life except this: Weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same.”

Watch this beautiful New York Times documentary The Making of Malala told by Adam B. Ellick edited by me by adding some comments and questions to enhance your understanding of details. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

On her 16th birthday, on Friday, 12 July 2013 at the United Nations she gave her first high-level public appearance and statement on the IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION. Her speech has become now a cult. While watching the video find the information written below and be ready to discuss them in class.  If you need it, here’s the written text of her speech.

• Does she feel different after the attack of the Taliban?

• What is the reason of her presence at the Un Assembly?

• How would she react in front of the man who attacked her?

• What leaders does she mention and why?

• Why are the Taliban against education?


  • What is your overall impression of the speech and of Malala’s communication skills?
  • Add some inspiring words or sentences. 

(Thanks to Nella Maccarrone who prepared the worksheet and allowed me to use it here)

Optional: Here’s a video of an interview to her by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (October 9 2013)

Can you think of 8 Ways Malala Made the World Better for Women? Check the link for the answers!

I’d like to end this post with a song I AM MALALA


Look, i wanna make a nation proud
one day we’ll say things loud and be free
with the power of our speech
we can change our world and how it’s perceived
we’ve got doubts and beliefs
but not one thing’s truly out of our reach
don’t tell me the sky’s the limit
cause nothing can pull me down when I dream
i’m working on turning ‘em into a reality and opening eyes
and sharing a vision with every person
who had chose to be blind
i wanna focus their minds
to show that despite we’re broken inside
we can stand powerful together without a cloak or disguise
i hope in the future that I can look back
on a new generation that’s peaceful
that’s grateful they’re equal
cause those before made a change for the people
with paints and an easel we picture perfect
drew our attention to making the most of our time
creating more than useless inventions
i’m only young so I guess it’s down for you to decide
would you choose to fight for what you believe in
would you do what is right if I needed you
would you stand tall with me right here by my side
be the change you want to see, take a look through my eyes

I am Malala
I am infinite hope
I am Malala, I am, I am, I am
I am Malala
I am infinite hope
I am Malala, I am, I am, I am
I am Malala

they say the harder the culture, they say the harder the girl
i say the smarter the girl, then the stronger our world
from a country where we made fortunes
of others misfortunes and betray our own people
then we mourn for a portion of time
always taught to fight for my rights
Malala fought for education then she fought for her life
it’s hard to strive to be better
when oppressed by the suppressors
treated like the lesser, just be clever
ignore the ignorance from the ignorant
society is ridiculous but it’s the world that we living in
chauffeurs our drive and denies our desire
being silent doesn’t help, it adds fuel to the fire
how can somebody young like me even find any truth
when nobody’s looking for truth in the youth
life isn’t a choice, so who are we to say what’s void
and Malala gave a voice to me cuz…

hard work and talent equals infinite growth
in school a child and a teacher equals infinite hope.

I’m sure we’ve all learnt a lot and are ready to continue our daily walk to make this world a peaceful & better place.   NAMASTE! 


  1. My overall impressions of the Malala’s speech are that she is a very strong and brave person because she wants to raise her voice in order to fight against the violence and the ignorance of the Talibans.
    She wants to reach peace in all the world and she fights for the equality of opportunity for all the people because all fellows are important in the same way and she hates every form of racism and injustice.
    She would like to have justice for the people who supported violence in their life, as she.
    She fights especially for the dignity and the independence of the women, which isn’t important for the creed of the Talibans.
    She wants the equal education for all the children in the world and she wants to pull away the ignorance of the people.
    She fights against the poverty of the population and for humanity and the tolerance, because she doesn’t want the deprivation of basic rights.

    Some inspiring words and sentences are the following:
    “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”; and then “Education is the only reason. Education first.”
    I have chosen this sentences because I believe that the knowledge and the education are very important for the world of today. In fact, these elements are useful especially for the countries in development, in progress and in growth.

  2. Malala is a very strong girl. She fights for the rights of better life and opportunities. For the rights of peace and education.
    She is against the talebans who killed many people with their terrorism.
    She fights for education of every children. She fights for women rights and their free expressions. She fights for the religious rights.
    The talebans and their weapons are against the human rights, education, equality, justice and freedom.
    Pakistan is a peaceful educated country, of duty and responsability, of peace and education where on the country terrorism is a rude conflict.
    Women and children in many parts of the world are suffering for poverty, ignorance and unjustice.
    Women fight for their independence, in favour ( together with men ) of peace and prosperity.
    Malala wants to protect women and children rights.
    She says that the government must fight for a free education for all the world.
    Some words or sentence from Malala’s speech that could be mentioned are:
    1 Be peaceful and love everyone!
    For the importance of light against the darkness.
    For the importance of voice against the silence.
    2 We are all together united for education, unity and togetherness.
    One child, one look, one teacher can change the world.

  3. I think that Malala is a very fantastic young woman, because she continues to fight for the education even after she had shoueted from a Taliban. She’s very brave and sensible even her young age. She doesn’t stop fighting for her friends, for other people that haven’t an education. Infact I really like the sentence that she said: “They will not stop me, I will get my education if it is in home, school or any place.”
    For me she’s even very brave to talk in front of a lot of important people.
    Also I think that we are very lucky to live here in this country. We can hate the school, but it’s so important for our lives and our future; there are a lot of children that would be lucky as us.

  4. When I heard for the first time the malala’s speech I thought the she is the strongest woman I ever seen…but sue is only a child!!! I admire her because she want to change the world were she leves. My father is a soldier , he travels a lot on the poor state so I know the condition of the population and in many of this countries the women can’t have a school-education ….so is strange to see a girl who wants to fight for her education and for education of all the women

  5. I admire a lot Malala .
    I think she’s a gril realy strong and courageous . She is known for her activsm in the struggle for civil rights and the right to education of women in the city of Migora , where an edited Taliban has banned law .
    I think what has made it cost a lot , I consider her a determined girl .
    I in her place I would not know what I would do !

  6. I’ve just finished to see the video… Malala feels different after the attack of the Taliban, she gave up weakness, fear and hopelessness and was been the strenght the power and the courage inside her.. Personally, I admired her so much! The reason of her presence at the UN is speaking up for the right of education of every child. Because she wants education for the sons and the daughters of all the extremists especially the Taliban. When she saw a man who attacked her she won’t even hate him, and if she has a gun in her hand and the Taliban who stand in front of her, she wouldn’t shot at him because she learnt from peaceful people to love everyone. She mentions Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Dalì and Mother Teresa because they were all peace profets. The talibans think that God is a tiny, little conservative being who would send girls to the hell just because of going to school. The terrorists are misuring the name of Islam and Pashtun society for their own personal benefits.

  7. I think Malala is a very brave girl with a very strong philosophy of life. I think that in the world there should be more people like her because, in spite of everything, she “struggled” for every child , exposing the problem about their education.
    I think the Malala’s skills are rights and really important for everyone, man or woman, girls or boys and also, really important for the Taliban…because everyone needs right to live in peace, right to be treated with dignity, right to equality of opportunity and right to be educated (like says Malala), especially the Taliban, in my opinion.
    I really love the sentence ” ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE PEN AND ONE BOOK CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.” and until I didn’t hear I never thought to these important things for everyone all around the world.

  8. It’s incredible that she’s only years old, as her speech is so deep, mature and filled  of a fresh impulse  of humanity, actually if I could  hear her voice speaking without seeing her, I would never age her as a seventeen year-old girl as us; she has a warm maturity of an old wise woman with her touch of innocence and pureness of a young girl, but her braveness, will, and courage are from Malala’s herself, from within, and I think that is the reason why  she  could distinguish herself. Not everyone is that brave, for example I wouldn’t be I think. At the same time she is so humble and simple, and as she knows that ‘no man is remember by his unexpressed thoughts’ she gives herself for the huge crowd of people  who have words to scream, but any voice or chance even to whisper.  I still can’t believe we’re the same age, and that’s awakening and inspiring; my attention was caught by the part in which she stated that we remember the importance of light when there’s darkness and the importance of a pen and a book when we see guns; as here in our country we’re not living a war, let’s hope people to appreciate what we have now without waiting to loose it..!!  She is in the history, she reminds us that we don’t need miracles, we don’t need ‘super-people’, or wealth of any materialistic kind : she owns just her self, with the ‘weapon of knowledge’; so if she could do that she enhances  us the will to try to do our best even if we always undervalue ourselves, we should stop thinking we are not enough, we are human, alive, and worth it, so if we want, we are enough. Thank you Malala!!!!!

    • As you said we don’t need miracles but tons of commitment, effort and faith. Never underestimate yourself but also the opposite way round. Being objective about ourselves and being “AWARE of our own limits” is the most difficult human task, ever.

  9. i am admired by malala’s courage. it’s nice when a person believes in its ideals and fights for them. today people have a lot of fear to fight for justice. few people are courageous as malala, i am reminded of pino maniaci, a sicilian journalist and television broadcaster’s director telejato, fighting for years against the mafia. i am ashamed a bit because malala is younger than me and she has already left an imprint in history by winning the nobel peace prize, instead i am still confused about my future and as far as my present is concerned that i can’t see the results that i would even if i try to commit myself as much as possible.

    • dear Kristina, you need PATIENCE. Great outcomes don’t come in a jiffy!! Keep on committing and I’m sure, when it’s the right time, you’ll be rewarded 😉

  10. I’ve just finished to watch all the videos about Malala. There are two subjects that really impressed me. The first is this sentence: “Our words can change the world. Because we are all together, united for the cause of education.” She underlined the power of a team. She is brave because beside her there is a team of people that support her. She wouldn’t have made the speech at the United Nation Youth Assembly, if she hadn’t have people who shared her point of view.
    The second aspect is in the ED puzzle. During the whole video I understood how human she is. She has fears and worries, but she keeps on fighting against the taliban.
    She is afraid to die, but this fear doesn’t stop her. That’s why she is a kind of hero for me. She does what I don’t have courage to do.

  11. Malala is a very strong girl and I admire her courage: the life in a Islamic country isn’t so easy, expecially for the women because they have to fight for their rights.
    In this case Malala is fighting for the right of education for boys and girls. She has had a courage to talk about her idea and about what the Taliban have done (Oct. 9, 2012).
    I really like her manner to talk, she impressed me and she isn’t afraid to say something wrong. I really like when, during the interview, she says: ” they (the terrorist) can’t stop me, I will get my education, if it is in home, school or any place “. I admire her determination, she’s fighting for a right cause and I agree with her when she says THE EDUCATION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION because without it you aren’t going away and, like her, I think that the education is not only for the men but for all people, men, women, children, olden, poor and rich.
    Beyond the courage and the determination I admire her superiority. When the Taliban shot her, she didn’t change, she continued to fight for the right of education not against the people who had shot her.
    The phrase in her speeches that impressed me much is: ” I realized the terrorist are against education and expecially guys education because they are afraid of it “. I thought a lot about this phrase and I agree with Malala, the terrorist are afraid of young people because they could result better then them and so they are preventing the advancement of young people, removing the education.

    I’m very happy to have known the story of Malala and I feel lucky to had born in a developed country like Italy. Malala is a very brave girl. I admire her!

  12. In my opinion after that brutal attack Malala became a woman. Her words became more and more powerful and her will to rebel and to improve the world stronger. This girl was able to turn his anger and pain into courage and action. In fact, she acts for the girls education (a noble cause). Fighting for the female education in situations of extremism it’s also a fight for freedom and gender equality, difficult to archieve but not impossible. We must support this ideas and projects!
    I really admire Malala, but I also admire her father who plays an important role in her life and has always supported her.
    After the speech and the video I feel quite destabilized and frightened by this world. There are too many injstices in this world and we should’t have time to joke.

    • You should feel stronger not frightened because if a girl your age like Malala, was made stronger by her dramatic life experience, you should definitely find a reason, idea, project, dream “to believe” in 😉 and fight against those injustices.

  13. Is impossible to select the most beautiful Malala’s quote and summarize all things that I think about her in a short comment, but I will do my best 🙂 At the beginning I want to report the phrase that make me reflect more than the others, I don’t know why, maybe because in my life happened to me several times to understand how important were certain things or people only after I lost them. So the quote is: ” Often humans do not realize how great God is. He gave us an extraordinary brain and a sensitive and capable of love heart. Has blessed us by giving us a pair of lips to talk to and express our feelings, two eyes with which to see a world of color and beauty, two feet with which to walk the streets of life, two hands that work for us, a nose capable of grasping perfumes and two ears with which to hear words of love. As I had experienced in the case of my left ear, we do not realize how much power there is in each of the organs of our body until we lose one.” I really think that Malala is one of the people I admire most, I’m not saying this only to delight my English teacher, I’m saying this because is what I feel inside. I heard names of a lot of famous people who have done a lot of admirable things which leaved a mark in our world but nobody of them were young, but at the same time determined and strong, like the unique and inimitable Malala. She’s different from the others because apart from speak about the negative things of the world, she succeed to implement what she wanted to do! So for this reason now she’s one of the most admired person in her country but also in all other state and she had certainly deserved the Nobel Price! Even if I’m not familiar with her I’m proud of her and I also admit that I envy her for her maturity and for her courage, because I’m the typical girl who shows herself really strong outside, instead inside is more weak than people thought.

    • Never do anything to delight me ;), you needn’t, it wouldn’t make any sense. I’m already delighted by what I’m doing 🙂
      Dear Chiara, the the “outside strength” you mention and the subsequent “acting tough” is often a way to avoid the feelings of shame inside for being or feeling weak. We’re all humans and we shouldn’t be afraid of showing the others our real selves.

  14. I admire Malala so much, because she is doing a very important thing.I think that even if she is such a young girl , she said things that I couldn’t even think about. The thing that struck me the most is her humility, above all she said that it was not the day of Malala but the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights.
    I admire her also for her strenght because even if Talebans shot her, she continued her fight.
    She said that after Talebans attack, strength, power and courage were born. She said that she is the same Malala. Her ambitions are the same. Her hopes are the same. Her dreams are the same.
    With this speech I really understood the importance of education. She is right, this is the only solution to save this world, because if people are ignorant and no one instructs them, it’s easier to handle them and to rule a country.
    She is a fantastic and special girl. She has the courage that no one has. She fights against all, without fear. She is an example to follow. She is a hope for all of us.

  15. I liked a lot the final song ” I am Malala” especially the final two verses: “Hard work and talent equals infinite growth in school a child and a teacher equals infinite hope.” These verses give me a lot of enthusiasm and the stimulus to spread Malala’s message. I know that i can’t change the world but i think that if we beginning with few voices we can do something for all the injustices and bullying that a lot of people are forced to undergo. So we have to say: “I am Malala” for making our world a better place.

  16. I’m so happy Malala finally won the Nobel price for Peace – not just because of the price itself – but also because now more and more people will get to know about her and her story thanks to the media and that’s how you spread the word. I never knew her family and especially her father was so supportive of her even before she was shot, but still I think that her courage is extraordinary. I mean, this girl started speaking in favor of female education and female rights in general when most kids don’t even know the real importance of having an education. And it was even bigger than what I thought: she was doing television interviews and stuff, I was really impressed by that, because this means that she already knew what could have happened. Because, let’s be honest, if you speak against the Taliban in Pakistan you know that sooner or later someone’s gonna get rid of you. And that’s what they tried to do, but they failed. Failed not just in killing her, but failed also in stopping her from saying what she felt like saying. That’s why I look up to her, I don’t think I would be able to do that. Hats off to her, because she’s showing us that if we come together as one we can make a difference. I really hope she keeps doing what she’s doing, giving girls all around the world a voice, and showing that fighting is hard but it’s definitely worth it.

  17. Malala can be considered a hero of our times, she keeps on fighting for women’s rights despite the Talibans tried to kill her, shooting her in the forehead. She’s so strong and kind, especially when she says she would forgive the Talibans who shot her, because they didn’t understand what they were doing.
    She deserves this Prize as she represents all the others activists who are continuously working in order to permit children to have a proper education.
    We often hate school because we are used to attend it without any type of discrimination but in circumstances like these we realize how lucky we are. Having a good education means having the possibility to become independent and wise. This could be taken for granted at our eyes but in the poorest countries, education is only a dream. Thank you for this post, it’s nice that sometimes teachers remember that discussing about current events it’s more stimulating than always talking about scholastic topics 🙂

  18. “I am not against anyone…I do not even hate the Talib who shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me. I would not shoot him.”
    Listening to these words, from a 16 year-old girl who has been shotted by terrorists, is very inspiring. Being able to learn this kind of compassion is, for me, a symbol of great maturity, especially for a 16 year old girl. The thing I liked most of her speech is that she never said against anyone, she in fact repeat many times that “I am not against anyone. Neither am I here to speak in terms of personal revenge against the Taliban or any other terrorists group. I am here to speak up for the right of education of every child. I want education for the sons and the daughters of all the extremists especially the Taliban.”, this is what I admire most about her: despite her young age and her story, she never says a bad word to anyone and in fact, she’s simply trying to convince people of the importance of education and equality, whether they are men or women. I think this is the thing that, first of all, everyone have to take as an example to Malala, her courage and her ambition to follow her ideals.

    • Dear Anna, one of the main qualities of a true LEADER is the ability to focus on the POSITIVE not the negative. That’s why she’s a great example of leadership even at that early age.

  19. Well, I start saying that NOW i feel lucky to go to school everyday and i’m able to study. In my life (like almost all the people) I always hated going to school, I didn’t want to study but I wasn’t aware of the power of education. I love when she said “ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE PEN AND ONE BOOK CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” because all the people who go to school regularly don’t realize what education is, we not even consider the importance of studying.. But Malala struggled a lot to point out the BIG POWER of education, she almost died fighting for this right, but she survived and never changed her ideals, her goals.
    She became stronger, empowered, and braver and I am amazed because although she was shot by an enemy, she wouldn’t shoot the Taliban if she had the chance, Malala only wants a worldwide peace with the same rights for EVERYONE! And finallly she was awarded with the nobel peace price, she absolutely deserves it! In addition, I admit that I am struck about one thing: finally a 17 year old girl has rised her voice to defend our rights! We all know that almost all the adults never consider our words, they don’t pay attention when we say something important. We feel powerless, our words are meaningless but Malala spoke to all the word for us! She is our guide and we need to follow her thoughts.
    I really hope that the world will change, I hope all the people will have the same rights, without wars and discrimination. I know that it is difficult but if all of us put effort to change the world, we can do it!
    Thanks Malala, you teached us a lot of important things, we admire you!

  20. Oh ya! Love this to the moon and back! Malala’s so powerful. As you said so far, all this story makes me feel empowered, too. Moreover, her courage is so inspiring that I feel like thanking her, because she’s protecting and defending the right to education of everyone of us, especially girls.
    Change (and struggle to promote it, as well) are sucky things at times. They can also be quite scary. However, that’s normal now for her going. She’s got a winning attitude, I’m confident she’ll come out on top…By the way, the hardest steps are always in the beginning, but she’s doing it! She advances in any way. I think she should be super proud.
    I remember her amazing speech about the importance of education. It was on her 16th birthday, at the United Nations, when she remarked: “ They thought [the Taliban] that the bullets would silence us. But they failed. And then, out of that silence came thousands of voices. The terrorists thought that they would change our aims and stop our ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My dreams are the same.”
    Malala, I am listening to you dreaming. I am in a dream. Really, I know you’re victorious, so I believe in your, OUR dream coming true!! Please, be careful out there.. but KEEP UP WITH THIS HOPEFUL STRUGGLE.

  21. “Malala day is not my day. Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights.” She went to the Assembly not for herself, but to represent all those people whose voice can’t be heard still now, and to speak up for every child and their right to live in peace, to be treated with dignity, to equality of opportunity but above all their right to be educated.
    Our society should focus on women’s rights and girls’ education because they are suffering the most. Should support the expansion of educational opportunities for girls in the developing world. Should ensure freedom and equality for women so that they can flourish. But also fight against terrorism and violence, protect children from brutality and harm, be brave, tolerant, reject prejudice based on cast, creed, religion or gender.
    The determination with which she says ‘They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed.’ impressed me. After the attack of the Taliban, indeed, she feels different in a positive way: her dreams, ambitions, aims are still the same; her weakness, fear and hopelessness have disappeared; and strength, power and courage have grown.
    In her speech, she mentions leaders like Jesus Christ, Buddha and the prophet of mercy, Mohammed, from whom she has learned compassion, but also Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. And last but not least, she mentions Gandhi and Mother Teresa, because of their idea of non-violence to fight. She doesn’t hate the Taliban who shot her. Even if there is a gun in her hand and he stands in front of her, she would not shoot him or even kill him.
    But if we stop for a moment on why Taliban are against education, what is the truth? Taliban are afraid of education, they fear the power that young people and women might take thanks to books, pens and of course teachers. They are afraid of changes and of the equality that education would bring in their society. Afraid of women and of the power of their voice. I admire Malala when, in her speech, says ‘I want education for the sons and the daughters of all the extremists especially the Taliban.’ That’s courage!
    Malala says that peace is necessary for education but I would say the opposite: I think education will bring us peace. Education is the only solution. We must believe in the power and the strength of our words. Our words can change the world. If a 17 years old girl is on her way to achieve her goal, an united world can win; this is the reason why almost of her sentences started with ‘Dear brothers and sisters’. No one can stop us.

    • I really hope education will be the solution and people like you will one day focus on “changing” this lame world of ours for the better.

  22. We are here,to reject the school while there are children who can only dream it. Malala fight for these children,she fight for our rights and our education and i respect her for this.
    A girl so jung and so brave must be an example for all of us. Despite the attack she suffered,Malala continued to fight without fear,as she said “Weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same”.
    I think Malala is to be admired because it’s amazing what she is doing,not only for herself but for all boys,girls and women in this world.
    I agree with her thought and i hope that all her effort and her determination can make the difference and inspire many of us to be like her.

  23. When I finished to watch her speech I was amazed and her words moved me deeply. Malala delivered an outstanding speech at UN Assembly and she has talked in front of the people, not only with a pretty good and correct english, but with a great courage and willpower that honor her. She has raised her voice for everyone who has lived a puzzling and quite complicated childhood – or adulthood, and still now isn’t living pleasantly or without dignity, like in those countries where there’re constantly conflicts and explosions that day by day lead up to lose your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions for the future. She did a breathtaking speech and I think we can all learn to be more corageous and confident in ourselves from this teen. Her aim, that was to safeguard the children rights and spread the key to gender equality, the education, is finally reached, and now she can feeling realized. She deserves this Nobel Peace Prize, because who deserve this huge reward, if not a young but strong girl that with her pacific soul and even after a significant accident, managed to impose her idea of education?

    • She’ll never feel like having totally achieved her goal as far as there are human rights violated on a regular basis.
      Yes, I agree her speech is breathtaking and deserves that reward.

  24. I’m amazed by the strenght that this young girl has! Even if she has been shot by the Terrorists, she continued to fight for her right to education and also for the one of all the girls all over the world. She is the voice of all the children, all the women, all the girls that now are living in a situation of poverty, ignorance, injustice and racism!
    The courage that she had to continue to pursue her dreams and her hopes about the improvement of the education in the world after what happened to her is amazing. A girl equal in age of me is now changing the world, obviously slowly, with the power of her voice and of her thoughts.
    One of the most beautiful things that she said in her speech is that she wouldn’t probably shoot the man that shot her in the forehead two years ago, she doesn’t hate him, because this is the compassion that she has learnt from Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Buddha, the legacy of change that she has inherited from Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Alì, the filosofy of non-violence that she has learnt from Gandhi Jeen, Madre Teresa and Bacha Khan, and the most important thing, the FORGIVENESS that she has learnt from her parents!!
    (This is a teaching that I will preserve for the rest of my life.)
    In the interview by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the interviewer said to her that the Talibans shot her to silent her, instead they give her a bigger voice and this is the main point of her fight, in fact that situation pushes her into doing her best. Thanks to her now thousands of “Malalas” are speaking and fighting for her rights, as she said.
    I think that she should be an idol for every person, because she is giving strength and inspiring people all over the world. I admire her and I think that she deserved the Nobel Peace Prize that she won, I hope that it is only the starting point of her success.
    Thanks to you to share this really interesting and contemporary information about the situation in the world. I had enjoyed them a lot.
    Bye 🙂

  25. Malala is one of the most charismatic people of our time: she is showing us a way to change a bit of our world (female education in Pakistan), but her courage and determination to obtain this fundamental right can help everybody to change the opinion on what is right and what isn’t. I’m referring to the phenomenon of terrorism, which is linked with Malala’s story and other wars.

  26. Malala’s speech is truly inspirational, I was really pleased to see that someone (Malala) finally spoke to the whole world about the problems that people, especially women, have to deal with every day in some countries. I really hope she raised the whole world’s awarenes about this problem.

  27. Well, the firsth thing I want to say is that I admire Malala. I think she did and is doing something fantastic and very important. She survived after a brutal attack of the Taliban but didn’t decide to hide or to give up her project; she found, I don’t know where, a big courage and went to the UN assembly to speak about what happened to her and to speak about her ideas. The taliban attacked her because she had started to fight for the women rights, above all for the right of education.
    She showed all her qualities during her speech: she spoke about an important problem without hesitations, she motivated all her opinions with facts which really happened showing self-confidence and courage. I don’t want to say that for her was easy to speak in front of the UN assembly members and in front of millions of people ( also Taliban), but in my opinion she managed to do a speech like this also because she experienced the cruelty and the malice of this extremists on her skin.
    Technically speaking I have to say that she enchanted the audience because she had good communication skills: she used an easy language, she talked enough slowly, with rolling voice and without hesitations. Moreover she didn’t watch only the “authorities”, she watched all the people in the hall. Obviously the pronunciation wasn’t perfect but it is normal: her language is totally different from english!
    As I previously said, I admire Malala and her speech. So I want to focus on an inspiring sentences that she said:” THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORDS”. With this short sentence we can understand how much important is the education and how it can bring people to a bright peaceful future. The education can free this people, can help the sobjugated people not to follow this extremists ideas. The taliban are frightened of education because they know that is more difficult to control a learned community than an ignorant one.

  28. It’s a very interesting post. She mentions a lot of famous people like Gandhi of Nelson Mandela, but the interesting thing is that her examples are not only these but also her mother and her father, who always supported her.

  29. “They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed”.
    This is certainly not an expression that 17 year-old guys use as usual, but it is undoubtedly one of the sentences that stroke me more while listening Malala’s powerful speech at the United Nations last summer. And when sometimes I don’t even want to hear the word ‘school’, there are plenty of young people, especially girls that fight for this human right.
    So, when I think of Malala I see a special girl and friend. She’s materially so far from me but at the same time close, because she has passions, interests and dreams like me and every other teenager. What makes her being so special is her goodness, her strength and her will to improve the world, at all costs!
    While talking in front of that important people at the United Nations, Malala was so fluent, self-confident and true that she could watch everyone in the eyes, could talk to everyone and her words could enter in every heart. Malala’s expressions were so sincere and spontaneous that everyone was listening not only with ears, but also with heart. I think her speech moved everybody in a different way, somebody impressed by her strength, somebody by her kindness, but I’m sure that Malala is now a light of hope and an example for many people, that still believe in the power of individuals, men and women, and in the power of education.

    • I’m afraid I disagree… not all teenagers have dreams and that’s what makes them so unhappy and angry. I love your comment. Thanks.

  30. I really like the speech of Malala. I was struck by her courage and her strength with the way she spoke in front of so many people. I was fascinated by her speech. In particular when she says that weakness fear and hopelessness died; strength, power and courage was born.
    She is a beautiful example to follow. An example of courage and desire to live a dignified life, worthy to be called such. She represents that part of the world that tackle head-on all the obstacles they find to achieve their dreams.
    Certainly she feels different after she has been attacked where she could have died. Normally a persons changes a lot, but she doesn’t Instead of losing her courage she has even more power to fight than ever before. In Fact she says that her hopes, dreams and ambitions are the same and as she says in the interview, she continues going to school with her classmates because she believes that education is the most important thing in every child’s life even if girls have been banished from school.
    She is an incredibly courageous young woman and even though she has been pushed by her father into politics, it seem she has a natural talent for leadership.
    In addition, she really has a big heart because she wants to forgive the enemy and she hopes that Taliban’s children could have the right to education too. This phrase has left me speechless! Many should learn from her. She is an amazing person who deserves all the love and respect of the world. Sh is an inspiration to everyone… and just like the song says: Malala is infinite hope! 🙂

  31. I was thinking that Malala, at 17, has win a Nobel Price. I’m here, at the same age, and I’m doing nothing rilevant in my life… But she really deserves it, for her past, for her situation, for the commitment she puts in everything she does.
    Watching the documentary I was thinking all the time of how young she is: she looks so little, so sweet and maybe weak, but inside she is the strongest person I’ve ever heard of.
    Although her pronunciation isn’t perfect, she has a good English: she’s very comunicative, easy to understand for people from every country (obviously that is able understand a little bit of this language 🙂 ).
    I really like the phrase “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”, because most people in the world are used to solve every problem with weapons, and not only Talibans and poor countries, but also USA put themselves in every war of the world! But the most dangerous weapon is a pen, a book, a word, and especially, the way of thinking of each person in this world. Now, I’m not only talking about education, but I also mean that sometimes words are more powerful than a fist, a bullet, or violence in general.
    A person who is strong enough to not use violence, is a person who as an education. Education is the only way to delete wars from our world.

    • I really hope we’ll fight wars with our pens … sometimes when I see young people like you, your age, who “gIVE UP” committing before even trying, who think they’re doing “nothing relevant” in their lives I get upset.
      Believing in what you’re doing, respecting your parents, teachers, schoolmates, being honest, having a dream is already something. And if that’s not enough for you there’s plenty of voluntary work out there waiting for you! Take action.

  32. Well, I start saying that NOW i feel lucky to go to school everyday and i’m able to study. In my life (like almost all the people) I always hated going to school, I didn’t want to study but I wasn’t aware of the power of education. I love when she said “ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE PEN AND ONE BOOK CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” because all the people who go to school regularly don’t realize what education is, we not even consider the importance of studying.. But Malala struggled a lot to point out the BIG POWER of education, she almost died fighting for this right, but she survived and never changed her ideals, her goals.
    She became stronger, empowered, and braver and I am amazed because although she was shot by an enemy, she wouldn’t shoot the Taliban if she had the chance, Malala only wants a worldwide peace with the same rights for EVERYONE! And finallly she was awarded with the nobel peace price, she absolutely deserves it! In addition, I admit that I am struck about one thing: finally a 17 year old girl has rised her voice to defend our rights! We all know that almost all the adults never consider our words, they don’t pay attention when we say something important. We feel powerless, our words are meaningless but Malala spoke to all the word for us! She is our guide and we need to follow her thoughts.
    I really hope that the world will change, I hope all the people will have the same rights, without wars and discrimination. I know that it is difficult but if all of us put effort to change the world, we can do it!
    Thanks Malala, you teached us a lot of important things, we admire you!

  33. I like starting my comment with the last sentence of the first and the second videos: “one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the word. Education is the only solution. Education first”. With these few worlds, Malala makes her speech and her idea about people’s rights more forceful still. I think these elements are the main ones for a strong and right education. To me, Malala is a very valiant, fierless and strong girl, in fact after the taleban’s attack where she was shot in her left side of the forhead, she returned to speak in frornt of million of people and in my opinion, this is a strong gesture from Malala. “Malala day is not my day. Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights”, with this sentence Malala makes us to understand that she speaks for all of the children and the woman who are hurted and subject from the taleban and the terrorism, who can’t reciving education because of the forced law of the taliban. But Malala is a determined girl, in fact she says: “weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strenght, power and courage was born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same”.
    When I heard the sentence which she said “in Swat, before the terrorism, before this bad situation, we were living in a paradise and the tourist used to come in Swat…” I was sad beacuse the taleban and the terrorists do every thing which they can do to destroy Swat, in this case, and this is the worst thing, destroying a city and more over with war. What Malala did, can be compared with what Martin Luter King, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Jinnah did, and she mention their name during the UN Assembly. She mention Gandy, Mother Teresa and Bacha Khan, too, who represented the peace and the equality. The Malala’s goal aren’t easy to realize but I think, if all people of the word take action all together they would become true and the life in Pakistan and in the other, near countries will be better.

  34. This speech is the most powerful one I’ve ever heard, and keeping in mind that Malala was only 16 when she spoke at the US Assembly, the way she perfectly controlled the situation is simply amazing. If I had been in her place, I wouldn’t have been able to say a word because of emotion.
    The thing that I liked the most of her speech is the passion that she puts in every word she says; you can clearly see in her eyes the strenght and determination that this girl has in trying to achieve her goal: a better world where education is a right for everyone.
    I’ve appreciated the fact that, after saying every sentence, she stops for some seconds, in fact, this gives to the audience the opportunity of thinking about the words that have just been said and to understand better their deep meaning.
    There’s in particular one sentence that impressed me: “we realised the importance of pens and books when we saw guns.”
    The reason why I like this quote so much is that it’s the answer to one of the questions that came into my mind while I was watching the video. In fact, I couldn’t find a way to explain where she finds the strenght to continue fighting for what she believes in after all the things that happened to her; now I’ve understood that we’ll never fully understand how important education is, in fact, we take it for granted because we’ve always had it, but Malala, who lived in a country where, because of war, it’s difficult to go to school, is aware of the importance of education and this is the reason why she didn’t give up on this, and also one of the reasons why I admire her so much.

  35. “Poverty, ignorance, injustice, racism and the deprivation of basic rights are the main problems faced by both men and women.” I really like this sentence because it not only speak about the problem of girls’ education but also about the other problems that afflict and ruin our world. And I think that the voice and the courage of Malala could be a starting point to improve our world, to clean it from by issues, to make a world without them; because if a just 17 years old girl was able to fight against the Taliban we all together can win these big problems.
    I realise I’m very lucky to being born here and not in a country where women are considered objects or haven’t the same rights of men, or in place where even after years there’s slavery and children can’t study because they have to work.
    I think we all should fight against these injustice and how Malala said we could do the difference.
    I really admire Malala because I think I could never have a speech like this in front of all those persons. I also believe this speech is different from all the others I have never listened to or read because it’s said from a girl who is living this thing but at the same time have the strength to raise up and fight for her rights, and not only for the ones of all children.

  36. I am happy for Malala. She has fought and suffered for the right to education, a right that we take for granted.
    The extremists fear educated people and women. They are afraid of losing their power and thus prevent children from going to school.
    Not being a native English speaker, Malala does not speak perfect English, in fact, his pronunciation is not correct.
    However, Malala not stop at this and continues his thought in the world … even to the United Nations!
    I would ask her where she found the strength to carry her message around the world as she’s a peer!
    Malala was great: he was not afraid of them and struggled to normal.
    An example for all of us!

    • You mean HER pronunciation and DOES NOT stop? Please check before posting comments.
      As I said in class, keeping your native accent is not a crime 😉 The strength certainly comes from her unbeatable faith!

  37. Well, I wanna start saying congratulations to Malala Yousafzai for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
    I regard with esteem her commitment to make our world a more equal and brighter place.
    I am inspired by her courage, strength and purposefulness to carry on with her beliefs to freedom, the right to education, and humanity.
    “Malala day is not my day. Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights”. That’s the point. She doesn’t speak for herself, she raises up her voice to express the feelings, the thoughts from those people who cannot make it or don’t want because of fear of death. She is the leader of this war (for the right of all children to education) without weapons, made of words.
    “I do not even hate the Talib who shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me. I would not shoot him.” These words are pure and full of kindness. How can she not hate them? They decided to rub her out because of fear. Her message freaked them out, I mean, they are committed of the right of their culture and roles, therefore everything out is wrong.
    “They were and they are afraid of change, afraid of the equality that we will bring into our society.” Malala says.
    Everybody has to think what they want to. If you say something different, they will kill you (as happened to Malala, but fortunately she survived). Is this freedom?
    The fluency of her speech, the way she moves and looks at the audience makes me think she used to do it, instead she was her first time. AMAZING! She keeps calm for almost 17 minutes.
    The world NEEDS woman like Malala!
    Thank you Malala.

    I wanna share with you this video. Another example of powerful girl, Emma Watson. This is the Emma Watson’s speech for “HeForShe Campaign”, a solidarity movement for gender equality.

    • Thanks Francesca I Know that video that’s absolutely stunning. Her self confidence and faith in her mission, I guess, it’s what gave her that calm attitude and ease.

    This is ,in my opinion, one of the most powerful sentences which Malala said (like Iris Paravano wrote).
    Despite her difficulties speaking English, especially in pronunciation where we can hear the influence of her nationality, she has managed to convey perfectly her ideals and feelings. Every person in the hall, from first to last, was listening to her, appreciating and taking example of every word heard.
    With this sentence Malala underlines the fact that she is not fighting a personal war, but is defying powers far greater than his own, to give to each person abused and exploited the hope that things can change. The hope that everyone can learn, the hope they will have just and equitable rights and the hope that one day we can live in peace with ourself and with others.
    I honestly do not know if after being the victim of an attempted murder, I would continue to defend the most vulnerable and exploited people, at the cost of my life..probably not.
    This is why I really admire Malala. Because is willing to sacrifice herself in order to make things change, because she is absolutely convinced of what she does and this makes her unstoppable. Furthermore, her beliefs, her energy and her story are an inspiration to millions of people who support her ideals.
    But the thing that absolutely makes me happier is that all this protest came from a girl of our age. This means that everyone can be heard, everyone can shout to the world what is wrong, and everyone can do something big … just like she did.
    I hope that her protest, especially now that Malala was awarded the Nobel Prize, will be listened and followed by more and more people all over the world.

    p.s : it was very interesting to know the origins of the name and surname of Malala, which perhaps may have contributed to all which was made 😉

  39. I think that Malala is one of the most wonderful people in the world for a lot of reasons. First, she’s fighting for the rights of all boys, girls and women in this world, especially of people from disadvantaged countries where there are terrorism or poverty. Malala is also an altruist and humble person, she just wants that human rights became the same for everyone, although she lives in one of the most intolerant countries in the world and she knows that it’s dangerous to speak up about giving the same rights.
    So in her speech at UN Assembly, she said “Malala day is not my day. TODAY IS THE DAY OF EVERY WOMAN, EVERY BOY AND EVERY GIRL WHO HAVE RAISED THEIR VOICE FOR THEIR RIGHTS. (…) Thousands of people have been killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured. I am just one of them”. This means that she isn’t speaking up only for herself , only for her education, but for every girl who isn’t treated with dignity or isn’t living in peace. The other thing that surprise me is that she defined her just one of the people who have been injured by terrorists (she’s referring about the accident that happened to her on the 9th of October 2012). It’s of course the truth but I think that she’s much more than this, because it’s so brave from a 16 year-old girl to speak about rights for a whole population.
    Malala said an another beautiful and important thing which is “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. EDUCATION ISTHE ONLY SOLUTION. Education First.” And I completely agree with her and also with Beatrice because I think too that education can save us.
    After the attack of the Taliban she doesn’t feel different ‘cause she still has her ambitions, her hopes and her dreams. She said that only one thing has changed: weakness, fear and hopelessness are died. She said also that she’s not against anyone. So, although if she has the possibility, she wouldn’t kill the man who shot her. I think that if she doesn’t hate the Taliban, she’s even more humble, righteous and she’s just a girl who wants the better for everyone. In the speech at the UN Assembly she mentions leaders from all over the world like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa or Gandhi to protect women and children ensuring their freedom and equality, to be tolerant, to ensure free education. This because she thinks that the extremists are afraid of books, pens and also women. The power of education frightens them. She believes that they were and they are afraid of change and equality.
    So, in conclusion, I admire her for the courage and the strength that she puts in her job. She becomes a worldwide voice for girls education.

    • Great comment Iris. All dictatorships & tyrannies are afraid of education and free-thinking. It’s only by nourishing your mind that you can become an INDEPENDENT spirit!

  40. The first time I heard about the story of Malala was 1 or 2 years.
    Immediately after hearing her story, I was really shocked and I told to myself that Malala is a strong and determined girl who is fighting for the rights of women and for education, because I know that live in these countries is very difficult, with constant wars, attacks, explosions and where thousands of people die a day.
    I fully agree in the whole discourse apparte the part where he says that if I find the guy who shoot me in the head I will not do anything.
    If I were her I would shoot him immediately for two reasons. The first, because you would realize what it means to be on the verge of death, and second because while you are in the hospital to fight against life and death, out there is your family, friends, acquaintances, practically in a few words all the people who loves you, pray every day for your survival. During the speech of malala there was a phrase that I liked. That is “the Malala Day is not my day. Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who raised their voice for their rights.” Honestly didn’t think that in pakistan you speak the English, but the way in which Malala has been expressed, according to me is very simple and good, and I saw that she expressed without any problems.

    • English is nowadays a Lingua Franca, spoken everywhere. Revenge is certainly understandable but is never the solution to problems, don’t you think?

  41. I admire Malala for her strong of character, because i think, you must be brave to devote youself in your ideals and opinion, especially if your country has a difficult situation.
    A few people in the world have the courage to go on in their dreams, even if they receive threats or, like Malala, accidents.
    The situation in Pakistan, i know, is very difficult; not much time ago, i read a book about this: “The Kite Runner”, which “speaks” about the problem of Talibans.
    I love Malala’s speech when she said:“One child, one teacher, one pen, one book…” because there are a few but clear words.
    I personally admire Malala’s father, because he supports her daughter in her battle againist the injustice. He gave a few words, if I understand correctly, of encouragement before her speech; and I was very shocked when the journalist said: 50.000 victims by Talibans!
    I really want that the situation get better, because i want to stop the number of victims. No one deserve to live this.

  42. Malala is a very strong girl and I admire her and the way she’s done that speech at the UN assembly because she’s talked with a very good english, fortitude and certainty. She lives in an hard country with wars and terrorism and the way she’s traying to improve the life of all the people in her same situation with no rights and a difficult way of life is such a beautiful and admirable thing. Even she hasn’t the best possibilities to learn in a country where schools are not like in the other more rich places, her english is really good and I’m so impressed. After taliban tried to kill her she’s lived a difficult moment in hospital but she’s still full of strenght and ambition to fight for rights. She’s been at the UN to speak about the rights of education of every child and she proved that she’s a big heart beacause if she had a gun in her hand she told that she would’t shot like instead the taliban did. She mentioned a lot of important names like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King who were also fighting for peace and right so she follows these examples and she tries to do her best to arrive at his objective. She said taliban are frightened of women’s and education’s power and also of equality and this is why they are against education beacause education is a way to make a change, the way to put all at the same level with same rights and peace.

  43. I’m ashamed to admit it, but before that I didn’t know who Malala was. However, I was knowing that the life in Islamic countries is so hard. Now that I discovered who Malala is, I think she’s a very strong girl because it’s not easy to talk about what had happened to her (I’m referring to the event Oct. 9, 2012.) and I agree with her, I mean, I think too that education can save people because “ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE PEN AND ONE BOOK CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Education is the only solution.” And it’s right…only if you study, you can learn.
    “Dear sisters and brothers, we realize the importance of light when we see darkness. We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced. In the same way, when we were in Swat, the north of Pakistan, we realized the importance of pens and books when we saw the guns.”
    A Malala’s phrase in her speech at the United Nations affected me so much. She said:”I don’t even hate the Talib who shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me. I would not shoot him.” This is “the philosophy of non-violence. […] This is what my soul is telling to me, be peaceful and love everyone.” I ask to myself how is possible that a girl who had received a gun on her forehead can say “I don’t hate the Talib who shot me, if he stood in front of me, I wouldn’t shoot him”. She’s really intelligent and mature.
    These are my impressions about Malala’s speech. (I’m struck by her way to communicate. She speaks so fluency.)
    I’ve listened the song “I am Malala”and I love the words “don’t tell me the sky’s the limit
    cause nothing can pull me down when I dream[…]be the change you want to see”.
    By the way here I answer the questions (I wasn’t sure to answer here or in my exercise book)
    Obviously she feel different after the attack of the Taliban because she could die. I think when you are alive after an event where you could die, everything changes. You start seeing everything in a different way. You understand how it’s easy to lose the life. You understand you must do something that nobody will forget. You understand that YOU’RE IMPORTANT.
    She was at the Un Assembly to explain to people why it’s so essential the education and to tell his story (not as a “gossip”, but to say to others what happens in some places).
    She mention various leaders: Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Jinnah as exponents of legacy of change and Gandhi, Bacha Khan and Mother Teresa as representatives of philosophy of non-violence.
    Malala mentioned the answer of a boy in her school to say why the Taliban are against education. She said “A Talib doesn’t know what is written inside this book.” So, I think she means that they don’t know what education is and for this, they are against something they don’t know.

  44. Thank you for celebrating with your classes this amazing feat of a young woman who is an example to all of us. Great activities and videos! I will use some ideas with my first year undergraduate English language group at university next semester. Let’s keep in touch.

  45. Thanks for the wonderful post. I will certainly use it with my students. If only we could all learn more from this great young woman.

  46. I was only happy to share my enthusiasm for Malala’s words with you, and thanks to your blog those words will reach many more people.
    Just like that corageous young girl, we belive in the power of education! Love Nella

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