This post contains the HORROR STORIES written cooperativily by the students of triennio linguistico. We’ve used the Google Docs as usual. For the new students of Terza I sent the tutorial I’d made, via TELEGRAM. 

We also watched this video

and, working in groups in class, we used the pack by Oxford University Press to build up the vocabulary & guide the students to conceive a plot.


Here’s a story by students of 3CLINBook titled 'The night of the judgment'Read this free book made on StoryJumper If you want to listen to some of the spooky stories you can read below from the Padlet, click on the PODCAST Spooky Stories we made using the App Spreaker.
Here’s a padlet with all stories. Well done my dear students!

It’s taken me a lot of time to read the, correct and monitor your editing but it was worth the effort! You can also access the padlet using a QRcode.

Creato con Padlet
I truly love my creative Podcasting students. Thanks for making my teaching life less boring 🙂

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