James Joyce part 1. The author

Hi, everybody! After reading Oscar Wilde, I’m here to introduce you to another great Irish modern writer, James Joyce. Ever wondered why I love Ireland so much? 🙂 Do you remember when, 3 years ago while in Dublin on our study tour we visited the Martello Tower museum? Go and have a look at your old photos and they’ll make more sense by the end of this module 🙂

TASK 1: WHY should we read Joyce? Watch the video & write down 10 words used to answer the question. Then you’ll share with it in CLASS your classmates.

James Joyce deserves our ongoing interest for his momentous discovery of the Stream of Consciousness (see Svevo’s Flusso di Coscienza) as we saw in class when introducing the Modern Novel.  Watch the video as an introduction to his work. The second part is devoted also to the novel Ulysses, you’ll deal with later on.

TASK 2: Integrate the info of the video with the one from your textbook.

Interesting and full of original photos of the time, is also the following video on his biography (6m’)

You can find all the short stories from the collection The Dubliners here. 

Our last video is a short extract from the video JOYCE TO THE WORLD that I bought while living in Dublin; it’s a documentary celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses, the greatest novel of the 20th century that no one’s actually read 😉  Have you ever heard about BLOOMSDAY?

Watch the video AND DO THE QUIZ I’ve created for you while watching. No log-ins, nor names are required. Hope you’ll understand the video better 🙂
You’ll share what you’ve discovered in class with your classmates and your new substitute teacher.  You can also watch it full screen if you prefer.

Next time in class we’re going to read together one of his short stories and hope you”ll like it.

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