Hi everybody! I’ve just written this post to introduce you to the study of the greatest playwight ever: William Shakespeare of course. In order to optimize our class time, it’s important that you follow this introduction. As you probably know, 2016 commemorated 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. Therefore was celebrated all over the world!

LESSON 1: shakespeare

What is “Shakespere lives”? Watch the video and write the answer in your notebook or in a doc in your Google Drive. 

If you’ve asked yourself the question. “Why do we have to study Shakespeare?” in the following link you’ll find some answers. Why study Shakespeare?

  • CHOOSE 3 REASONS: write them in your notebook or copy them in a doc in your Google Drive and bring them to class.

Here’s some links on W. Shakespeare http://absoluteshakespeare.com/index.htm or this one http://www.enotes.com/topics/william-shakespeare  From the beginning you’ll see there are TOO MANY TOPICS, related sites and too much info and you’ll feel … totally LOST ! Don’t worry, it’s normal! In order to help you cope with that feeling I have selected some links that will make you save time without feeling overwhelmed. You can plunge into the ocean if you feel like but let’s start surfing the lake! 🙂 Here are my suggestions:

1) Watch Shakespeare ‘s short biography in the following videos. You’ll find the key events of Shakespeare’s life and work.


Have  a look at the houses where he lived. You can take panoramic views and tours of his 3 homes (java flash player required)  beautiful Images of his properties in Stratford Upon Avon

Ready to study him in depth? See you next week for our show GUIDA ALLA VISIONE_Romeo & Juliet (are dead)See you!

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