Hi! Today we’re going to deal with the issue of fast food, obesity and eating disorders.


1) What’s your first reaction to this photograph?

2) How does it make you feel?

3) Does it cast any doubts about fast food? If yes why?
4) Now that you’ve given your personal opinion on the pic you can read this article on fast food advertising on youth. What’s wrong with this picture?
Do the Poll How often do you eat in a fast food I’ve just devised.

Let’s start by watching some scenes from the movie Supersize Me (2004) where while examining the influence of the fast food industry, Morgan Spurlock personally explores the consequences on his health of a diet of solely McDonald’s food for one month.

Here’s the trailer: 

1) Do you think that here in Italy we have the same problem of obesity related to fast foods? Why or why not? FIND some DATA & figures.
2 ) WHY & how often do you eat fast food? Do you think about what you are eating, whether it’s healthy or dangerous to your health?
3) Can you think of any strategies to resolve the problem of obesity in the U.S.A.?

I would like to end our post I’m adding some links that you may find of interest:

SLOW FOOD a completely different vision of eating & food.
Brief history of Mc Donald’s
Enjoy IT while, if you feel peckish, drinking a healthy fruit juice or eating a fruit 🙂

13 thoughts on “EATING HEALTHY 2M

  1. I’m disgust and baffled by this photo. I can’t believe there are children so fat and in particular I can’t believe there are parents that allow their sons become obese.
    Obesity is a serious problem in the world because eating this food is unhealthy and cause problem about own health.
    No, it doesn’t cast any doubts the fast food. I eat fast food once a month. Normally I eat healthy, meat, fish, vegetables and sometimes pizza.
    I think in Italy there is the problem of obesity. Is hard breaking down this problem but not impossible. People should be aware about this problem and begin to eat more healthy and begin to cook at home.

  2. I feel a bit disgusted to see these two boys very very fat. Also unluckily I know that in the USA there are a lot of children obeses and I’m sorry because their parents don’t do anything to help their sons. Often the parents are obeses too.
    I’m a bit sad because I think their friends will laugh of them and I think them can’t running or playing like their friends.
    I eat healthy but sometimes I go to fast food like Mc donald’s. I think if you don’t go lots of time it isn’t bad.

  3. -My first reactions are ‘disgust’ and ‘surprise’. I don’t understand how and why people, not only children, can reduce themselves like that.
    -This photo makes me sad because obesity is a heavy problem and if you don’t take care you could die, but it annoyed me a bit too, because I think all people know that fast food is absolutely unhealthy, but a lot of this do nothing to improve their healt. In this photo there are two children and I think childhood obesity dipend on the adults that should give rouls to their sons.
    -It doesn’t cast any doubts about the fast food.
    -I think in Italy there is the problem of obesity but not so heavy like in USA, maybe because in Italy fast food isn’t so popular.
    -I rarely est fast food and when I eat it I’m feel fat and I’m conscious that it’s dangeorus for my health but the important is not eating it frequently.
    -I think that this problem should be discussed more at schools to make the children and their parents aware of health’s hazard. The children should learn to eat healthy food.

  4. When I see this picture I feel a bit sad, thinking about the future life of these children because I’m sure they’ll have lots of problem of health and social issues, for example they will be taken for a ride from their peers.
    Looking at this picture I haven’t any doubts because I know the fast foods aren’t healthy but I think that if eat there just few times is not a problem.

    I think that in Italy there aren’t the same problems of obesity like in U.S.A. because here there are less fast food and they also are more expensive than in U.S.A. I sometimes eat fast foods when I go out with my friends about once or twice a mounth. I think this is very unhealthy but I don’t care so much because in the other days I eat well.
    I really don’t know how resolve the problem in U.S.A. because even if all knows that eat that food is unhealthy they continue to eat it because it’s very cheep and also tasty.

    • Bullying in fact is a real problem and overweighted children suffer a lot because of that. It’s sad but we can change that attitude by understanding and helping instead of judging.

  5. – My first reaction at this photo was of sorrow for those children, because their life is already compromised since small.
    – It makes me feel sorry again because it’s not their fault, but the fault is of their parents.
    – It doesn’t cast my any doubts because I know that fast food is very unhealthy if you eat it often.

  6. When i saw the picture i said:”Oh my gosh, i can’t believe it! How can someone be reduced in these conditions?”
    I think in Italy there are problems of obesity but i think they’re less here than in the USA because we haven’t a lot of fast food in Italy, not so much as in the USA, where, instead, you can find it one in every corner of the cities. I also think the problem of obesity related to unhealthy food is increased because now, with the economic crisis, people go more and more frequently to fast food since you don’t spend much money and whatever you eat makes you feel full, satiated.
    One solution to resolve this problem could be to make explicit what cause these foods through movies, books, speeches, etc…
    By the way…I never eat at fast food because I know this food is unhealthy, in fact, when i was a child and i went to Mc Donald’s I felt sick, not ok, everytime.

  7. My first reaction was ‘I’m sorry for those children’ so this make me feel upset because they maybe don’t realize how much dangerous is for their health become like this at their age. Fast-Food we all know is unealthy because it contains a lot of fats and other ingredients that maybe we don’t even know.
    -Here in italy we don’t have the same problems as in the USA because america has maybe got the biggest number of fast food and people who need to eat fast to go back quickly in the city. I eat there only when I’m with friends (2,3 times a month) or on holiday and I know that is unealthy. I think that in the USA should get to the order of ideas to eat vegetables and fruit, too reducing unealthy meals and maybe fast-foods have to change something in their menu.

  8. – My first reaction was ” It’s terrible, oh my god!” This foto make me incredibly sad, really,really sad because I can’t see a child in this condition. The problem of obesity it’s a problem that affects the entire world and is caused by the majority of fast food, that in my opinion should be eliminated. I think as Luana because, as she said, it doesn’t cast any doubts about fast food because already knew the consequences of this type of diet that isn’t used adequatenly, infact for that reason I hate fast food.
    – In this picture it’s all wrong because a child, for grow well, need healthy food.

    – Here in Italy we don’t have the same problem that the American’s have with fast food.
    – I never eat at fast food, because for me it’s the most terrible thing a person can do.

  9. My first reacion to seeing this photograph is amazement and disgust
    because I can’t immagine the children of those ages in those conditions because of a wrong power .
    I have no doubt about nutrition and the consequences that it entails eating fast food and I think it is better to feel good about eating fast food as little as possible

  10. -my first reaction is “disgust”. I can’t imagine how small children may already be accustomed to a diet so unhealthy.
    -eat fruits or vegetables or drink coffee after meals make me feel good.
    -it doesn’t cast any doubts about the fast food because well or bad I already knew the consequences of this type of diet that isn’t used adequatenly.
    -it’s wrong that children be allowed to eat excessively fast food.

  11. My first reaction was ” Oh my God” . This photo make me sad beause it’s terrible to think that somewhere in the world there are people in these conditions! That is incredible. Obesity is a serious problem, because it involves a series of changes in your life. Being obese can cause death, a lot of inconvenience, and there may be certain things that you did before now that you can not do because of the weight.
    Personally I love eat fast food and I eat fast food 2 or 3 times a month.(I am aware that it is not healthy).

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