4F:The Monster is back!!


Read the very last lines of the novel by Mary Shelley.

(…) Some years ago, when the images which this world affords first opened upon me, when I felt the cheering warmth of summer, and heard the rustling of the leaves and the warbling of the birds, and these were all to me, I should have wept to die; now it is my only consolation. Polluted by crimes, and torn by the bitterest remorse, where can I find rest but in death?   “Farewell! I leave you, and in you the last of human kind whom these eyes will ever behold. Farewell, Frankenstein! If thou were yet alive, and yet cherished a desire of revenge against me, it would be better satiated in my life than in my destruction. But it was not so; thou didst seek my extinction that I might not cause greater wretchedness; and if yet, in some mode unknown to me, thou hast not ceased to think and feel, thou wouldst not desire against me a vengeance greater than that which I feel. Blasted as thou were, my agony was still superior to thine; for the bitter sting of remorse will not cease to rankle in my wounds until death shall close them for ever.

“But soon,” he cried, with sad and solemn enthusiasm, “I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly, and exult in the agony of the torturing flames. The light of that conflagration will fade away; my ashes will be swept into the sea by the winds. My spirit will sleep in peace; or if it thinks, it will not surely think thus. Farewell.”  He sprung from the cabin-window, as he said this, upon the ice-raft which lay close to the vessel. He was soon borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance. THE END

Now, imagine that (for unknown reasons that you may find out) he monster has come back!frankenstein

SITUATION: It’s 2017. You are either a scientist (WHAT KIND? DEFINE YOUR ROLE) or a computer nerd living in (CHOOSE WHERE: COUNTRY & TOWN) and have seen him (say WHERE and WHEN). Write down an e-mail to (WHO?BE SPECIFIC)  telling him/her what you have just witnessed.  (max 200 words)




I’M VERY HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE WINNER IS GIORGIA S. with 7 votes!! Second came Beatrice, Micael, Alessandra, Valentina Romeo & Luana with 4 votes each. Bronze medal to the group of Federica, Martina, Elisabetta, Michelle & Serena. I know it was hard to make a choice so … well done to you all!!

12 thoughts on “4F:The Monster is back!!

  1. July 15th 2016
    Phoenix, Arizona

    My Dear sister,
    It seemed to be an innocent morning of July, in the dry State of Arizona when I finally left with all my willpower and bravery (at that time I thought it was) to reach the Grand Canyon and study the creation of this American giant. I was not prepared to see what I saw and I was not ready to face what I faced. All I could do was staring at the Colorado River spreading as far as the eye can see, looking at that natural spectacle, when I suddenly saw him. Frankenstein. I am not joking because if it was, I wouldn’t be shaking at writing these memories. Mary Shelley’s story came alive, every word I had read, flown across my mind as if I was reading it all over again. I felt a burning sensation inside my chest, more burning than the midday sun, high over my head. He was standing in a disquieting posture on a rock nearby and I just noticed his skin full of stitches and his devil look that in the twinkling of an eye, disappeared and I never saw him again. My nightmares are made of the gloomy atmosphere he created in the middle of that wonderful day; they are made of the sound of my heart beating faster and faster until I run out of breath. I need you here, I may be freaking out because the monster is back and it could be more dangerous than ever.

    Yours sincerely,
    Darcy Bloom

  2. To:d.dixon@apd.mail.com
    Subject:Please don’t ignore this.
    You would think that I’m paranoid.
    I know that we have had rough moments together, especially during the last case. That you were fed up of my utterly irritating conduct.
    However, I think that you are the only person intelligent enough to understand. My situation requires an open mind like yours.
    Here’s the transcription of the recording file.
    Audio Track#6:30/12/2016_23:07.
    Morgue, Atlanta(Ga)
    “They called me from this place. The whole thing sounded strange to me, since I’m not an autopsy examiner. There’s a uh…corpse. A chaotic pile of epidermis and organs. I’m moving closer, even though it’s not my field…Well, the stitches were sewn with ability, but they’re falling apart. I can’t tell the time of his death. I think forensic scientists would have problems, too. Rigor mortis phenomenon…seems to have disappeared centuries ago. It’s totally in decomposition. Let me see…The right leg uh…it’s quite bigger than the left one…It’s not a corpse…It’s a human puzzle!”
    “You and Dixon will create a wife for me.”.
    “HE’S MOVING!”
    *loud noise*
    Audio Track interrupted.
    I ran away.
    I questioned the motive he chose us. Maybe because we are a combination of technology and biochemistry. Are we really that worthy?
    I’m going to the hospital, to be sure that I was not being drugged.
    Then, we see.
    I admit that I’m really afraid.
    Even for you, Daphne.
    John Vega, cybercrimes division. APD.

  3. Dear Elizabeth,

    I’m writing you this short letter not just to inform you about my progresses and my discoveries on the aurora borealis, but to tell you of which frightful and chilling vision I was a witness yesterday night.
    Oh my dear! You can not even imagine the upset and the panic that I felt… fear that only reminding it, causes me creeps along my poor body..

    As you know, I’m here in Kópasker (in the north of Island) to carry out some research regarding to the chromatic changes of the aurora borealis.
    The other day I went out during the night to continue my studies and research on this wonderful event because the weather was incredibly good and I decided to take advantage of the situation. I was really soaked up by the amazing colours of this meteorological phenomenon when, suddenly, I noticed something unusual moving through the glaciers. Usually I don’t care, because I know it could be an animal moving around during the night. But looking more carefully, I could detect some physical human forms. I was shocked. And not by that, but by the strange conditions and gait of this person. I couldn’t see his features because of the dark, but I noticed that his stride was heavy, as he found it hard to walk and he was tall…very tall.
    I’m worried, my love, I’m seriously terrified. I’m hearing some sinister noises and I see something strange and ambiguous moving closer. If you ever receive this email, remember that I’ve always loved you ever since I directed my glance at you, that day in the library. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for having given a sense in my life. You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.
    Forever your love,


    Dr Müller, you won’t believe what happend to me last night.
    After an intense day of playing video games I felt really exhausted, my mind was infested by creepy zombies and awful thoughts, my eyes started to water, due to the many hours I had been staring at my laptop screen.

    For this reason I decided to have a walk into the wood, that surrounded my neighborhood, to turn off for awhile my brain and get rid of the horrific images of the bloody dead body of the zombies I had killed on the computer game.
    While I was wandering into the wood, I discovered a breathtaking landscape, so I decided to stop there to smoke a cigarette. I was enjoying my break when, suddenly, I heard strange sounds beyond me. At first I didn’t pay so much attention to them and I thought that it was a figment of my imagination because of too many hours spent in front of my computer. But, a second later, I noticed two yellow eyes staring at me that made me shudder. The strange creature was getting closer but I was completely motionless, paralyzed by fear. When he stood right in front of me, I immediately recognized him. I had next to me the terrible monster created by Victor Frankenstein! The being tried to speak with me, but I hit him with my all strength using a big branch, and then I ran away.
    I ran until I could not breathe anymore and I sheltered behind a large oak tree to calm down and think about what to do. I decided that escaping was my only chance to survive, and that I should have called the cops, so I did it. After having warned the police and communicated my position, I finally found the courage to get up and get out as soon as possible from the wood.

    I came back home and immediately jumped under a hot shower to wash out of my mind all these disconcerting episodes.
    Some hours later, the police called me and told me that they had scoured the whole wood and the proximities but without finding any “monster” and that probably I had watched too many horror films and just imagined it. I’m a little bit confused right now and I really want to understand if my mind has problems, that’s why I’d like to talk to you face to face. Please set an appointment as soon as possible because I felt very bewildere and I can’t continue like this. Thanks and see you later.

  5. Dear Professor,
    We can’t hold this in any longer. You are the only person who can help us.
    It all began on the 15th of November, when we decided to spend the night waiting in front of “Videogame Universe”, the biggest video game shop in London, to buy “The Castle Experience”, which was almost ready to be released.
    As if by magic, few days later we found out that the greatest videogame festival in the world was about to start in Prague. How could we have missed that?
    We took the opportunity and we left.
    The 4th day, we discovered that The Castle Experience was set in an existing, abandoned castle in Prague. We had to go and visit it. Stupid decision?
    Our bags were packed in a hurry, 2 hours away by car and we arrived exactly in front of that wonderful, but frightening castle. We walked the long trail until we came to a huge front door on which a gold statement was carved: “Careful where you stand”.
    Those words thundering in our heads were enigmatic, but we needed to discover the truth waiting for us behind that huge door. We knocked. It opened, slowly. A squeaking sound gave us shivers from head to toe.
    Who opened the door? This is what we discovered when we were suddenly catapulted into the real-life video game, running away from a monster who lives in a castle and trying to find some helpful objects to get out.
    We were walking and he appeared in front of us.
    We started to flee in vain, but the monster had already taken two of us. John & me kept running away and we’ve thought of sending you this e-mail.
    We are hiding in the underground where luckily there’s signal for mobile-phones.
    Now the real problem is: HOW CAN WE GET OUT?


  6. Dear Death God,
    as always, I’m here to keep you updated about my research, yesterday I saw the best creature you have ever made, he is full of magnificent scars with two sparkling eyes injected by blood…oh Death God how can I be blessed for such a perfect creature, I’m so, so lucky being one of your deepest followers, me, the greatest scientist that has ever existed in such an awful and mad world. This mighty being appeared like a spark in one of my trash cans and thanks to my innate instinct, I took him with me and healed his wounds…I awakened him but the only word he can say is “REGRET”. I hate weak people, I hate people with a low end soul! I’ve already finished cutting my dear wife’s body and I’m planning to use them for my latest research but for now, that I have this divine individual, I can put away the poor quality body of my wife…The world doesn’t know my highness but soon I will show them what I’m made of…I know that this monster is called ‘Frankenstein’ and it was created by Mr. Frankenstein but all I can see is a pile of garbage and, for his sake, I will perform an autopsy of his body, selecting the best parts, fusing them with my beloved wife and creating a new majestic one life. Instead of Frankenstein, I will call it (gender not verified) Negrets (no regrets) sacrificed in your honour.
    I devote myself and this creature to you…
    Your deepest follower
    Mr. C.C.

  7. Dear Jensen,
    I’m writing to tell you something you would never believe could be possible but I’ll try anyway…
    You know that I’m one of the most critical and rational scientists that live in Colorado,well…
    Today I’ve seen Frankenstein!!! He exists!!!
    This morning I was making some verifications in the Grand Canyon zone,I bumped into a cave and my torch didn’t work anymore,that’s when I heard weird noises,they didn’t seem human;
    it was a kind of complain so I went in the direction of the sound and thanks to the sunbeams seeping I could recognize two terrible yellow eyes,they were looking at me with hate.
    Suddenly I asked him who he was and he replied :“You shouldn’t have seen me,now I have to kill you!”.
    I was terrified,I started to run faster as I could but as I stumbled down he reached me.
    We were near to the entrance of the cave so I could see him in all his monstrosity. He attempted to kill me but when he looked into my eyes he saw my fear and said: “I cannot do it once again”.
    I wasn’t sure about who he was referring to but when he left me I ran away and when I looked back he was disappeared.
    I returned to the cave some hours ago with other scientists but he was gone,my team didn’t believe me and I don’t know how to prove it.
    I desperately need your help!
    Help me to figure out the truth!

    Dr. Robertson

  8. Good Evening Journalists from around the world,
    I’m Doctor Carter. I’m a maniac of technologies and a scientist, not a normal one, but one of the strangest scientists that anyone has ever seen in the face of the world. So I suppose that you have already heard something about me. As a weird scientist, you can imagine that I don’t live in the city, in a village or in an suburb. well, I live in a distant place called “Nowhere C”. “Nowhere C” is an island, situated in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. It’s not localized in any geographical map. I decided to detach myself from the world to leave in peace with my madness. One day I was fishing for lack of supply. Returning from fishing, on the sand I noticed spots similar to humans footprints. I didn’t give it much importance, because except me there was no presence of human life in “Nowhere C”. Now I think you’re wondering why I’m so sure. Before I moved permanently in “Nowhere C”, for months I looked for the presence of a life, but I didn’t find anything. That night I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly I opened my eyes and I saw dull yellow eyes, yellow skin scarcely covered of blood muscles and arteries beneath, flowing hair of a lustrous black, teeth of a pearly whiteness, who was watching me from the window. My heart started to beat abnormally. Why? because I recognized that creature. Now I’m here to bear witness that the monster Frankenstein is back!

  9. Dear Headmaster,
    I am urgently writing you this mail because of the unusual circumstances in which I found myself yesterday night. Make sure no one else reads this, as the information I’m about to give you, in the wrong hands, could do us a great amount of damage.
    I’m sure you are not going to believe it at first sight but I swear it was right in front of me and you know I wouldn’t be bothering if this wasn’t serious. I am still really shocked but you really ought to trust one of your most promising students of the UNI.
    I find myself right now, as you well know, in the South Pole Station of the States to help out scientists in the research for new technologies. I was working in the compartment for remote sensing, i.e. the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with it. I spent what seemed like hours sweeping the deepest and furthest lands and yet something came into view. I witnessed what appears to be the comeback of the creature. I am not fooling you, it was real, for the creature was just like featured in the novel. It appeared for no more than 5 seconds and then as it came, it vanished. I did not have a vision, for I doubted myself all night. When I think again my mind remembers it perfectly and it does not show any sign of oblivion.
    Jal Waldo

  10. Hey Jo, I was at a council listenin’ to those Trumpflakes talking about nonsense things, when I decided to take a walk by the sea. I knew that down here in the Gulf Shores the sharks can land to the coast. That’s one more thing Alabama is known for.
    I saw something crawlin’ on the sand. I thought it was a shark but it wasn’t. It was a huge creature, standin’ up step by step. I heard a hoarse voice. He was standing next to me, staring at me with his big, yellow, glazed eyes. He could barely breathe. I was stucked, I became petrified. He muttered something but I couldn’t understand anything. My hands were trembling and my body was taken by fear.
    Behind him, a storm was getting bigger and louder. A lightning touched the sand, quickly, showing up the face of this horrible monster; then I realized. That was Frankenstein. Scenes of murders full of blood and pain came to my mind and I started to run as fast as I could but the monster was faster, he was right behind me! Suddenly, another lighting hit the ground and the monster got frightened. He fell but I kept running. When I turned back my head, he was still there, laying down on the ground.
    I arrived at home, took a long shower and went to bed, hoping that it was a dream or, to better say it, a nightmare. Unfortunately, it was not.

    I hope it’ll never happen again,

    See you,

  11. Hi James,
    I have been sent to the North Pole because of melting glaciers. As you know, ‘cause I’m an earth scientist, I had to do the investigations to ascertain the factors and causes that may have caused this atmospheric change.
    Quickly, a large surface (5 times Italy) disappeared. I was with some researchers of the Polar Ocean Physics Group. We were analyzing the phenomenon and how it could change in the coming years.
    While I was apart for a moment with my thermoscope, I saw a shadow in the distance, that looked as if it was that of my colleague Bob. I called him. He didn’t approach. I realized just a moment that I was alone. Alone. The sea and me. My thermoscope and me. The icy wind blew hard. My eyes struggled to stay open. My eyelashes were closing gradually. I turned myself. I assumed to hear a cry. Horrible. Terrifying. No, it couldn’t be. It was Bob. “Bob!”. No reply.
    I sat down. My heart winced. What could I do? A plate of ice was floating in the distance. An extinct brazier was above it. How long was that brazier there? There was a large man sitting next. Bruised. He had a deep sight. He stared at me. “I will pump my pain in all humanity. I will destroy the world with a brazier. I will submerge the continents in the deepness of the sea. It is a matter of centuries. I have been here for centuries. The Creature. The Monstrous creature, made up of human limbs, derived from the darkest depths of the soil. I’ll bring you all down there, where He was looking for my members, which brought me up here. ”
    Blink of an eye. Again the wind and the cold.
    Dear James, may it be the Frankenstein Monster who I met? It wasn’t an illusion. I saw Him with my own eyes. Through the eyes of an earth scientist.
    Yours Philipp.

  12. Hi Mark!
    Here I am. I’m Renton and at the moment I’m in Freiburg, Germany, a city near the Black Forest, to do some research for my university studies.
    I’m writing to you because I want to tell you what happened to me last night; it’s a really mysterious event.
    I was in a disco with some of my new friends who are so strange…
    This club was in the middle of nowhere and I was out of place in this situation.
    We were celebrating the birthday of Spud and they convinced me to take LSD.
    I’m a scientist and you know that this type of people love trying always new things, so I thought that it could be pleasant… and effectively it has been funny (for a while), until it turned into a nightmare .
    When we left the disco we went in the middle of the Black Forest to smoke a joint.
    Here the “blow” began.
    I started to see non-existent things and to have hallucinations. I have never been so afraid.
    I really panicked when I saw a monster which came out from the darkness of the forest. It was almost two metres tall and with strange scars on its green face. I saw him came to me slowly. I tried to run away but it was as if I couldn’t move any part of my body.
    Later, I took a deep of breath and I tried to recover a little. I began to escape from the tremendous creature but it was as if I wasn’t able to do it.
    I was tired, my legs wouldn’t hold me anymore, but it still remained behind me; I couldn’t give up.
    Only in that moment I realised that it was the monster that I had seen in the Frankenstein’s movie.
    The day after, waking up in the forest I understood that everything was only a mental trip…

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