Animal Farm

My dear students, I think you have already read the beautiful allegorical-satirical novella or modern fable by George Orwell but in case you haven’t, you can now read it for free here:  ANIMAL FARM

As you can see I have prepared some materials to share with you on as a PDF to download:  the plot of the novel, its main characters, its historical background and main themes. 

 Top ten notes about Animal Farm. You should be already familiar with some of it after dealing with 1984. 🙂

To recap the Social and historical background of this novella you can watch the following video:

The next videos are the film adaptations of the novel: first the trailer of the cartoon by John Halas, Joy Batchelor.(1956)  Notice the year of its creation, it’s not a typo! You can watch it all on YouTube. We’ll watch some parts in class from my DVD.

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