Animal Farm

My dear students, I think you have already read the beautiful allegorical-satirical novella or modern fable by George Orwell but in case you haven’t, you can now read it for free here:  ANIMAL FARM

As you can see I have prepared some materials to share with you on as a PDF to download:  the plot of the novel, its main characters, its historical background and main themes. 

 The first easy video deals with the connections between G.Orwell’s Animal Farm and Stalin’s Russia. Have a look & TAKE DOWN SOME NOTES.

Top ten notes about Animal Farm. You should be already familiar with some of it after dealing with 1984. 🙂

To recap the Social and historical background of this novella you can watch the following video:

The next videos are the film adaptations of the novel: first the trailer of the cartoon by John Halas, Joy Batchelor.(1956)  Notice the year of its creation, it’s not a typo! You can watch it all on YouTube. We’ll watch some parts in class from my DVD.

There’s also a new movie version (1999) of the novel with real animals. Have a look!!

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