This morning in class we did a role-play activity: you were at a Travel Agency and, as a Travel Agent you planned an itinerary in the location chosen by your client.

Now we can add also a video, made entirely by you, to your appealing itineraries

Follow my instructions and you will be surprised by how easy it is to make a video, once you’ve got the ideas and you commit. First of all I want to give you 2 examples of videos made by other students for the task “if I had 40 days of vacation”

STEP 1: prepare the IMAGES you want to use by choosing images that have no copyright but are FREE to be used – Creative Commons.

Here’s the link to the websites you can use to download images . 

STEP 2: Write the script of your video recording.   

STEP 3: Choose the app you want to use (Aobe Spark Video or others)(

or make a Power Point and then use ScreenCastomatic to record from your PC.

Here’s may tutorial for ADOBE SPARK VIDEO

I cannot wait to see your wonderful videos and listen to your voices. Do not be ashamed, it’s perfectly normal to feel embarrassed 😉


85 thoughts on “My DREAM VACATION

    • Nice video that deserved further developing. It’s a pity you didn’t forward me any text to correct – as requested. I could have corrected the mistakes and suggested what you should develop.

    • Wow, Dubai! Beautiful choice, amazing hotel with the view on the Centre of the city! I really liked it.

    • You should have used the music of the app – as I had recommended – and not a track with copyright – Black Betty by Ram Jam. Nice choice of images and content, voice involving and generally correct. Remember that numbers in English require a , = 5,000€ 😉

    • Very interesting! Tokyo seems such a beautiful place to discover, especially with a friend! I’m just considering your offer.. thank you!

    • What a dream holiday! A pleasure to watch and listen to. I’ve learnt new things about Zanzibar – & its charme. Your voice is involving but at then same time very professional. It shows great commitment and competence in selecting excellent content and great quality images. Language correct in form, pronunciation and intonation. I’m so proud of you!

    • I never thought I wanted to go on vacation in Zanzibar, but now I could do it. I loved your video, beautiful images and good pitch and pronunciation.

    • Well done Elisa. Good choice of content, personal and coherent. The voice is enthusiastic and cheerful. Pronunciation and language are correct. Keep it up 🙂

    • I honestly loved your video. The intonation was great and captivating, the itinerary well developed and the images very good. This video has insipired me and now I also know what I have to improve to realize a better video! Thank you 🙂

    • Ok Matteo, fair. Sometimes the music overlapping your voice was a bit too high. Next video you’ll make, try developing a bit more and better matching the image with the words (synchronizing them). You can do it. You just need to devote to it more time 😉

    • Miami is stunning! Wonderful photos and nice itinerary, hope to visit this place very soon!!

    • Outstanding content, very developed, knowledgeable, informative and involving. Wonderful photos and intonation showing enthusiasm. You made me feel like going there sooner or later 🙂 Well done!!!

    • What an interesting video, wonderful images and good intonation and pronunciation. Very well developed. Now I want to go there.

    • I’ve been to Atlanta and you have covered most of its attractions but left out the Martin Luther King’s Memorial. Check it out 😉 The intonation conveys enthusiasm, the images are beautiful, the pronunciation generally correct. Mind some typos ( May, Olympic and species).

    • Next destination: Georgia. I didn’t know there was the Coca-Cola museum and the aquarium looks very interesting. Thank you!

    • I love the beginning of this video and also your intonation!! I didn’t know absolutely nothing about Atlanta, but now I discovered how wonderful it is thanks to you! Love the way you pronounce “dollar”, it made me smile! Very nice video!

    • What a nice video!! Very interesting images, which make you want to leave immediately for atlanta

    • Good job Matteo. You have used wonderful photos and given the right intonation. I guess your client will be delighted to go to Los Angeles as you suggested. The only flaw is the volume of the soundtrack a bit too high. 😉

    • Well done! Your voice is lovely and relaxing!! Then the images are beautiful too, this video made me want to go there, that’s a positive thing! The hotel is fantastic and also the night life, great!

    • Lovely video Luca, offering a balanced portrait of Barcelona, highlighting both cultural and fun features. It shows your commitment in the enthusiastic intonation and choice of images. Fluent and correct in pronunciation

      • Really interesting place! Spain is wonderful and I absolutely want to visit it. The video is amazing (as always) and the content is full of details!

    • Barcelona is one of the cities that I want to visit as soon as possible, thanks to your video I have made clearer ideas about what to see. Thank you!

    • The tone of your voice conveys enthusiasm and the images chosen are very good. Foreign people will love your mountain destination in the Dolomites! The pronunciation sounds influenced by Italian and is not always correct. There are also some mistakes you must avoid next time 😉

    • Your voice is cheerful and encourage to go visiting this beautiful place! There are a lot of activities I didn’t expect to do, so I’ll certainly go there, I hope in the near future 🙂 <3

    • Your voice is very funny and professional! You have done an amazing job! I really like the video!

    • This is just awesome!! Outstanding. A pleasure to watch and listen to. I’ve learnt new things about Budapest – & its cakes 🙂 Your enthusiasm is contageous 🙂 It shows great commitment and competence in selecting excellent content and great quality images. Language correct in form, pronunciation and intonation. I’m so proud of you!

    • Beautiful work you have organized everything in detail as a true professional, plus it’s not easy to talk so long you’ve been really good!

    • I wanna go to the ice cream museum! You’ve made a very effective video that will certainly tempt your friend to go there. Good intonation and use of language. t the end there’s no reference to the music used and the video excerpts. Are they yours or taken from the internet? Did you respect the copyright rules?

    • Ok Andrea, fair. The voice is cheerful but not always audible due to changes in volume. The images are beautiful and content understandable and generally correct. Next time develop a bit more and devote more time to have a perfect recording 😉

    • Beautiful vacation! I love mountains and I think I could relax at all in Ellmau. Lovely images!

    • Lovely! This is the vacation I was asking for! The place is wonderful. I will surely go to Ellmau this Summer as I love walking and climbing. Thank you Andrea

    • It shows great effort and commitment as it’s very informative and very developed. Good intonation and pronunciation. Such a pity the audio sometimes is fickle, funny. I know from experience that it’s not easy to make a 4.34 minute video 😉

    • Definitely a good vacation for young people. In a concise way you’ve succeeded in giving the necessary information, choosing suitable images and speaking fluently. Learning goal achieved.

    • Short, simple and clear! Thanks to your video I discovered Greece better, and I think I’ll go in the future! There are also a lot of activities to do, and I loved the fact you can get tattoos or piercing done!

    • I really liked your cheerful voice and the screenshot of flight ticket – good idea! The content is well developed ( baby some info on sightseeing next time) and generally accurate. The soundtrack in vibrant but it distracts a bit from the voice over. Well done.

    • Very well organized and accurate! Details are important and they stand out thanks to your video. The hotel is unbelievably beautiful, I would like to go there now!

    • You made a really nice video, well developed. I’ve always wanted to go to New York and now I know which hotel to choose,also nice choice of images

    • Maldives are really a Paradise! You’ve chosen gorgeous images. The hotel though is a bit expensive 😉 Plus, who would like a wi-fi when surrounded by such a dream! I appreciate that you’ve tried to have a “less monotonous intonation 🙂

    • Both of us chose Maldives, and maybe I know the reason why: this place is a paradise! Nice images and interesting curiosities 🙂

    • I loved watching this video! It’s captivating and you’re voice is so relaxing, wow! I couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful photos you chose, and I didn’t get bored during your video! I want to visit Hawaii!! 🙂

    • The intonation sounds very professional 😉 You’ve made an involving presentation of a holiday in Mikonos. Lovely images and good content. i’m sure one day I’ll go there and think of you.

    • You planned exactly the vacation I’ve asked for! Beautiful place and the hotel is INCREDIBLE! I also love the opportunity of riding a horse on the beach 🙂 thank you Anna!

    • Very well developed with a lot of information and lovely images. The voice is soothing and the pronunciation is clear and generally correct. I’m not fond of cruises but this one is very appealing. Brava.

    • Lovely intonation Pera, it conveys enthousiasm! It’s also very informative and clear, with info well matching the right images. I’ve been to Oslo and can definitely say you’ve made an excellent video. Brava.

    • Ok Sara, lovely images and good tone of your voice. Some imperfections but you reached your goal of making your client want to go to New York. May be you could have developed more the several “sightseeing” IN New York, as you have 13 days.

    • Outdstanding! I definitely wanna go there – also for the yummy cakes 🙂 Lovely images, relaxing background music and good pronunciation and intonation.

    • I didn’t know how gorgeous Phillip Islands were! The music was really relaxing and your pronunciation nice Loved your video and also the images!

    • Beautiful pictures, clear and nice at the same time. Nice place: I love penguins and the sea looks beautiful. Nice job!

    • I love the holiday you planned for me! It’s What I dreamed about. Thank you Elena!

    • A really nice and accurate video. The images are fantastic. I had never heard of the philips islands, and now that I’ve discovered them I’d love to go there.

  1. If you need to find some images without copyright it is enough to go on google images, scroll the bar on the top and then press the button where it says “marked to be reused / contrassegnate per essere riutilizzate”

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