5F: John Keats

Today we’re going to meet another great writer belonging to the second generation of Romantic poets (he died at 26). When he was young he wanted to become a doctor but at 21 he abandoned medicine for poetry; thanks to that choice we can now enjoy his fantastic poems. All his life was characterized by his enduring and reciprocated love for Fanny Brawne. 

Here’s the beautiful love poem BRIGHT STAR you can also read in your textbookThe first video is the last scene of the movie when Fanny Browne recites the poem Keats had written for her. She had just been given the news of his death in Rome.

Let’s  watch the trailer of the movie about Keats and Fanny Brawne’s romance: Bright Star (2009) Director: Jane Campion Cast: Ben Whishaw (Keats), Abbie Cornish (Fanny Brawne), Kerry Fox (Mrs Brawne), Paul Schneider (Charles Armitage Brown).

AT HOME: Task 1Read A SHORT ACCOUNT of their thwarted love story.

As you know Keats moved to Rome hoping that the warmer climate would be beneficial to his illness, tuberculosis. The Keats-Shelley House  curator takes a walk through some of the rooms of the museum and explains why this place is so important. I went to visit it last February. One day, when in Rome you might decide to go there and visit it 🙂 

Another poem worth reading you have in photocopy is the Ode to a Nightingale read by the actor of the movie Ben Whishaw.

As you can read in your textbook Keats believed in Beauty & the immortality of Art. His poetry claimed no moral or political purpose, thus anticipating the 19th century trend of ART FOR ART’S SAKE you have found in D’Annunzio & we’ll find in Oscar Wilde.

I end this post quoting the poet whose book of poems was found in Shelley’s pocket when he shipwrecked & died in the Gulf of Lerici.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty’, – that is all

We know on earth , and all we need to know.”

ASSIGNMENT: either as a comment in Blog or oral in class: How much importance do people attach to beauty nowadays? What role does art play in your life? 

31 thoughts on “5F: John Keats

  1. Hello everyone!!
    I couldn’t say my opinion about this topic in class for lack of time so i’m gonna leave my comment here ^_^

    Well I agree with almost all of my classmates because when I think about beauty I imagine the body of a model; nowadays the beauty is kinda “comercialized”: the models are payed for their “beautiful” bodies, they have to be skinny and their physical appearance is the symbol of beauty. Moreover the society, who see in the body of the models the concept of beauty,
    follow their lifestyle.. blem isolato that we don’t follow our emotions

      • I will finish it here, i’m sorry for the inconvencience!

        [..] so the biggest problem is that we don’t follow our emotions anymore and we care about (even unconsciously) make up and clothes because they make us “beautiful”.

        While Keats loved Fanny even if she wasn’t that beautiful, now the bauty is based almost only on the appearance. Keats said that wasn’t attracted by his lover’s appearance but his love for her was so deep and sincere that he went beyond the beauty of her body and loved her for her character.
        So please follow what your inner self says to you, follow your personal idea about beauty and don’t think like the others do!

        We all know that beauty can be linked to the concept of art and in my life it plays an important role because it drags me in a completely different world. For example, I cannot live without music, it distracts me from my personal problems and I can live for a while in a different world. Furthermore I consider cosplaying a form of art and when I cosplay I can be a different person because I can impersonate someone else’s character and appearance!

  2. Hi everybody,
    Nowadays people, above all the teenagers give too much importance to beauty. Influenced by the mass media, teenager think that beauty is the only way to obtain success, to live happily and to find love.
    This type of thought leads to a physical homologation, in which we all wear the same clothes, we all speak with the same “ terminology” and we all act in the same way. Moreover the most of us judge people focusing only in the beauty, in the phisical appearance.
    In order to be accepted all the young people try to achieve their ideal of beauty and when they can’t do that, they get depressed and sometimes, in the worst case they could also hurt themselves.
    I must admit that beauty is important: is important to take care about themselves, to get fit, to stay healthy. Nevertheless beauty shouldn’t become an obsession because if we want to be loved, obtain succes and stuff like that we have also to give importance to culture and try to find a way to express the best part of ourselves.
    Surely art is one of the most common way to express beauty but I’ve to say that it isn’t important in my life, maybe I can also affirm that art is almost insignificant . The only type of art which is a must for me is music, because it gives me power and helps me to relax.
    Maybe in the future, when I’ll have more time to dedicate and to try to understand art, I’ll give it more importance.

  3. I read all your comments and am very proud of you. First because, looking back at your first comments written 3 years ago your English has really improved – although some of you still forget S here and then 🙁 – but above all because now you INTERACT by reading the others’ ideas and not only focusing on yourself as if it were a monologue. Last but not least, you showed some depth of thought and sensitivity. Furthermore, as it was optional – you could have done it orally – you all but three decided to share your reflections by writing and I see it as a great achievement. KEEP IT UP my “beautiful” students.

  4. Sup peeps!
    Damn you guys talk a lot, it took me forever to read all your beautiful comments and realize that it’s not gonna be that easy for me to not repeat what you already said…oh well! 😀

    So, to break the ice, what is beauty for me?
    Well, it’s plenty of things, see, in my opinion beauty is in everything! Every gesture we make (not of course if somebody flips you off -that is not nice huh), every breath we take, the euphoria in your dog’s eyes when you get back home, the first leaf to kiss the ground when the fall takes over those long, warm summer days…lots of things! I think we live in a world of beauty, that every single aspect of anybody’s life can somehow be beautiful.

    I don’t care too much about physical appearance, but I clearly cannot diminish this specific type of beauty, for, as y’all seem to have said it IS a fundamental aspect of our society and it always has been in each of the previous ones. Everybody, anywhere in the world has some sort of ideal of beauty, mostly society-induced, but still an ideal. I agree with all those who said that with an ideal, sadly come stereotypes, and to that I’ll add that we can’t take one without the others, so as Yuliya said, Beauty really does seem to be like a coin –an extremely valued one!
    I personally don’t know how to define what physical beauty is, because even though I, too distinguish between and , I find that this splendor that so sweetly adorns our days –despite being heavily ‘media-influenced’, is extremely relative.

    Anyhow, I totally loved to read that music is the form of art that a lot of you guys consider themselves closer to, as a matter of fact, I do as well :D. I found the song Fabiola shared extremely touching and meaningful. I think all of us should listen to it or to something similar regularly, just to remind ourselves that WE are the first ones we need to convince we’re beautiful in our own, unique ways!

    Laters! <3

  5. Hi guys, probably in my comment I will be a bit repetitive, since you have already explained how the things are in the current society, and it is terrible to admit but what you wrote is the Pure Truth. In fact, if I had to say what beauty is for modern people, one word would be enough: outward appearance. I don’t relate me only to the way to appear of people, that it is surely the thing that interests more to anybody, but also to the way we have to observe every single thing that surrounds us, that is superficial and inhuman, and it’s exactly our superficiality that made us attribute such a big value to the physical beauty. But focus our attention on the external aspect and on nothing else, every person will look like all the others always more, thinking about reaching the top of the beauty, but without realizing that in this way he/she will reach only the total banality. The worse thing is that we arrived at the point in which people are prone to hide his/her own personality, for fear to be classified as different, and so excluded. Probably men don’t realize it because we don’t have the possibility to observe our situation “from outside”, but to understand how much this obsession for ‘beauty’ is making us ridiculous, it would be enough imagine a wardrobe in front of your eyes, where there is not only a T-shirt, there are a lot, the problem is that these are all identical ones, with beautiful color and beautiful sketch, but identical. So I would like to know who, after some days, will not have enough of this T-shirt? Anyone, me for first, and it’s for this reason that I hate make me influence from people, I prefer to have thousand defects that distinguish myself from the mass, rather than being a banal stereotype of beauty, which fascinates at first sight, but then will be immediately forgotten because it is monotonous.
    But why we must behave like this? Why we have to turn down the colors and the hues that each of us could bring in the life of the others simply being him/herself? The problem is that I don’t succeed in understanding from where has origin all this, this mentality, these attitudes… THIS IGNORANCE! Yes, because there isn’t another way to call our shameful attitude, which deprives us of the only thing that could make this life a bit interesting: THE DIFFERENCE’, THE PARTICULAR. So, maybe the problem is the human race in itself, I know that is a tragic conclusion but it is what I think.. And it is exactly for this that I try to ‘fill’ my life with the art, and not with the people. Particularly with songs, because they’ll never betray you, when you want to listen one of them you know it is there, ready to sustain your humor, and nobody can understand the bond that there is among you and the song, nobody can feel that specific emotion. In fact, when I use my headphones I feel as if the music and I become as one.
    I want to end with a quotation of Coelho very consistent with this theme:
    -“And’ serious to be different?”
    -“And’ serious to strive to be equal.”
    See you tomorrow 🙂

    • Nooo sorry the quotation is:
      -” Is serious to be different?”
      -“Is serious to stirve to be equal”

  6. Hi everybody!
    As Elena said,with the word “beauty” we think immediately to the beauty of a person. Nowadays,in fact, people attach much importance to beauty,that is because we judge people in a superficial way instead of focusing on the real values of a person.
    For the majority of people,the own idea of beauty is what others think of you. We try to compare ourselves to others in order to feel more beautiful,but we don’t understand that this is not what really matter.
    But,what will we do when we’ll look ourselves in the mirror and find that we are no longer so much beautiful? For this,i don’t want to interpret the “beauty” with the beauty of a person. I want to interpret it with something deeper.

    We all know that art is the highest human expression of creativity and fantasy, and in my opinion that is the reason that makes art so beautiful.
    Each of us is an artist and each of us every day make art,because he or she express something personal and unique. For me art is making something for themselves, is a kind of free expression that makes you feel better and sometimes makes feel better also the others. Art plays a fundamental role in my life, because it enrich me,it manages to give space for my creativity and it makes me feel BEAUTIFUL emotions.

  7. Now, I firmly believe that real beauty lies within ourselves. Then, inevitably, the load of beautiful sides in our inner self bursts out and makes us look even better. I usually say:“ we’re beautiful because we’re all different (someway), and we’re different because we’re all beautiful (in our own way)”
    In addition, another unavoidable truth is that we live at a time of heightened importance of physical appearance. It shows that there are “beauty stereotypes” which have the power to influence thousands of personalities of individuals, who end up sharing the same physical appearance. However, although this is part of an ongoing trend we’ve seen since birth, I still appreciate the “unconventional character” , the “exception to the rule”, “él que destaca de todos los demás” as the Spanish would say 🙂 .
    To express one’s personality in a go-as-you-please way, so without standing on stereotypes, is one of the most noticeable and appreciable things I can find, because it shows how much somebody feels good about himself and isn’t afraid of being judged “different”. This is real beauty to me.
    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As soon as we say it, in our mind commonly pops up the idea of a stream of people looking down on us, while we forget that we also have eyes to see. Isn’t it a much more sensible thing, to realize that the first judge of ourselves is nobody but ourselves? Let’s have a little more self-esteem and show of what beauty we are made of!
    Believe it or not, to highlight details (those we think are worth being noticed) in ourselves, makes us beautiful: on one side, because we’re all different; on the flip side, because to look like other people is the last thing we should ever wish. Beauty was never an unified trend. Thus, insomuch we are all “pieces of art”, we should valorize our beauty with substance, rather than with standards.

  8. Nowadays beauty plays a very important role in our society especially because of the media that costantly bombard us with images of beautiful women and aesthetically pleasant things imposing us in this way certain stereotypes. Beauty is a source of joy but also a good reason for suffering so I compare it to a medal. On one side If you’re pretty and cool because of your expencive cloths, beauty is your primary characteristic and something positive you identify with. On the other side If you’re ugly or simply different from the stereotypes imposed by society , beauty is an unattainable target and source of depression and discrimination.
    I distinguish beauty from taking care of ourselves. In my opinion the letter is much more important than the former and there are some essential steps that every person who live in a community should do.
    Art is very important to me but it’s not an essential part in my life because I’m too young to appreciate at all .

  9. Hi everybody 🙂
    I love the way J.Keats considered beauty. When we talk about beauty, we always think about appearance, but it’s not only that. According to Keats “physical beauty” (the appearance for us) is only the first step to produce a much deeper experience of joy, which is the “spiritual beauty”. Unfortunately this type of beauty has been forgotten in the last years. Nowadays what really counts is not what you feel inside when you see something that for you is beautiful, but what the society consideres beautiful. In fact if the media says that beauty means being tall, thin, with perfect hair and fashionable clothes, everybody followes this stereotype in order to be accepeted by the others. Furthermore people, especially the younger ones, are afraid to be different and to express themselves if their way of being is different from the mass. The risk is to be judged and isolated from the others only because you are different. Moreover this brain washing caused serious diseases, like anorexia, and sometimes also suicides.
    So people should not care about stupid judgements, but they should understand what real beuty is.
    Beauty is not only appearance, but it’s something that varies from one person to another. It’s the cause of deep feelings and love. These different points of view create art, which is wonderful just because it’s not always the same.
    Finally, in my life art has a fundamental role, especially music, which is the way I express myself.

  10. Hi everybody!
    I start by saying that I really appreciate your comments and you said lots of pertinent affirmations so I hope not to be repetitive.
    In my opinion beauty plays now (and always played) a key role in society.
    It’s obvious that standards are different from an age to another and they’re changing continuously, but from the concept that Venus was the ideal female beauty model to the imitate Marilyn Monroe’s shapes it’s clear that beauty stays in the centre of society’s attention.
    I agree with you guys in saying that unfortunately today beauty is almost only physical appearance and no more emotions, feeling and little particulars.
    This point is really sad and discouraging for young people, in particular, that abandon their ideas and their aspiration to follow the mass.
    I can’t deny that also for me appearance is quite important, but can’t for now substitute what stays in the inside of someone.
    I think that maybe art is what remains to appreciate what real beauty is: appearance, yes, but also the sensations that hide in a painting, the emotion that a certain song gives, a photo, the smile of a person you love or a sunset for example.
    See you tomorrow and have a good evening

  11. People nowadays clearly attach fundamental importance to beauty. Or at least that’s what I do. Can’t blame them though, beauty is strictly connected to happiness, joy as well as many others positive feelings and a person if naturally inclined to search for the best for themselves. And that, of course, includes being happy. Beauty also affects love to me, not in a positive way I might say. When it comes to love life, lots of people «fall» in love with the aspect, the beauty of the other person and not with the person theirselves (this is not Keats’ case though), because the line between love and infatuation is extremely blurred to them. And that is why love won’t last, it’s just an «illusion». This is also why I particularly agree with Leopardi on this one, even though I’m not a huge fan of his.
    As for art I genuinely believe that it does plays a primary role in life, it’s just that it doesn’t play a primary role in MY life YET. I definitely appreciate art and gain wellness from it, but I don’t feel like I’m at a point in my life where I can say it is essential to me. Oscar Wilde once said: «Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life» and I truly believe that, but I personally think I still have a long way to go before I can relate to that. Come back with this question in 20 years and I’m sure we’ll have a great conversation about it. 🙂

  12. Hi mates!!
    As everybody have already said, in our society Beauty plays a role of leading importance.
    We are bombarded from mass medias, television, newspapers, advertisement, which impose some stereotypes of beauty that we should follow if we want to be accept by others. In this way we are like a crowd of clones, where it’s difficult to recognize the single one. Our personality is overshadowed in name of a society that treat us like monkeys.
    As Bruno has said, when someone try to get out from this bunch by acting, dressing, speaking in a different way, he/she wouldn’t be accepted anymore. This means that we are supposed to cover our real interests, what we like, only to avoid to be banned from the mass.
    In this meaning art is a powerful means to express ourselves. There are so many way to make art, like by painting, by playing, by making some good music, ecc. and everyone can choose the most appropriate to himself.
    I really like art in its every single form, but what makes me feel better, usually, are: music, because it most of times expresses all what I think and feel; and all what rearguards Nature, like paintings, images, photos and so on.
    The importance of art stays in its power of make possible the use of our imagination and for this reason I want to share with you this video. ( https://youtu.be/UPk56BR1Cmk )
    I hope that you’ll like it. Have a good day!! See you tomorrow in class 

    • This video is so clever and provocative and I cannot but agree with Mrs. Gregor! Thank you for posting it in your comment Ale 😉

  13. Reading the comments of my classmates I came to the conclusion that we all agree beauty plays a foundamental role in our society, and of course in the life of everyone.
    Considering beauty as something (or someone) which captures the attention of a person and brings about emotions and feelings in the deepest part of our soul, I onestly say that it always exists. It is not a trait of our century, but it is an innate aspect of every community no metter where and when lives. Moreover, although we usually associate beauty as an expression which reach the hearth (or maybe not) in a personally way and for this reason less right, I agree with the idea of Keats who identifies beauty as a true type of knowledge: more direct, spontaneous and pure.
    What is art? It is the expression of the thoughts and the features of a personality who gives life to his “creature”. But, I also consider nature as a form of art: a mechanism extremly PERFECT in all his parts, able to produce a much deeper experience of joy by the simple contact with it.
    As I said before, nowadays the conceptions of beauty and art have changed, but I must admit that are constantly evolving so it’s really complicated difine them. And maybe sometime they are used in an appropiate way. For exaple as Elena said the fact that when we think about beauty we immediatley associate it to the exterior aspect of someone or something, and that’s it. And what about the rest? The inner beauty is something stranger in our society, because own the society teaches us to focus only on what we see from the outside, no metter what we could discover in it.

    So don’t focus on the fleeting aspects but have the desire to discover the essence.

    Have a good day guys, bye 😉

  14. Good morning to everybody!
    I really like this post because it highlights one of the problems of our society which , in my opinion, is one of the most important and dangerous : the appearance.
    We’re getting used to live in a society where the appearance is more important than be and we are willing to do anything to be accepted by others in the best possible way..and physical appearance and beauty, play a fundamental role in this vicious circle.
    Nowadays what is clear is that people don’t dwell more to admire what is positively different, but they tend to follow an ideal of ”beauty” imposed by third parties , and in this way we corrupt our own standards and ideals of beauty but ,above all, we bribe our inner essence: what distinguishes us from others and what makes us unique and wonderful.
    In fact the only ones who do not bribe from stereotypes of beauty of the moment, are left on the edge of the group and are accepted with difficulty.
    Today everyone is beautiful, but identical to the other !
    This need to feel equal to the mass, he sees himself in every area of human life: in appearance, in music and in politics but fortunately I think that art is immune to this form of marketing and equality.
    Art is the best form of human expression: a man can paint his dreams, draw his ideas, and photograph his passions without the constraints of others. In this way art remain the most sincere expression of the human essence.
    I consider art as the ultimate expression of the spirit of a man, influenced by the moments, feelings and circumstances of life…but never false and scheduled.
    And I believe it is precisely this innate sincerity that makes men fall in love with the works of art.
    Art could be a remedy to this massification of people: color our thoughts and paint our dreams.
    We are art.
    Each person is a different and personal masterpiece, and we should valorize what distinguish us to other.


  15. When I read the conception of beauty according to John Keats, I really appreciated it. Beauty, for him, is more than just considering something or someone beautiful or not; he really goes over the classical conception of it and sees the elegance and harmony in every details.
    I am very fascinated by this kind of thinking and in my opinion, in our society there are not enough people who think in the same way. On the contrary, many people nowadays are used to classify others whether they’re beautiful enough or not. A lot of people don’t accept themselves because somebody told them that some of their characteristics, which make them who they really are, are defects that are not acceptable if you want to be considered beautiful.
    Beauty is very subjective, we can not all agree together that something is pretty or ugly; since every human being and every single creature is different we should stop thinking in this superficial way and appreciate more nature, all his gifts and even ourselves since “you can not love if you do not love yourself”.
    According to me, art is anything that looking at it, in some way, causes a deep feeling in you; it could be a painting, a song, a sunset or any natural element.
    For this reason I think that art is not just a part of my life, but is an inevitable part of everyone life.

    See you tomorrow!

  16. When I read the word “beauty” in the title of this assignment what immediately came on my mind is the idea of a person with a beautiful aspect and I think that THIS is the problem of our society, we tend to associate beauty only with people but in reality it’s more, there’s more beauty in the world outside than in our appearance because the ideal of beauty in people changes, instead natural beauty is eternal; a leaf that falls from a tree in autumn was considered beautiful a century ago and is seen the same way also today, a beautiful man or woman on the other hand, can be seen as beautiful in the present but maybe people in the past would have had a different opinion. This is why we are wrong when we focus too much on our exterior aspect; we should try to make our soul beautiful because the beauty of the body vanishes, instead the beauty of the soul, just like the natural one, remains.
    I really love art because it can make everything look beautiful and this happens because it gives a meaning to things. Everyone of us can become a work of art if only we try to put something behind our exterior beauty.
    I want to end with a sentence by Keats (also quoted by Valeria) that sums up perfectly what I wanted to say: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

    See you tomorrow 🙂

  17. Hi!
    As my classmates already said, beauty is a fundamental part of our society, and also of our lives. It has always been so, if we think about it ’cause, without beauty, art, poetry, music, sculpture would have never existed.
    Actually, the problem in the society of the 2010s is that people don’t consider beauty as something spiritual, as something more than physical appearance. Most of the people, while looking at someone else, don’t focus on eyes, on the feelings that flow from a glance, but just on the make up, on what the other person is wearing and so on. We all do this, although we don’t realize it, since usually it’s not done on bad purpose.; it’s just how we are got used to behave with someone else.

    Since I’m a musician, I must say that beauty and art are fundamental in my life (or else I cannot be called a musician!). Writing music is obviously a form of art and expression of something beautiful.

    Whereas my mates have already said what I think about how much is physical appearance important for the society and in what consist, and I don’t what to repeat it for the fourth time, I’m gonna leave you with a song dedicated to all the women (this time isn’t even a little bit rock 😉 ).
    Hope you’ll like it, it’s really touching!

    • This is my favorite part:
      “Wait a second,
      Why should you care, what they think of you
      When you’re all alone, by yourself
      Do you like you? Do you like you?”
      ..I do like it, Fabiola. Thank’you!

  18. HI 🙂
    As you already know….Be beautiful in this day is no longer considered a characteristic of an individual but a necessity. Today beauty has undergone a drastic change and have a too important role in our society. This way of thinking has been made possible by the media that offer models increasingly extremes, or too perfect or too imperfect, or too obese or too lean with no middle ground and this affects the psyche of humanity. Especially young girls who are inspired by the model of the TV where reigning perfect bodies, often damage their bodies and appear anorexia leading to death and in other cases if they fail to achieve the purpose hoped, commit suicide.
    I think that beauty is relative and a person can prefer a skinny girl and an another one can prefer a girl in more meat, there isn’t an absolute beauty that all must rise because in this way we will become all equal, “we will be photocopies all the same, deluded of being special “(cit. Fedez) and without possibility to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.
    Furthermore I think that the beauty is not in these things but it is a kind of art, indeed beauty is art and is in my everyday life, because is in the music, in movies, in books, in nature, as in the change of season, there are various forms of art/ beauty as Wikipedia says:
    “The beauty is the set of quality perceived by the five senses that evoke pleasant emotions we attach to concepts, objects, animals or people in the universe observed”.
    It develops spontaneously and tends to connect to a positive emotional content, so in conclusion I say that we have to decide what is good for us, what makes us feel good without being influenced by others.
    And you? What do you think? 🙂
    Bye !

  19. Hi everybody,
    today’s topic is… beauty!!!!
    John Keats is one the greatest poets of the second generation of Romantic poet and when he talks about beauty he makes a sort process which begins with senses and concrete physical sensations. For the poet beauty is bearer of joy that introduce a “spiritual beauty”, that can be connected to love, friendship and also poetry.
    But nowadays we heard the word BEAUTY everywhere (and in the majority of times is overestimate); especially in the social media (like Facebook or IG) and in the european/american’s point of view this word means: being thin, being cool so… being what the society wants.
    But I don’t think that this is humanly correct. In fact lot of people suicide themselves, because they don’t mirror the occidental’s standard of beauty.
    Beauty is not just appearence; is art. Sometimes art is a way to express our emotions, our feelings and some people live thanks to it.
    I can not say that paintings, scolture and stuffs like that have a really important role in my life, due to my tasks (school, sport, family, friends…) but (anyway) I love it 😉

    Bye bye my dear friend 🙂

  20. Hey guys, so according to me, beauty plays an important role in the society and in everyone’s life nowadays. People are commonly worried about their appearance, but I don’t believe that’s really a matter of concern. In the past, according to Keats “a thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness”, instead in this age the concept of “belle chose”, as the French Romantics poets called it, it’s a sort of a continuous self-denial towards the extreme leanness and decay of body and soul. Beauty itself is not wrong, inasmuch take care of the exterior part of us it’s the best way to communicate to others our personality, especially in the first approach; nevertheless this kind of misrepresentation of beauty that joined the present culture cannot be compared to its real meaning.
    If beauty is part of my everyday life, therefore is art too. Beauty is art, and art is beauty; sure enough art is in every sunsets, in every dawns, in kisses between people that love each other’s, in the landscapes that change along with the seasons, in music, in books, in true feelings either of love of madness etc. Therefore assuming that art means just staring at a paint or listening to a poem, I can’t say that it plays a big role in my life; instead as long as art stands for all I explained before, I must admit that to me it has a paramount role.

    Can’t wait to hear your opinions, byebye 🙂

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