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VOICE OF AMERICA articles with videos & activities (vocabulary, comprehension)

NEWS IN LEVELS  articles in 3 levels.

new! ENGPODS great videos to improve your English




Here’s your VOKIS. Myself in 20 years 🙂

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  1. While I am whatching the video I understand that pollution affects everybody, even us kids. Many times we think that recycling is a thing about adults and we do not realize that it’s from the little thing that you can see great results. I also understand how difficult it’s to separate and recycle materials such as plastic, and how material that we use every day for personal use can have such a great impact not only with the earth but also with us. The real problem is that we think since the child hood that this problem affected others, but in the words of the presenter:” we don’t leave behind this belief” in fact, we continue to think that this problem doesn’t concern us. Are the plastic and the metal at the base of the equipment that we use every day and it’s every day more difficult to make them understand how to recycle the mas less harmful to the earth. I came to under stand that the things that I haven’t recycles and that I left for granted had a big impact on something bigger and if every person in the world began to avoid re cycling and continue to avoid the consequences I think that we will find in a world that is getting smaller and more dangerous for our health.

    • What do you mean by “the mas less harmful to the earth”? Nevertheless I understand what you want to communicate and I agree with you – also kids can help a lot to reduce pollution, even by telling their parents what they’ve learnt at school 🙂

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