On Friday during the hour of conversation we did an activity of Creative Writing. After an initial meditation and visualisation, you had to jot down all your thoughts, then eliminate  the unnecessary words and write a poem. At home you’ve had time to proof-read your poem, re-edit it and now you can add it here as a comment.

It was essential to VISUALIZE the place you’ve chosen to go to and USE ALL SENSES to describe it.

You’ve all been great and it’s been fun. Thank you all!

15 thoughts on “3CLIN CREATIVE WRITING

  1. Two Friends
    The wonderful smell of the grass
    The colour of the mastodontic sun
    A lake
    Some good music
    Nothing else

  2. At the beach
    feeling free and mind goes away
    only the noise of the waves
    the colorful sunset

  3. A ferry
    Directed to the statue of liberty
    Windy and sunny day
    The sea full of waves
    People talk
    Kids run
    I’m lucky to be here

  4. At the beach
    The sound of the moon
    The brightness of the stars
    The cold of the night
    That feeling on my skin
    Chilled and surrounded by umbrellas and sea

  5. The sea
    One who fills the earth
    One who creates borders between states
    One who remembers the summer passed with its delicate scent
    Set of sand and breaking waves
    Wait for us to arrive soon

  6. By the sea
    There’s a magical place
    Rocks, water and wind
    All connected with me
    I feel myself,
    My mind’s as free as the waves
    I look as far as I can
    I’m the sea

  7. Penny Lane,
    what a strange name for such a beautiful place.
    My breath has been taken away
    that day of July when I saw you for the first time,
    I lost myself
    in the limitless peace of freedom

  8. CLAUT
    Everything in your hand
    Mountains, water, blue sky, sun
    Peace of mind
    Kira is looking at my eyes
    Freedom, harmony, just breathing
    Like the birds flying
    Nature’s perfection
    One more time forever

  9. On the beach
    Full of positive energy
    The taste of freedom
    In the sea and its waves
    The wind deleting all the negative

  10. SARA C.
    A beautiful island
    With lots of rocks,
    Were there,
    Happy because they were not alone.
    Birds were singing and flying
    And the atmosphere was joyful.

    was the beginning of the day:
    A sunrise
    With warm colours.

  11. In a swimming pool
    any day
    I dive and touch it
    water welcomes me, wakes me up, releases me
    and for a moment it takes my breath away.
    Stress, fears and weaknesses fly away
    I feel light like a butterfly
    I feel at home.
    Memories reappear in my mind
    like the bubbles I leave behind.
    Stroke by stroke
    my soul frees from every thought.

  12. Sand and sea
    with smiling faces
    Light and darkness are balanced
    We can’t hear noises
    We only listen to the sound
    of our happiness
    Our fleeting happiness.

  13. The garden in my old house
    sparkles the joy
    of my childhood.
    My body absorbs energy
    to climb the tree
    of memories I have there.
    Happiness can be felt
    in my soul.

  14. Everything is green
    My soul
    While some birds are singing
    I feel small
    As a guest in nature
    Who finds his own place

  15. This is mine 🙂
    Up to the Summit
    down to the Burrow
    along the pier to the lighthouse
    singing aloud I pace.
    The iPod pumping in my ears
    I seem to walk down all the paths
    I’ve never reached for fear.
    I seem to tread upon the dunes
    I’ll never hoof again for years.
    I’ve never smelt the salt in my mouth.
    I’ve never heard the waves in my eyes.
    I’ve never seen such a light in my ears.
    Up to the Summit
    down to the Burrow
    the Lighthouse pulling ahead
    I keep on walking
    till my heart is out of breath.

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