PBL on HUMAN RIGHTS Students’ final works!

It was December 12th when I published the first post of our PBL on Human Rights and after 4 months of class and individual work we have now finished researching, selecting and collecting materials and it’s about time to see the students’ groups’ final works and oral presentations. I’m very proud of my students when watching and listening to them presenting their Prezis and Emazes I realize how much they have improved in these 4 (or 2 in the case of 3M) years together. It’s amazing the quality of some of their works that show a great deal of creativity and that was exactly what I aimed at. In spite of all their complaining, attempts to postpone the deadline and their handing in at the latest minute 😉

Every work should contain:

  1. reference to the Human Right chosen and some of its violations stated with clear reference to the source of information;
  2. a chosen photo from Mittica’s exhibition – taken or from the website Living Toxic – analyzed with gathered information on the disaster, slavery or violation of the human rights it depicts and reports.
  3. a “digital“ sharable learning object, raising civic awareness on the importance of respecting the basic Human Rights, whose target is teenagers in the form of Prezi, Emaze presentations, PowToons, Videos, Posters, interactive images Fotobabbles, Thinglinks, Animotos
  • to inform the reader ;
  • to convince to take action;
  • to involve emotionally.

Here’s the ASSESSMENT RUBRIC and the two Padlets that contain all their works.

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