ISIS explained by students of 4M

Since last Paris terrorist attacks students have shown a lot of interest in “knowing” the history of this conflict and the main feature of ISIS. We therefore thought of devoting some lessons to searching for info. I posted some articles and videos on Schoology and at the end the students chose one of the assigned topics and made a presentation.

The following INTERACTIVE IMAGE ThingLink I made, contains the articles and videos I posted on Schoology.  Click on the icons to open links. 

And here are my students’ presentations. (Prezi or Google slides)

Isis politics by Alberto, Andrea & Carlo 

Isis & Women by Elena B, Elisa & FedericaChildren of Isis by Giuseppina

I think we all learnt and you did a good job lot but there’s still so much to know. The situation is very complex and  we’ll keep tuned and updated.

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