4M RADIO FRANKENSTEIN: the Monster’s back!

Hi! After studying and reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, (part 1 & part 2) we did a Cooperative Creative writing activity in groups, done partly in class and partly at home using Shared Google Docs. Here’s the assignment:

Now, imagine that, for unknown reasons that you can make up, Frankenstein has come back. Situation: You are either a scientist or a computer nerd living in (say where) and have seen him (say where and when). Write down an e-mail to (say who) telling him/her what you have just witnessed (max 200 words).

As a follow-up, in order to improve the oral skills, I decided to do a Podcast using the app Spreaker. So one morning we recorded their works in class 🙂 using my iPad. It was their first time and, for sure, since they are rather shy and reserved young women and men – at least in class am I right? 😉 -, they felt pretty embarrassed; nevertheless, they proved very cooperative, very committed and did a good job! Speaking while knowing of being recorded is not easy, nor comfortable and listening to our own voice & pronunciation is tough as we’re usually hypercritical and aim at perfection. Still, that’s good, as it will urge you to work harder to improve. Practice will make it perfect! Therefore … stay tuned!

Here’s their podcasts from RADIO FRANKENSTEIN!

Please leave a comment on the activity, what you liked, disliked and advice on how to improve it 🙂 Thanks.

7 thoughts on “4M RADIO FRANKENSTEIN: the Monster’s back!

  1. I have never recorded my voice and I would like to do this next time even if I’m a bit scared because I don’t like the sound of my voice. I really like this activity because I could listen to the other people stories told by the others and not read them on my own. I agree with Anna, the next time all of us could do it even if most of us are a bit shy, or like me they don’t belive in theirselves and they don’t like their pronunciation. It’s an activity that can improve our english but I think also reduce our shyness.

  2. Even though I haven’t recorded this time, i had recorded this winter and I think it’s a very useful activity to improve our language, not only the pronounce but even our self confidence when we speak!

  3. At the beginning, I was skeptical about this activity because I never did this type of activity at school but then I found it very useful: it improves your pronounciation, your fluency and also it helps to overcome the shyness and the embarassment.

  4. I liked it, as it’s a great way to improve and be aware of our pronunciation. If we are going to do this activity again, I think we should all participate reading and maybe prepare it before, so that we can rehearse and make it more effective

  5. I liked this activity a lot! It was the first time for me and it was a little embarassing listening my own voice because i had never done that before.. but I really liked it! I think that the next time all the class should speak and maybe we could do a work with all the members of the class so that we could have fun together but, most importantly we can improve our pronunciation and help each other.

  6. I’m not one of the people that recorded their voice, but I find this type of exercise useful to improve your pronunciation and yourself to speak in public.

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