3M: Play the part of Romeo & Juliet

After following the Mooc by the BBC on Shakespeare I decided to assign my students the same task I had been assigned during the online course. After watching this video  I created a Padlet and the students had to record their voices and choose some lines from the play Romeo & Juliet.

“Have you ever wanted to play the part of Juliet? Take this opportunity to record one of Juliet’s speeches above by following the advice below. Go to http://www.vocaroo.com. You’ll need to have a microphone on your computer and allow vocaroo to use it.  When you are ready, press Record. Record a short sample of your speaking. Please don’t record for more than a minute. When you have finished your recording, you will get a link. If you want to, you can share the link in the Padlet and let other users listen to your speaking”.

[padlet key=’p98mp9h4y45c’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

Some students also bothered adding a photo which shows some commitment. Some others had difficulties following the “instructions” – reading carefully is a competence that must be definitely improved! – and some others did not respect the deadline – again something to better!. All in all, since it’s their first experience, I’m pretty satisfied with it 😉

One thought on “3M: Play the part of Romeo & Juliet

  1. I loved doing this activity! I tried to get into character and it helped me such a lot to understand much better that part of the story.
    It’s a great way to get more involved in the tale:)
    Thank you, teacher…brilliant as ever!

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