Hi everybody! It’s already time to begin the new school year but it seems yesterday that we said goodbye. I’d like to welcome you back with a beautiful & meaningful video “Be Happy”.Β Yes, that’s exactly what I wish you and myself for the new academic year. Nothing more and nothing less. Before watching it write a letter to your teacher beginning with ” This year IΒ HOPE I will Β …”

Nevertheless, we cannot forget that among these green walls there must be some rules. So let’s revise them with a good laugh πŸ™‚

I know you’re already goofing off, dreaming of going home and be free or else Β dreaming of your holidays and the time you spent with your friends at the beach or sitting in your garden under a tree reading a book or locked in your bedroom with the music pumping in your ears … I now want to share with you the video of the days I spent in a magic place. Write down someΒ questions you want to ask me. I’ll be more than happy to answer and satisfyΒ your curiosity.

I created this video using Adobe Spark VideoΒ – if you have an iPad download the APP –Β and I’m now asking you to do the same with the pictures of your summer, any picture of any activity that made you HAPPY.Β You’re young and any place can make you feel blissed since it’s the people you are with that make the difference and you needn’t go that far πŸ˜‰Β You can follow myΒ tutorial.Β When you’re done paste the link as a comment below.Β Thanks!Β 

PS The activity is optional, in class I’ll give you some alternative options.

82 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL 2016

    • Ps : PUT THE VOLUME AT THE MAXIMUM VOLUME (I had some problems with the music…)

  1. Finally I finished editing my video about my exchange in Aotearoa (New Zealand). I’m sorry it took so long for me to edit this but I really wanted to make it good! Now I told you something of my experience! I hope you all enjoy what I’ve made πŸ˜‰ Here’s the link: https://spark.adobe.com/video/qp2KgRXyPNWLt

      • I completely agree with you Prof! That’s why I recommend everyone to visit it. In my opinion it’s one of the cities that you have to see at least once in your life.

    • “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
      There’s nothing you can’t do
      Now you’re in New York
      These streets will make you feel brand new
      Big lights will inspire you”

      You deserved to go there. πŸ™‚ So jealous but also happy for you. And maybe next time we’ll visit the Big Apple togheter. Who knows?
      I must go there!!!

    • This is beautiful, Michelle! The photos are great and the music is perfect and adds a intense atmosphere!

    • Your video sent me the love & happiness you had felt there…..so cute!
      P.s. How about your cellphone? Ahah #stolenstolenstolen

    • Nice video! Your smile in the photo shows how happy you were and,with the sea as a landscape and your friends around you the sensation you transmit it’s magical!

    • It’s just stunning! I love the magic views and the words of the song synchronized with the captions. You made me feel like going back to my beloved Ireland. Thanks!

    • WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience with us! You definitely deserved a chance like that….I’m really really happy for you! :*

    • Don’t be surprised if a Hollywood director will call you in the next days:) Wonderful and stunning video!

    • Amazing video! I don’t know why, but when I saw it, i felt like i’ve been there with you too and experienced the same feelings.. I would say also a touching video! πŸ™‚

    • OMG Francy I think you had a lot of fun there! Ireland it’s beautiful and… watching your video.. you made me miss it πŸ™ great video, really πŸ™‚

    • Wow! I must admit you’ve opened a door to a new world! I didn’t know about your origins and it looks like a very heartfelt and happy vacation.

    • I really enjoyed your video Bik πŸ™‚ The music is fun and the photos, too! πŸ˜‰

    • This makes me wanna dance! Your video describes a part of your personality and it’s something original and creative! Well done

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