WELCOME BACK! September 2015!

I cannot believe the vacations are already over and a new school year is about to begin. Tomorrow I’ll see you all again … some of you will look taller, more tanned, with shorter or longer hair and new colors. The walls of the school will be the same and our classroom is waiting for us. As regards changes I’d like to start this post with a funny and very inspiring video created by Best Reviews called The Evolution of the DESK since 1980. You weren’t even born then, instead I’ve undergone and witnessed all these incredible changes that you may now take for granted. 

And Now I want to share some meaningful images that speak volumes. Prezi1


The next is for you all to reflect on your learning process. It can help a lot.


Vocabulary: we’re definitely going to work more on expanding your vocabulary: Words like Happy and NICE and BAD are forbidden in our class. Let’s start from here .) 


As far as I’m concerned my greatest challenge is working hard to be able to give great feedback: can you help me succeed in that and using ONLY the following positive words when I evaluate your works?IMG_3198

Concludo col mio motto per questo nuovo anno che inizia. Io amo il vento!!

IMG_3199It’s all by now. Welcome back and leave a message if you feel like.

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  1. Ciao avrei bisogno di contattarti per chiederti se fai una mezza giornata di formazione a Rovigo su flipped e tecnologie. Per favore dammi una mail così ti spiego.Grazie

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