It’s Halloween night!

Hi! What am I doing here if I’m a retired teacher now? Well I’m just doing what I’ve always loved doing and still love to the moon. I’m preparing a lesson. This time it’s a lesson for Scuola In Ospedale at Cro in Aviano. I’m going to teach a lesson about Halloween. Since tomorrow there will be people going around wearing spooky costumes, pumpkins will be lit on window sills and in the gardens and kids will hang around saying “trick or treat”, it may be interesting to know something more about it.

What is Halloween?

Why do we celebrate it?

Now we can read an interesting article from Voice of America: The Most Popular Halloween Candies Across America

2 Years ago I wrote a nice post about the activity we did in class for Halloween: the creative writing & podcasts. Have a look:

Good bye and enjoy your Halloween tomorrow. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😉

2 thoughts on “It’s Halloween night!

  1. grazie di essere sempre attiva e di condividire con noi ancora le tue idee e lezioni (anche di vita). Aiutaci ancora !

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