Come diceva una canzone dei Pink Floyd THE WALL, “Hey teachers, leave us kids alone!!” il mio obiettivo primario è sempre stato quello di sviluppare la vostra AUTONOMIA in modo da non dipendere da noi docenti ma di essere invece consapevoli e responsabili del vostro apprendimento.

Il modo migliore per “imparare” – non lo dico solo io ma lo insegnano gli esperti di didattica e Peer Learning – è “insegnando” agli altri, ai propri compagni. Fino ad oggi ho condiviso con voi i miei video di letteratura e i vari tutorial, utilizzando la didattica del FLIPPED LEARNING. Adesso però ritengo siate pronti per “rovesciare la lezione rovesciata” – che paradosso! – e creare voi dei video sugli argomenti di letteratura che abbiamo trattato. In questo modo: selezionerete i contenuti per voi importanti, ripasserete e organizzerete le informazioni, metterete in gioco la vostra creatività scegliendo immagini adatte (mi raccomando il copyright) e vi concentrerete sulla dizione chiara ( intonation e tono della voce) e sulla corretta pronuncia. (Nel dubbio consultate Word-Referencce) Direi che di competenze ne metterete in gioco! Now let’s start!

Si tratta di preparare le vostre presentazioni – max 8 minuti – con Power Point ma anche Emaze,  Prezi o Adobe Spark e poi video-registrarle utilizzando un’applicazione di Screencasting -ovvero di cattura di ciò che avviene sullo schermo – e poi salvarli come video su YouTube.

Potete utilizzare Screencast-O-matic di cui ho creato il video tutorial.

Oppure Quick Time, con mio tutorial … con finale molto informale. Non l’ho rifatto perchè mi ha fatto ridere nella sua imperfezione! In fondo quando si fa screen casting è facile che succeda … anche ai prof 🙂

Se non doveste essere soddisfatti con questi applicativi esiste anche Jing che io stessa ho utilizzato ma a cui preferisco i due precedenti.

Quando avete registrato il vostro video, cliccate SHARE / CONDIVIDI e mettete il link sul PADLET con tutte le vostre nmeravigliose presentazioni che potete anche commentarvi a vicenda. Buon lavoro!!

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WHY is 1984 a prophetic novel?

This year I want to start this new literary journey quoting from an article by the New york Times, Orwell’s “1984” and Trump’s America: Orwell saw, to his credit, that the act of falsifying reality is only secondarily a way of changing perceptions. It is, above all, a way of asserting power.” If you read the article now, you’ll find most of its references and deep sense pretty obscure. Well, that’s understandable because or if you haven’t read the novel. Still, that’s the reason why it’s now a must to become familiar with this milestone of literature. At the end of this module, when you read the article, you’ll become aware of its hidden meanings and the importance and  role literature plays in our daily life. I call it CRITICAL THINKING, the only antidote to tyranny.

Orwell part 1: With my presentation in class, you entered a new world, a totalitarian state as foreseen by George Orwell’s 1984. “Don’t speak, don’t show your emotions! Big Brother is watching you! The following video is a very effective supplement for studying 1984, with footage taken from the movie by M.Radford.

The next video is a quick and easy 1984 synopsis, analysis, and discussion of the major characters and themes in the novel.

The man who wrote this prophetic novel was George Orwell. Watch this video to integrate the biography you have studied in your text-book.

To integrate the extracts you have in your textbook, read here some more chapters from the novel 1984.

As, in these days, the term “Orwellian” is rather abused, I found very interesting and knowledgeable the following video by TedEd. After watching it can you now define what the correct meaning of the word ORWELLIAN is?

Here’s the trailer of 1984, the movie from Orwell’s novel. Is this the future we want?

In order to reflect on the meaning and relevance of Dystopic novels, I’ve adapted a previous TedEd lesson  How to recognize a dystopia – Alex Gendler. Go to the given link and do the activities as home assignment TASK ONE.


I now cannot help embedding the stunning, mind-blowing Apple’s commercial that introduced the Apple Macintosh Computer to the world by explicitly referring to Orwell’s novel. It was shown & broadcasted during the Superbowl in 1984. Apple is always one step beyond the others! 😉

  1.  What do you think is the message of the advertisement?
  2. Is the ad effective also for those who don’t know the novel or does it need a certain amount of…education? LEAVE A COMMENT.

One of the best novels I’ve read in the last years is without any doubts, The Circle by Dave Eggars. (2013)  If you like this genre you must read it, I highly recommend it. (The New York Times’ review). While writing this post I’ve just discovered that they’ve  made a movie from it. I cannot wait to see it at the movie theatre!

Last but not least for those who love the Eurythmics and Annie Lennox as much as I do, theirs is the soundtrack of the movie and the song SEXCRIME. Enjoy!

Lyrics:  Can I take this for granted/With your eyes over me?/In this place/This wintery home/I know there’s always someone in/Sexcrime/Sexcrime

Nineteen eighty four/And so I face the wall/Turn my back against it all/How I wish I’d been unborn/Wish I was unliving here/Sexcrime/Sexcrime

Nineteen eighty four/I’ll pull the bricks down/One by one/Leave a big hole in the wall/Just where you are looking in.

I want to end this post by adding an excerpt from the movie “Detachment  (2011) American drama film about the high school education system directed by Tony Kaye,  the director of American History X. I think this scene is fantastic to remind us of the importance of education & knowledge to avoid the dangers of a totalitarian society and regime, like the one depicted by G.Orwell. It can also help you comment & reflect on the novel we’re reading in class and Apple’s advertisement.


“Assimilate ubiquitously. DOUBLETHINK. 
To deliberately believe in lies, while knowing they’re false.
Examples of this in everyday life: “Oh, I need to be pretty to be happy. I need surgery to be pretty. I need to be thin, famous, fashionable.” Our young men today are being told that women are whores, bitches, things to be screwed, beaten, shit on, and shamed. This is a marketing holocaust. Twenty-fours hours a day for the rest of our lives, the powers that be are hard at work dumbing us to death.
So to defend ourselves, and fight against assimilating this dullness into our thought processes, we must learn to read. To stimulate our own imagination, to cultivate our own consciousness, our own belief systems. We all need skills to defend, to preserve, our own minds.”