2M Talking paintings

As in our textbook Performer2, the Unit 8 dealt with forms of art, tattoos & painting, I decided to modify the assignment “Choose a famous painting or photograph that your really love or hate & discuss it with a classmate” by adding to the oral and written task also a digital one.

Working in groups and assigning to the rest of the students a reading task that was meant to keep the class in silence – instead, as you can hear, there was an inevitable hubbub in the background … my classes are definitely not silent places 🙂 – we recorded their descriptions using the app Fotobabble and my iPad. ( here’s my vocal tutorial) Of course, having 29 students I couldn’t record everybody and students should do it by themselves; nevertheless, since they’re now under a lot of pressure with daily tests in other subjects, I decided not to claim the extra effort of a further website sign up and opted for recording just a few. Mind: not the linguistically “stronger & best ones” – no need to show off!! what for? we appreciate diversity and we learn by making mistakes –  but chosen at random using a Random Picker.  We had fun! The only flaw is the short time (one minute) allowed to the “free version” which implied simplifying their descriptions and sometimes led to an abrupt ending. There’s plenty of time to improve! Plus, next time we’ll be using a different app.

The first is a photo by Mc Curry Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984, whose stunning exhibition we could see in Pordenone.

The lovers by Magritte

Starry Night by van Gogh

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Lunch atop a skyscraper by Charles Ebbets

Study Tour in BATH by 2M

Con questo post in Italiano vorrei condividere con i colleghi ma anche con i genitori, i lavori dei ragazzi della 2M – Liceo Linguistico – a seguito del loro Study Tour in Bath. Durante il primo incontro con i genitori ho fatto vedere questa breve presentazione. Powered by emazePer prepararsi all’esperienza gli studenti hanno ricercato informazioni, presentate e condivise con un PADLET.

Al ritorno dalla settimana a Bath che prevedeva anche l’INTEGRATION PROGRAM ovvero la partecipazione alle lezioni di una scuola (privata) locale, ho preparato il loro assignment su Schoology e i lavori sono stati condivisi su un Padlet e presentati in classe. 

I’d like you to share your discoveries after having spent a week in Bath. You can either work individually or in groups.You can add short videos and your own photos.
Choose one of the following TOPICS and also the tool ( Prezi, Emaze, Tackk, Powtoon, Spreaker)
  • Why study tours are important; 
  • Family life in England compared with your Italian one;
  • School life here and there 🙂 
  • The Integration Program;
  • Food; 
  • Bath, Stratford Upon Avon & Bristol
  • Cultural diversities and discoveries.

Sono stata davvero felice e orgogliosa dei lavori realizzati, per i miglioramenti linguistici, la sicurezza espositiva acquisita, l’entusiasmo e fantasia dimostrati e il consolidamento di rapporti e amicizie createsi. Questa è la grandezza degli stage linguistici e degli studenti quando amano ciò che studiano e fanno. Keep it up! 🙂

A VIDEO comparing the two SCHOOL SYSTEMS by EMMA & MARIA using the APP PUPPETSHOW. Non ho apportato alcuna correzione – gli errori fanno parte del processo di apprendimento e non mi ossessionano – ma lasciato che lavorassero in autonomia. Ascoltare questo video fa veramente riflettere. Well done!


Video by Giulia & Chiara 

Ecco un immagine interattiva con i link a tutte le presentazioni. Clicca sui pallini colorati.Ecco le mie baby girls – e 2 boys 🙂 So proud of you all!!

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